Eternity Part 2 - Chapter 1


Jack kissed Ianto's neck. Tasted it's salty goodness. Bit down slightly. The blood began to flow. He drank slowly, carefully, hungrily.

Giving in to what was about to happen, Ianto let out a small moan, as he collapsed against the older man. Jack guided him to his chair, sitting him down. Kneeling beside him, Jack finished drinking Ianto's blood and leaned back, looking at the young Welshman.

His eyes where half closed, his face held a smile.

"Now you have to rest," Jack whispered as he kissed him. "You'll be weak from blood loss."

Jack sat beside him, cross legged on the floor. There he stayed until Ianto began to move, an hour later.


"I'm here."

Jack took his hand, stroked his cold face.

"Is….it done?"


Ianto raised a trembling hand to his throat. Felt the bite mark.

"It'll go in a day or two. No scar, either."

"I feel so tired….just want….to sleep." Ianto yawned.

"In a while, my love. You'll seep with me."

"I-I can't….I mean, I…haven't…."

Jack smiled at his naïve innocence.

"And you won't. Not until you're like me. I'll just hold you close."

A smiled played at the edges of Ianto's mouth. "I loved you….from the first…. moment I saw you. I was so….scared of my feelings."

Jack touched his cheek. "It was destined to be."

"I don't know….about that."

"Do you think you can walk?"

Ianto nodded.

"Then let's go down to my quarters. The time's flying by and you need to rest."

"Will….I need to drink….blood?"

"Yes." Jack smiled. "But no tearing out throats. You'll have mine."

Jack helped the younger man stand.

"Over a period of two weeks, you'll drink from me."

"That's….a little scary." He tried to smile.

"But necessary, to change." Jack lowered his gaze. "You can stop at any time, during those two weeks. You'll revert back to being….yourself within a few days."

Ianto shook his head. "No. I want to be with you….for all eternity."

Jack smiled, helping Ianto to the ladder.

"I'll go down first, just in case. You follow."

Jack made his way down the ladder, Ianto followed right behind him. Once down, Ianto looked around.

A single bed. A wardrobe. A couch. Battered, overstuffed old armchair. A shower room.

"Very….nice," he said.

Jack smiled. "It suits my needs."

Jack moved forward, undoing the buttons on Ianto's shirt. Removing it, he put the garment on the armchair and started undoing Ianto's belt.

"I….can do that myself."

Jack stood back, watching as the young Welshman shyly took off the rest of his clothes.

Though in a weakened state, Jack marvelled at the beauty of the man before him. He took his breath away.

'I've chosen well' he thought to himself.

Jack proceeded to undress, then sitting Ianto on the small bed, sat beside him.

They looked into each others eyes, not speaking.

Ianto finally lowered his head as Jack stood up and took off his boxers.

"Look, please." asked Jack, tenderly.

Ianto raised his head to look at the older man.

"There is nothing to be ashamed of." He took Ianto's hand. "Lie with me until the morning."

Ianto laid on the bed and Jack lay beside him.

Neither spoke.

They didn't need words.

Somewhere during the early morning, they fell asleep. Ianto with his head on Jack's chest. Jack with his arms firmly, yet gently around his mate.