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Five Things
I. Remembering


When one is stuck in a dark unforgiving hell hole, surrounded with no more than piles over piles of sand with no way out, what is there one can do?

Trying to ignore the pain and the eager budges of thoughts proved fruitless, all it resulted with was more pain and more high-ridden thoughts. If she never went to America she'd have more control over herself, that land had made her weak; but on the other hand, if she never went there she wouldn't be here in the first place.

Days clocked by so slowly it felt like it had been years, time seemed to lose its entire beat and as she thought more and more about it, the seconds turned from snakes to snails to just dead beat carcasses.

But after what really was at most three days, there was one thing that made her want her capturer to come back. She hadn't at first, but it became something she craved for and it delighted her when those dusty heavy duty black boots banged the door open and dragged itself over the loose sand to her side.

At first it was painful as he kicked and spat mumbles of words from his sharp tongue, interrogating every piece of useful information out of her. When those leather boots dug themselves into her side, she nearly screamed her head out at the fiery sensation that exploded throughout her body, but somehow she had gathered something in her to refrain herself from doing so.

She wasn't quite sure, but by the second meeting she had with her torturer she could feel her ribs cracked on both sides, they were just waiting for the final blow to collapse inward and puncture her lung, suffocating her to death.

But that never came, he must've known. Known the damage he had inflicted and she guessed so at his precision. She'd actually gotten used to the pain, that searing feeling became nothing more than a million ants crawling over her body like she was the sweetest thing they've ever found.

Then came the tugs of hair and punches to her once beautiful face that had allowed her on so many occasions to have her ways with both men and women. And that violent vibration that sprung through her head was what she loved the most, what she looked forward to every time she heard those sick footsteps head her way.


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