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Chapter 12

As the scream tore through the airwaves so Jay and Gero both jumped to their feet and were running in the direction from whence it came.

George stood rooted to the spot, the girl's scream ripping through his body and out the other side. He watched as she collapsed to the floor in a dead faint. He hesitated for a moment and then putting his cargo down, he moved across to the slumped figure. He tried to get the girl to come around. He lifted her up and carried her across to the car, he put her on the floor leaning her up against the wheel hub and gently shook her.

Krystal felt herself swimming in fog. All around it was just the same endless fog... Try as she might, her leaden limbs fought to pull her through the swirling mists and yet she made no head way.

Then she could feel Jay... Or was it Jay? Confused... so confused. She could hear his voice calling to her, and yet there was something wrong... something was missing. She couldn't put her finger on it, but all was not well with her sibling. If only she could get free of this fog then she could get the answers.

George continued to shake the girl, gently at first and then harder. He thought about giving her a slap or two to the cheek but decided against it - for the moment at least.


Gero and I ran through the lab and towards the open doors to the garage. I was ahead and as I barrelled through the doors into the garage I suddenly stopped and whirled around using my new found technology to scan the area. I quickly found what I sought.

Gero was hot on Jay's heels and nearly cannoned into the android as he stopped and surveyed the area around him.

Then with a flash of movement, Jay was off again, striding across the room towards the car, ignoring the inert form that still lay in a heap where it had been deposited on the floor.

Gero, sucking in vast quantities of oxygen, struggled to keep up with him. Wondering why the body of the boy was yet to be disposed of, he walked past the crumpled, lifeless form on the ground to where the shadows of figures were congregating.

Pulling absently at his moustache he contemplated the scene unfolding in front of him.

George squatted on his haunches next to Krystal and taking her shoulders again, proceeded to give her yet another shake... this one firmer that the last. Still getting no response he raised his hand and brought it down with an open palmed smack to her cheek.

Krystal's head jerked swiftly to the right as the hand connected with her cheekbone. The red print making itself known almost immediately on the pale, porcelain skin.

A sharp stinging pain passed through Krystal's subconscious, making the fog clear for just a second. She clawed desperately, trying to force the mists to part. They began to thin a little and then clear as another stinging pain sent jolts through her body. She felt herself being pulled rapidly through a spiralling tunnel toward the light that waited at the end and then...

A huge flash... and darkness.

I raced across the floor towards the car where I could see the figure crouched low over the prone form of my sister. For a being that was not supposed to be able to feel emotion I was doing a pretty good job of experiencing rage.

George raised his hand and slapped the girl's face. The body jerked a little but the eyes still didn't open. He raised his hand again and rendered another stinging slap to the already reddened cheek

Krystal's head jerked again as her mind struggled to regain the conscious plane.

I saw George raise his hand and slap my sister's face. Sparks began to fly before my eyes, my circuits and wires began to run hot. I watched as I neared the two figures. My eyes fixed determinedly on George as he raised his hand once more and then brought it down upon my sister's cheek yet again.

Before I was even aware of it I felt the heat build in my palm.

George stared unblinking at the boy before him, then his last thought was 'Oh shit!' as a wave of golden light hit him, instantly destroying bone, muscle and flesh as his soul was sent to the next dimension.

I raised my hand and an energy ball left my palm to remove all trace of George from this world. Without realizing it, I had kept my promise to myself and removed my parents' killer.

Hastily I rushed to Krystal's side and pulled her into my arms. Stroking her hair I willed her to come back to me. "Krystal... please wake up. Krystal... It's me, Jay," I whispered.

Gero began to move towards us, the shock of George's demise evident on his face, then the shock turned to anger as he realized that something had gone wrong in the transfer process.

"What the hell do you think you are doing, Seventeen?" he growled.

I turned and looked at the old man before me. "He was hurting my sister," I replied simply and turned my attentions back to Krystal who had now started to come out from her faint.

Krystal looked up into soft blue eyes that were familiar and yet different. "Jay?" she questioned.

"Yes Krystal, It's me. Well, sort of me," I replied.

"Don't you dare say anything, Seventeen." Gero's voice was like steel as he tried to control his anger.

