Children of the Atom

Season One

Episode One 'Pilot'

Part One

Fire…Life Incarnate…Death….Sheer Power…Child of Light and Darkness…Burn Away what doesn't work…I…AM…PHOENIX!

"AAAAGGH!" Rachel screamed as she woke up from a nightmare that had visited three nights in a row. She grabbed her head in her hands, clumps of thick red hair trapped between her clawing fingers.

Someone turned on the light. "Rachel! Ray, are you alright?" Her brother, Nathan, grabbed her shoulders, trying to steady her. He must have heard her from across the hall, where he slept. His brown eyes tried firmly to stare into her own green ones, to roughly sooth her.

"Y-yes. Yes, I'm fine." She said, trying to snap out of it. "Th-the dream. It came back!"

"It won't." said her roommate, Talia Josephine 'TJ', also hugging her. "It never will."

"What is going on here?"

The three of them whipped around to see their teacher, leader, and the closest thing to a parent they knew: Hank McCoy. "Nothing. Rachel just had a bad dream, that's all." Nathan said, his brown hair mussed and his blue pajamas too small on his muscled body.

"The same one?" Hank asked, arcing a blue furry eyebrow, which matched his – and TJ's – blue furry body.

Rachel nodded, wiping her eyes.

"Well, all, of you, go back to bed. And, Rachel, if you want to talk about it – I'm always open."

"But it's not like it should be." Rachel said, acting on her feelings before she could stop herself.

"What do you mean by that?" Hank said, harshly expressing his curiosity.

"It's not like having a parent." Rachel said, still trying to say what she had wanted. "I don't know that much about them either. None of us does – not Oliver, not Mike, not TJ, not Nate or I. Who were they? Why are we here?"

Hank paused, trying to think of something. "I've told you. Your parents are dead. They-"

"-saved people. They were heroes." Rachel finished bitterly. "But tell us more! I don't even know their names!" she pleaded.

Hank halted again, trying to sort out a conflicting battle in his head. "I'll tell you. I'll tell you all, I promise. But not now, tomorrow. Just get back to sleep."

Rachel obediently settled herself back under her covers, while Nate walked back across the hall to the room he shared with Oliver and Mike. TJ climbed acrobatically to the top bunk of their bunk bed, and turned off the light. And they all tried to contain their excitement about finally being able to know the truth.

Some people achieve heroism. Some people are born to it. CHILDREN OF THE ATOM!

Cable. Marvel Girl. Nocturne. Wildcard. Ariel. Marrow. X-23.

The next morning dawned as slowly and as surprisingly as Hank's promise to tell the truth. Rachel raced to the breakfast room, already fully dressed in a green long-sleeved top that showed her shoulders with jeans and her favorite gold necklace (a chain ending with an X inside a circle) while TJ ran behind her, also dressed in a red short-sleeved jacket that didn't reach her navel over a white navel-baring top, and a pair of tight black pants with a thick brown belt. She wore black leather boots with black leather bracelets, and a choker studded with gems and a gem dangling from it as well. Her fur was well groomed, and her black hair was nicely brushed.

Rachel reached the breakfast area first, opening the door wide enough – with her mind – for TJ to duck under her arm to get in, and wide enough so Rachel could see all of her friends that were more like her family: Nate, who actually was her family, and stern and tough with dry humor and telekinesis; Mike, the cheerful, friendly dark-haired boy that could walk through walls; Oliver, with good looks, charm, an easy smile, and the ability to knock out an opponent and drain their life force with a touch (safely under control), and of course, TJ, who was friendly, blue, and furry – and could also blast energy from her hands and do spectacular acrobatics.

And Rachel? She had red hair and green eyes, and telepathy and telekinesis. And she was fiercely protective of her family and had a redhead's temper, but she was a good kid. She smiled as she walked through the door.

"Hey Rachel!" Oliver smiled and gave her a high-five, which she returned with butterflies in her stomach. Mike waved and greeted her too, and she waved back friendlily. Nate gave her a pat on the back and her cereal. She took it to the table, eating it slowly, cleaning it out and putting it away, before she finally spoke up. "Did Nate tell you about what happened last night?"

The room quieted immediately. Oliver nodded. "We're all excited too, Rachel. I'm really glad you finally asked the question I've been dying to ask for years."

She smiled and said nothing, but her stomach leaped for joy.

They all waited in the room, sitting down and looking at the door like any second, Hank would go through. They waited five minutes…ten…thirty…one hour…an hour and a half…two…

"Okay, that's it." Mike said, hopping off the barstool he'd been sitting on. "I appreciate giving him time and all, but it's been too long, and I'm not just talking about two hours. We need to go find him."

Nate nodded silently, determined. But he didn't need to say anything. He was their leader, their activist. His word counted more than all of theirs.

The friends ran through the hall to Hank's room and office, hiding outside his door. They could see his silhouette, moving around the room, and hear his footsteps. Then all of a sudden, the sound cut off, and his silhouette disappeared. The friends looked at each other curiously, and all mutually made up their minds. Nate opened the door telekinetically, and peeked in. "It's empty."


"Look." He said, walking in, while the others followed. He was right; the room was clearly deserted. But how did Hank get out? The others picked up things, looking under them as if they were hoping for the answer. Mike opened the closet, thinking that maybe Hank had heard them and hid in there. But no Hank. As he closed the door, he noticed something: a drawer not all the way closed. He reopened the door and closed the drawer, then shut the door.

"What is this?" He heard Nate say, and turned to look – at a door that most certainly had not been there a second before. "It's a secret door!" He said, excited. "I closed a drawer, and I think that must have activated it, and-"

"This must have been where Hank went." Said Oliver, catching up. "Well, ladies first." He said, opening the door wide enough for someone to walk through. Rachel looked down with doubt and then looked up with determination. She walked through first, then Nate, then TJ, then Mike, then Oliver. All of them walked through a shiny steel hallway until they reached…

"What the heck?" Nate asked, shocked, as all of them grew wide-eyed.

AN: Well, that's the end of Part One of the Children of the Atom Pilot! I'll update faster if you review. This is a fic that's been in the works for some time and I'm very proud of it. Wicked, my other Evo fic, is a prequel to it, though how will not be revealed until later.

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