Then it all turned black

By Miss P

Summary: Booth saves Brennan's life, but can he save his own?

Disclaimer: I don't own Bones

Written in Booth's POV


The bullet sailed through the air in slow motion, still making its way toward her dangerously fast. I screamed at her to move, but she didn't seem to react. The bullet came closer, and then she finally turned to look at me. I screamed again, my voice filled with fear and panic.

I realized then, that it was too late. The bullet was going to hit her. Without thinking I threw myself in front of it. I didn't think of the pain it would cause me, and maybe that was good, because if I had I wasn't sure I would have done it so easily. But right then the only thing I could think of was keeping her safe.

Sharp pain shot though my chest as the bullet pierced the flesh. I staggered, trying desperately to keep myself from falling. I didn't want this to happen to me. The pain was strong; I couldn't focus at anything else. I felt myself falling backward, the ground coming closer all too fast. New pain spread across my back as I hit the ground, but it was over fast. The pain in the chest making it impossible to feel anything else.

"Booth!" I felt her hands on me, trying desperately to stop the blood from flowing. "Someone call 911!" she yelled. But I knew no one would hear her. We were alone. I could only hope that the shooter had escaped. My life was in danger, I knew that, but I couldn't stand the thought of hers being threatened too.

She seemed to realize it then. The hands left me and she fumbled for her mobile. Her hands were trembling to badly she had to start over several times before she could punch the numbers in right.

After giving directions to the ambulance, she turned the attention back to me. "The ambulance is on its way," she informed, then pressed her hands to the wound and I cried out in pain. She flinched, but kept holding on.

"You will be okay," she repeated the words over and over like a mantra. Almost as if she was trying to convince herself that they were true. I wasn't so sure though. My eyelids felt heavy and everything seemed blurred. My whole head was spinning and for a while I was afraid I would actually throw up.

"Booth, look at me, don't give up they will be here soon," she cried. I realized my eyes were closed. Opening them again required the strength I no longer had. But I did it with pure willpower. I had to see her again.

"Bones," I choked out. My mouth tasted weird and I coughed. Blood, I realized trickled from my lips. She gasped then. "No," she breathed. "No."

"Bones," I tried again. I wasn't sure she could actually hear me.

"Booth," she sobbed out. "Don't leave me, you have to fight."

I wanted to do that, but I felt so weak. Pain was all over me now, I could barely breathe. I realized I was going to die.

She must have realized it too, because at that moment, she stopped fighting against the blood still leaving my body. Instead she wrapped her arms around me, lifting my upper body so I was lying in her lap. She held me tight, not even bothering to hide the tears. I felt them drop onto my face. My own eyes filled with tears and a few found their way through the lashes and rolled down my cheeks.

"I'm sorry," she cried. "It should have been me, you saved my life."

I wanted to speak, but I couldn't bring myself to even move my lips. I had told her once that would I die for her. I still meant it, even though the sentence suddenly felt all too real.

"Don't…" I managed to mumble. "… blame yourself…"

She seemed to know how much of an effort it was for me to talk, and shushed me, gently placing a finger over my mouth, then she let it glide across my cheek. Her skin felt warm and wonderful against mine.

"God," she whispered at last. "If you exist, which you most certainly don't… let Booth live. Let him live." Her voice came out muffled as she tried to hold back loud, desperate sobs.

I couldn't hold on much longer. I'd been fighting for too long already. The excruciating pain had slowly started to subside. It didn't go away, but the sharp edge of it had faded, and for a moment I thought I had already died. But her voice was still there, she was sobbing, begging me to come back.

I wanted to; I tried with all I had. But the strength just wasn't enough. I couldn't even open my eyes, let alone speak. It was impossible. It was like I no longer had control over my body, it just wouldn't move no matter how badly I wanted it to.

From somewhere far away I could hear the sirens of an ambulance. But it was too far away.

"Booth!" she shook me. "Booth, it's here soon, the ambulance is here. BOOTH!"

Her voice sounded strange. It was like I was hearing it through a thick layer of water. It just couldn't reach me.

Everything was too far away now. I realized, with a pang of regret, that it hadn't been worth it. All the pain and struggling to stay alive – for her. It had all been in vain. I will die for you, was the last thought that went through my mind. Then... it all turned black.



A/N: This was meant as a oneshot, but I don't know. What do you think?