I turned my head slowly in Gero's direction. I looked his pitiful form up and down, then I opened my mouth and spoke with clear, calm words. "Don't you ever try to tell me what I can and can't do, old man. Thanks to you I am now part machine, part human. I didn't ask for this." I ran my hand up and down indicating my new *body* "You were the one that forced it upon me, just as you forced the rest of the changes in our lives." I paused for breath.

Krystal broke into the conversation.

"What... what do you mean, Jay? What did he do to you? What happened? What is going on here? Dammit ! I have a right to know!" she screamed.

I looked at my sister's stricken face. "Ask him." I indicated Gero with a jerk of my head. "He is the one that masterminded this whole thing. He arranged to have our parents killed. He falsified papers to have us in his custody. And all because of his obsession with creating the perfect android."

Krystal looked with bewilderment at me and then to Gero.



That one simple word that was responsible for so much agony and heartbreak.

"But this is where it is going to stop," I said and raised my palm yet again, this time in Gero's direction.

"Don't be foolish, Seventeen. I have given you eternal life," said Gero as he began to back away.

"Eternal damnation would be more precise, I think," I laughed and prepared to fire, but before I could send the blast on its way, Gero removed a small, black controller from his pocket.

"I don't think so, Seventeen," he said and then pushed the red button.

I felt the fire go from my body as all thought left me and I slid into the black void of sleep.

Krystal couldn't hold onto the weight of Jay as he slumped forward into her arms and she reluctantly let him slide to the floor. Blue eyes opened wide once more and tears began to form.

"What have you done to him?"

Gero walked forward to where the twins now sat slumped against one another on the floor. He put his hand on Krystal's shoulder and began to squeeze gently.

"He will be fine, he is only sleeping. I had to deactivate him before he could hurt himself or me."

Krystal opened her mouth to protest but felt the hand begin to squeeze tighter, then pressure to the back of her neck before she too succumbed to the dark of unconsciousness.


Unaware of how much time had passed, Krystal slowly regained consciousness to find history repeating itself. She found herself in the lab and strapped to a table just as Jay had, only this time Gero had made sure to secure the head from moving as well as the rest of the body.

Krystal's eyes darted around, trying to locate anything familiar to anchor to and finding nothing. Fear pulsed through her veins, feeding her body with pure adrenaline as she made out the sounds of instruments humming and what sounded like Gero moving around.

"I see you are awake, my dear," said Gero as his face appeared above Krystal's. "Now then, no need to struggle, you cannot get free."

Krystal tried to work her way free of the restraints, but found the attempts futile. Gero had made sure she could not escape. "What are you doing?" she whispered.

"Why, I thought that was obvious, my dear," replied Gero as he reached forward and secured several circular discs to her forehead.

A sob escaped her throat. "Why?"

The plea was soft but full of emotion. For a moment Gero hesitated as he fought with his inner demons, but then the hard shell formed again and he looked at the girl through eyes of ice.

"You know too much and therefore are a threat to me."

"But I promise I won't tell a soul."

"I'm afraid I cannot take that risk. Besides I have been waiting a long time to enjoy the fruits of my labors. I have come so close to perfection on so many occasions only to have a minor flaw raise its head, but this time I will succeed. This time I will not fail..."

Gero moved away to the side and fixed an identical set of wires and discs to something that Krystal could not make out lying in her current position. She strained her head in an attempt to see more of her surroundings, but only ended up gaining minimal movement, still not enough for her to make out what was in the room with her.

"What have you done with Jay?" she asked.

Gero paused in his typing and addressed the girl. "Jay wanted to help me with my experiments and when I found what I needed to make the androids perfect he offered himself as my test subject."

"And what was it you needed?"

"Why, DNA my child... specifically adolescent DNA as it has the ability to adapt to new situations and is much easier to clone, splice and alter the genetic code. " He paused for breath. "You see, with more *adult* DNA, after a while the Gene splicing and alterations tend to try to revert back to their former state and this causes minor problems with the android's overall performance, however with adolescent DNA the genes aren't yet fully matured. They are still developing to a point and accept change and alteration much easier and tend not to try to revert to their original status."

"I think I understand," said Krystal. "But it doesn't make it any easier to bear," she added under her breath.

