Thea walked out of her bedroom wearing a black mini-skirt, a deep v-neck black shirt, several chuncky necklaces and a pair of three-inch heels, her long hair was loose and her make-up was done nicely, she knew that even with compulsion any guy would fall over her. She liked that feeling.

Thea drove herself to the school, parking and getting out. She spotted Elena a few yards away with Caroline before Thea got there though, Caroline walked away.

"Hi, Elena!" Thea said, hurrying over a grin on her face.

"Hello, Thea." Elena said slowly.

"I'm so excited for my first day." Thea said and then whispered. "I've never been to school before, Father always homeschooled me, he rarely let me go outside at all and never by myself, but I would always sneak away."

"What about your mom?" Elena asked, curiosity shining in her eyes.

"Mother…" Thea said slowly. "Father never let me visit her much…she lived in an institution up North. It's kind of funny, he married her after Stefan and Damon's mother died, hoping to find a Mother for them but things where fine until I was born but then she became…well, Damon says crazy but I don't think so. I think Father turned her crazy, he was a very hard person to live with." Thea said.

"What were their names?"

"Giuseppe and Sofia Salvatore. Damon and Stefan's mother was named Annamaria." Thea said.

Elena nodded.

"Well, I better go don't wanna be late." Thea said her eyes light.

"Hey, wait." Elena said. "I'm having some friends over for dinner tonight, Bonnie Bennett and Caroline Forbes. Wanna come?"

"Sure." Thea said, smiling.

The day went slowly but Thea was more than happy with the fact that everyone wanted to talk to her and what made Thea feel even better was she didn't have to compel anyone.

Thea sat awkwardly at Elena's kitchen counter this wasn't what she had imagined. She'd expected so much more and she felt disappointed. And that just didn't sit well with Thea.

So far no one but Elena has spoken much.

"I'm sorry." Caroline blurted out. "I said it. If you want the ugly-ass necklace, keep it. It's yours."

"Will you hate me if I tell you I threw it away?" Bonnie asked, nervously.

"You threw it away?" Caroline snapped.

"I know it sounds crazy but the necklace was giving me nightmares. I had to get rid of it."

"You could have just given it back to me."

"Why? So you could give it back to Damon?" Elena asked.

"Screw Damon." Caroline said, shaking her head. "Are we doing manicures or what? Who was their kit?"

"Mine's in my bag." Bonnie said.

"So Elena. How long do you think this fight with Stefan's gonna last? Is it…like a permanent thing?" Caroline asked.

"I don't know Caroline." Elena said sadly.

"Don't worry, Stef will come around." Thea said.

"Why are you such a little liar, Bonnie?"

"What?" Bonnie asked.

"Caroline!" Elena cried.

Caroline pulled out the necklace from Bonnie's bag, both Elena and Bonnie where clearly shocked to see it.

"I'm not lying to you Caroline, I swear."

"It's true. I watched her throw it into a field."

"Then explain it." Caroline ordered.

"Emily." Bonnie said.

"Who's Emily?"

"The ghost." Bonnie said and Thea found it interesting that Emily was haunting Bonnie.

"The ghost has a name now?" Caroline asked.

"Caroline, please."

"I wonder why she won't leave me alone." Bonnie questioned.

"What is going on? Why am I not a part of this conversation? You guys do this to me all the time." Caroline whinned.

"That's not true."

"Yes it is." Bonnie said. "I can't talk to you, you don't listen.

"That's not true." Caroline disagreed.

"I'm a witch." Bonnie blurted out, almost unaware that Thea was there because instantly she glanced over at Thea nervously.

"And don't we all know it?"

"See? That's what I'm talking about. I'm trying to tell you something. You don't even hear it." Bonnie said.

"I listen. When do I not listen?" Caroline said.

Bonnie and Caroline walked into the living and Thea awkwardly sat there.

"You know…I think I'd better leave. This seems to be…a private thing." Thea said, trying to be nice.

"I'm sorry, I thought…I don't know what I thought."

"It's okay. Just so you know. Stefan will come around." Thea said, inching closer to the necklace but making sure Elena couldn't see her hands.

She was standing directly in front of it with her back to it, Thea turned to push it into her bag and hurried out.

Thea waited until she was in her car to pull it out of her bag but it wasn't there, angrily she cursed Emily before turning the car off and going to search for Damon sand Stefan.

Thea found them at the football stadium tossing a ball back and forth, tears burned at the back of her eyes. As usual it was Damon and Stefan, just like when they were kids. They had been such good friends when Thea was younger and while they were never rude to her, they invited her to do things and would play inside with her it was always very clear that preferred each other.

Anger filled Thea, Thea could barley contain herself as she stormed back into her car and to the Mystic Grill, hoping to find someone or a few someone's to take him and relieve her anger out on.

Just as Thea pulled up she spotted Jeremy, Elena's younger brother.

"Hey, I'm Thea, Stefan and Damon's sister. You're Elena's little brother, right?"

"Yeah, I heard about you." Jeremy said, leaning down.

"Want a ride?" Thea asked.

"Sure." Jeremy said, climbing in.

"Where you headin'."


"This early?" Thea asked. "How 'bout you come to my house. My brothers are away."

"I don't know, I have this history thing…" Jeremy said.

"Let's have some fun." Thea said, compelling him.

"Let's have some fun." Jeremy repeated.

Thea and Jeremy were sitting in the living room, Thea was in her underwear dancing to the music and dancing for Jeremy who was happily watching it, he'd drunk more then he usually would and he was more than a little drunk.

Thea didn't mind though. She liked the idea of hurting Stefan and she knew how she'd do it, by hurting Elena and to hurt Elena she'd have to break Jeremy. It would be fun. Then she'd kill a bunch of people in some sort of attack…nothing vampire related and leave. Never to return to talk to Damon or Stefan again. Ever.

Thea heard the door open and voices, Stefan and Damon walked in.

"What are you doing?" Stefan asked.

"Having fun." Thea said. "Aren't we Jeremy?"

Jeremy mumbled something in his passed-out state.

"How could you do this?" Stefan asked angrily.

"Because I can do whatever I want, whenever I want." Thea said, smiling.

"After what Damon did for him?" Stefan asked.

"Damon didn't do anything for him, he took away his free-will and own thoughts, I thought you of all people would have been against that."

"It was for his own good." Stefan argued.

"His own good? That's not a choice for you or anyone else to make, anyway, I wanted to have fun so I did and I'll keep doing it until I don't want to anymore." Thea said.

"I'm taking him home." Stefan said, lifting Jeremy up and walking.

"What's wrong?" Damon asked.

"None of your business." Thea snapped. "Go play football with, Stefan. Do some more brotherly bonding while I stay locked in my room! While Father has more of those awful people talk to me and give me medicine that makes my head heavy! Do it Damon, you don't care! You never cared!"

Thea was crying by then, and she threw a lamp at the wall and then a few more items hurry up the stairs and to her room.

Thea pulled on new clothes and jumped easily out her window, taking her car and heading out.

She wanted someone else to feel her pain, and they would…they all would.