death is permanent

"When I'm dead twenty- five years, people are going to begin to recognize me."
- Scott Joplin

her wand sits in the corner
unrecognizable except to those who knew her
did you, little girl?
did you really?

it should be your brother that haunts your dreams
but it's her in her multicoloured glory
cause it's you that's raising her son

but her wand serves as a reminder
you don't know her wishes as well as you'd have liked

it's a painful reminder
she's dead & gone & never coming back
never coming back

it's all for a good purpose, they say
but can little Teddy Lupin understand that?
will he understand that?

when the other kids in his class have mummy & me tea
will he understand that his mum can't come because of Voldemort?
thanks to dora, you're no longer scared of the name

she's the perfect example of
standing up for what you believe in
standing true for what you believe in
living strong for what you believe in
dying hard for what you believe in
and not going down without a fight

but her wand serves as a reminder
you weren't brave enough to die for your beliefs
(even though she's just a Hufflepuff
and you're brave, strong, Gryffindor Ginny
or are you?)

everyone knows who she is (now that she's dead)
she's no longer that blot on the family tree
she's Nymphadora Tonks, war heroine
is that what she would've liked?

(you don't know
that wand in the corner is a reminder
you don't know her as well as you'd have liked
and you no longer have the

you don't think you do
until one night she comes to you in a dream
in vivid, blazing c o l o u r
this has to be her

"live my legacy, Ginny.
take care of my son."
the simple words
with such a powerful message

"live my legacy, Ginny.
take care of my son."

"live my legacy, Ginny.
live my legacy-
live my-

it makes sense
the survivors have it hard
they have to keep living
pass on the legacy

of course you agree
"I'll do all I can, Dora.
Teddy loves you."

fast-forward sixteen years
baby Teddy's graduating
and they show a picture of Nymphadora on the screen

murmurs around the room
"that's Teddy Lupin's mother,"
"Nymphadora Tonks, yes,"
"she's a war hero, didn't you know?"

war hero, yes she was
the bravest of her kind
and she probably would have seen this coming
cause when you've been dead for a while-
that's when people begin to recognize you

but you've passed on your legacy
you've brought up little Teddy
(who's not quite so little anymore)
as if he were your own son
you've done your job

so when he comes up to you at the end
("Mum, I love you.
And I love my mum in heaven too.")

your heart is whole again

the nightmares stop
but there's one last dream
("you've brought up my son, Ginny.
you've carried on my legacy.")

it fills your heart with pride & pleasure
to know you could help at least one war victim
even if it wasn't your brother

her wand still sits in the corner
as if it were a friendly memory in your mind

and still people recognize it
("that's Nymphadora Tonks' wand!")
and yes you've done it
you've carried on her
l e g a c y

even though you thought death was permanent
even though she's not coming back
she still lives on
cause that's the way it works

death is permanent, baby
but love lasts forever

(in memory of Nymphadora Tonks
the bravest Hufflepuff who ever lived
and all those who died along with her
giving their lives for a greater good)

A/N: Rest in peace, 'Dora.

For Smile and Drishti's I Have a Dream challenge. Sorry it was so terrible!