Gero reached out and patted her hand. "That's good, my dear, now just relax and let the computers finish their work."

"Their work?"

"Why of course," chuckled Gero, "You want to join your brother in eternal life, don't you?"

The words traveled the pathway of neurones to Krystal's brain and registered just as the computer took over and the wires began to run warm and then hot, causing tingling sensations throughout Krystal's body.

"NO!" Krystal managed to sob out before the the humming got louder and the pain began to take over in her head, then mercifully blackness claimed her.

Gero watched as the girl gave in to the machines' work and slumped unconscious on the table. The android lay unmoving on the table next to her as the wires began to glow and the humming increased in its volume. This time there would be no mistakes, he had made sure that no external forces were present to interrupt the transfer of data. However, in his haste to complete the final stage he had overlooked one minor thing...

When the lightning strike occurred, one very small, yet vital chip had been damaged in the computer. Gero had failed to pick it up in his pre checks as his mind was not fully on the job and so the transfer went ahead... damaged chip and all.

Leaving the computer to continue its task alone, Gero moved to where he had secured Seventeen and proceeded to plug him into another computer terminal. Once the computer was logged into Seventeen's main data banks he began to work in earnest to sort out the rebellious nature of his perfect creation.


Gero stood and leaving the dining room made his way along the hall to the sitting room where he poured himself a shot of whiskey from the bar and then sat in the large, overstuffed leather chair. As he sipped his drink he thought about the past few days. So much had happened in such a short time, but he had once again made it through. He swirled the amber liquid around the crystal glass, noting the flames from the fire tinting different shades in the fluid. He sighed and tugged at his moustache. Tomorrow... Tomorrow he would re awaken the boy and test him out , then he would know if the modifications had worked. As for the girl... Well he would activate her and see if the data transfer was successful. According to his computers both androids should be fully functional and ready to do his bidding.

"I'm coming for you, Goku," he whispered and then raised his glass in mock salute. "Here's to my revenge," then he downed the drink in one gulp, feeling it blaze a trail of molten fire to his belly. He set the glass down on the table and headed back to his rooms.

The sun set over the mountains, casting long shadows over three solitary mounds of dirt as an old man, eaten away by hatred, closed his eyes to the evenings rays and fell into a deep slumber.

# # #

A whooshing noise signalled the opening of the capsule. The lid sliding up and sideways to reveal the dark haired boy within. A second whoosh indicated the release of the girl's capsule door. Gero moved to stare inside. Both creatures had their eyes closed and a very faint humming sound was the only indication that they were in anyway *alive*.

Gero moved to a small side panel on the capsule and proceeded to type in several commands to the keyboard. The capsule began to glow and the keyboard beeped. Gero moved to the second capsule and repeated the procedure.

The eyes on both androids slid open.

I felt my circuits come back online and the power surged through my systems. I automatically ran a check on all functions and found I was running on maximum power. I opened my eyes and then reaching for the sides of the capsule, I pulled myself up and out to stand once more in Gero's lab, facing my *creator*. A movement from another capsule caught my eye and I stared in disbelief as Krystal emerged from that green cocoon. Then I felt the anger rise within, but quickly pushed it aside.

Now I knew what Gero had done. He had lied to me. He promised to spare Krystal and yet he still went ahead and did his worst. He would pay. Oh he had figured he had sorted out the problem with me, but in the little time I had been activated I had realized enough to build a pretty good firewall into my system which he had been unable to detect and to all intents and purposes had done its job well. I was still the same.

"Hello, Seventeen," said Gero.

"Hello, Doctor," I replied in my monotone voice.

"Hello, Eighteen," he said, turning to the female android.

"Hello, Dr Gero," she said.

I glanced at my sister and then at Gero, noting he still held a small black controller in his hand. Krystal returned my stare and our twin sense took over. She knew exactly what I was saying without a word being spoken.

"I'm glad to see you are functioning normally, Seventeen. No more of this insubordination," said Gero as he walked away from us. "The modifications have worked well."

"Yes, Doctor," I replied with a smirk on my face.

"Good. Now I have a little job for you both to complete for me," he said as he typed rapidly on a keyboard.

