Eternity Part 2 - Chapter 17


Owen drove them back to Cardiff, looking in the rear view mirror, making sure they weren't being followed. The road behind them was clear. Just the odd motorist or motor bike, but not a vampire.

Ianto had finished feeding and was now sound asleep in Jack's arms, sated.

"Why isn't Gabriel following you, Jack?" asked Gwen.

"Because he knows I'll get Ianto to drink from me. He can no longer claim him." Jack looked down at the sleeping form. "He belongs to me, now."

"So, you'll both live happily ever after?" said Owen.

"I don't think it'll be quite that simple." Jack offered. "Gabriel will now try to kill him."

Owen looked in the mirror again. "So, if he can't have Ianto, neither can you."

"Exactly so. That's about the size of it."

"Then it's not over." Gwen surmised.


"When will that start?"

Jack cocked his head to one side, looking down at a sleeping Ianto. "Next week. Next month. I don't know."

"He isn't out of the woods yet, then?" said Gwen, looking at Ianto.

"I'll keep him safe. He will not get to Ianto. I'll kill Gabriel first!"

The rest of the drive back to the Hub was done in relative silence. Owen checked in his mirror every now and then. Meeting Jack's stare, he cringed, seeing the hatred in those cold, dark eyes.

Once back at the Hub, Jack carried Ianto to the guest room. He didn't want to take him down to his bunker. Not until Ianto was fully conscious.

Tosh was glad to see them all back and was scanning the area for Gabriel. She couldn't see him anywhere.

And so it was, when Ianto came to, he fell into his lovers arms, never to leave him again.


In Swansea, Gabriel was hatching a plan. He didn't care if it was today…next week…next year or next century, but he would have his revenge on Jack and his pretty….