When she woke, she was no longer bound. She lay in the bed and smiled at the feeling of the luscious soreness between her legs. Someone had recently replicated a nice hot cup of tea and left it on the bedside table. She cuddled back down into the blankets and sipped it, giving a passing thought to the fact that the Borg guards were back outside the forcefield-blocked entry, and she was alone in the cell.

She was about to doze off again, thinking naughtily about the next time, when he came striding down the hallway toward her cell once again. Same as before, he received a short report on her condition. He stared at her with the same golden eyes, and wore the same structured black uniform. With the slight twitch of his head, the guards went along their way, and he stepped through the forcefield.

She smiled up at him, and crawled, naked, to the foot of the bed where he stood.

"Sleep well?" he asked.

"Mmmmmm…" the sound dripped from her lips as they turned up into a coy smile. She snaked her hands up along his thighs to his hips, and tried to pull him down to join her.

He stood firm, any kindness she had felt from him earlier suddenly replaced again by pure malice. A sinking feeling settled in her stomach, and she knew that the game was over.

He grabbed her by the arm and lifted her to her feet with one hand, "good, now put your clothes on."

She walked to the chair with her head hanging, and stepped one foot, then the other, into her uniform. As she reached for her boot, she saw her phaser lying on the floor, and knew what had to be done.

With all of the swiftness she could muster, she grabbed it and spun around to face Lore. Her hand shook as she held the phaser steady on him.

He looked completely at ease, and she knew instantly that she couldn't do it. A slow smile crept over her face, and she lowered her arm, stepping toward him. He reached out his hand, and she placed the weapon in it.

Turning, he walked two strong paces away from her and turned, raising the phaser at her chest. She smiled again as he fired.

"Computer, exit program and save," she said confidently, and then strode out of the holodeck. She was due for duty soon, and needed a shower.