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Sure enough come morning, just as the sun was throwing its first rays down through the canopy of the jungle, the Mudokons were up and about, preparing to move on. The fire was stamped out and covered over with dirt to preserve the beauty of nature as the Mudokons had put it. Maruk was still a little drowsy, and so chose to sit to the side as the group went about their daily routine before they set off. It didn't take long, none of the group having much in the way of possessions, mainly due to their nomadic lifestyle not lending itself to carrying much beyond the essentials.

Hefting a bundle onto his back, Stumps ruffled Maruk's hair as he walked past, bringing him back to coherency.

"Come on little fella. We gotta get moving if we wanna make good time. You good to go?" He asked.

Maruk yawned and nodded. "Y-yeah."

"Alright. We've gotta pass through one of them towns. Don't worry though, it's too early for anyone to be up."

"Them birds sure are lazy." Said Boots just load enough to hear.

Maruk paled beneath his fur. He stammered. "W-what?"

His previous experience with a town meant every nerve of his body was telling him to stay the hell away from anything even resembling a town. He started hyperventilating.

Stumps put his hands up in a comforting gesture. "Hey, hey. Whoa now little guy. Like I said, it's too early for em to be up and about. And 'sides we're here ta protect ya if anythin goes wrong."

Maruk still felt incredibly reluctant, but he trusted Stumps and would go along. Nodding his head to signify his agreement, Maruk followed closely behind Stumps as they left the campsite, off towards the town.

It took them a fairly short amount of time to reach the town, but with the sun rising further and further, Maruk was beginning to question if Stumps was truly right about the townsfolk not being up. Stumps and the rest of the Mudokons showed no sign of worry or rush, so the majority of his fears were kept in check. Before long they arrived on the outskirts of town, the jungle having been cut a fair distance back from even the outskirts of the town, leaving nothing but dust and rocks. Sure to Stumps word, the town seemed deserted currently, almost eerily so. No sound could be heard save the wind and occasional creaking or distant clang. Still, Maruk was expecting gunshots to ring out at any moment.

Stumps whispered to the rest of the group. "Alright guys, let's get through quickly and quietly, that means you Supa, I don'ts want ta be here any longer than we need."

A round of whispered agreements followed, even Supa managed to keep his voice down. With that done, the group entered the town, Maruk still following at the back, arms clutched close to his body.

The further into the town they got, the further the hackles on Maruk's back rose. Something felt very wrong with the current situation, and still Maruk couldn't figure out how the others hadn't realised it. He was running this thought through his head when, suddenly, it felt like he had been struck by lightning, a terrifying shiver running up his spine and fear clenching his heart. Stopping dead in his tracks in the centre of town, Maruk slowly turned his head to glance at a large, signed building not too far from him. From within the shadows of the doorway, he could of sworn he felt eyes boring into him. The eyes of a predator assessing its prey. Yet, it seemed to be empty.

Squinting fearfully, Maruk could swear he could almost make out something staring back at him, a pair of shimmering orbs in the darkness. A voice called out to him, low and worried. "Maruk, you coming? We don't want ta leave ya behind."

Stumps' interruption snapped Maruk out of his staring and made him jump. He glanced at Stumps and then quickly back at the door, the orbs were gone. Moving quickly but quietly, Maruk trotted up to the group. Stumps looked at Maruk.

"What was ya lookin at back there buddy? Ya see somethin?" Said Stumps.

"I-I thought I did. But I'm not so sure." Maruk said back.

"Well, I'm sure it was nothing. Or if it was, it obviously ain't interested in us if it didn't come out." Said Stumps.

Maruk just nodded, glancing back to check if they were alone. The streets were just as empty as they had been before. Not a creature in sight. Maruk sighed in relief and trotted after the Mudokons. They left the town without any trouble.

Inside the building, a pair of glowing orbs re-appeared in the dark and narrowed.

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