I glanced quickly across at Krystal and she nodded in affirmation. Then we moved quietly towards the console and stood behind Gero as he finished his typing. He turned to face us and was about to explain the little job when I swiftly darted forward and within the blink of an eye, grabbed the black remote from his hand. Gero stared open mouthed at me, not believing what had just taken place.

I held the little black box in my hand, running my thumb over the red button. "This is the device you used to deactivate me, isn't it Doctor." It was more of a statement than a question.

"Give that back to me, Seventeen!" demanded Gero.

"I don't think so," I replied.

Gero lunged forward in an attempt to grab the controller from my grasp, but I managed to dodge the attack easily and sent a well aimed blow to Gero's shoulder blades that served to continue his lunge to the wall behind me where he came to a sudden halt.

He picked himself up and swung around, his face turning red with rage. "I demand that you give me back that controller."

"Why, old man? So that you can shut me down again? I don't think so." I crushed the little box in my hand then opening the palm I let the bits fall to the ground.

"W... w... What have you done?" Gero stared open mouthed, his eyes threatening to burst forth from his head. "After all I have done for you, this is the way you repay me."

I whirled around at these words ready to let fly, but Krystal beat me to it.

"What have you done for us Gero?" her eyes glinted dangerously.

"Not you too," said Gero.

"Oh yes. You forgot to re check your data chip in the program, Gero... very sloppy work," said Krystal, toying with the man.

Gero paled as he realized the situation he was in.

"Tell me, doctor, just what is it you have done for us?" she said sliding closer to him.

Gero cleared his throat. " I have given you perfection... eternal life..."

"Damnation is more like it and as far as perfection goes, I would trade it all in a second if I could have my whole life back the way it was." I growled dangerously.

"All you have done is ruin our lives doctor, first by taking our parents, then by taking us and destroying anything and everything we ever loved or cared about. And for what? So called advancement of science. Well I'm sorry, doctor. Sorry for being forced into doing what I would rather avoid, but I'm not sorry for the result of that action." Krystal's voice was tinged with a little sadness.

Gero stared, unable to comprehend what had just passed between us. "As your creator I demand that you obey me!" he yelled.

"Too late for that, old man..." I shot forward and with a quick blow to the back of the neck I severed the man's head from his body. I came back to earth as the body twitched and convulsed on the floor in front of me. The head made a dull thump as it found its own resting place by the door. Quickly I made my way to where the head now lay. Looking down I saw the lips move, I bent to hear the words.

"Why?" the breath rasped past the dry lips and the eyes looked into mine one last time.

"Revenge," I breathed back, then I stood and raising my foot, I brought it down hard.

Krystal stared at the body on the ground and shuddered. "Is he..."

"Yes," I said.

She sighed. "Now what?"

'Good question,' I thought. Finally we were free. Free to be ourselves and yet we weren't. Once more life had dealt us a cruel blow. Something began to stir in the rear of my memory banks.

"Krystal I think you should go back to our quarters and collect anything you want to keep and take with you. We are leaving here forever."

She stared at me. "Where are we going?"

"Let's just say there are a few matters that need taking care of. I need to access Gero's main frame to gather the rest of the information then I will tell you all of it. Trust me, okay?" I said.

"Okay Jay. I will be right back." She turned and left the lab.

I walked over to the computer and typed in a few commands. The screen cleared and the information I requested is displayed for me. I study it and commit it all to memory.

Once again I type in a request, the screen changes as it displays the result. I read it and then get up to leave. I walk towards the doors of the lab, my mind full of what I have to do, what I have become. I ponder the screen one last time then retrace my steps to switch it off...

Revenge:- inflict injury, etc. for wrong done; avenge (oneself or another) n. desire for
vengeance; act that satisfies this.
(Oxford Dictionary)


Floating above the mountain that had been our home for some time now I looked at my sister. Although we were both now part machine, part human, she would always be my sweet, caring twin. She caught my stare and smiled.

"Let's do it."

We raised our palms and began to send volley after volley of energy blasts into the mountain, destroying the lab and burying all its secrets along with Gero. Once the dust cleared there was nothing but a pile of rubble.

Laughing into the wind we flew off together southwards, to complete our programing and fulfil the deed.

Onward to our date with destiny... our date with the Z fighters...

~ FIN ~

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