The final battle.

Preparing the last blow.

Eggman had been terrorizing this city long enough. Once again Sonic had collected the chaos emeralds and while standing on a skyscraper's rooftop in the wind and rain the emeralds circled around him and with a flash his cobalt blue fur turned golden yellow. He was ready.

Dodging the professor's weapons he was able to pierce trough his new machine with one quick blow.

Tails, who was flying near the fight to watch and send incoming status data to the gun army uttered a joyful "Yes! He did it!" while speeding closer with the tornado.

Sonic just floated there in front of his enemy for a moment before he started to feel fatigued he knew his super form wouldn't last much longer as he tried to reach the ground in time.

But it was too late, not being able to break his fall on time, he smacked his body against the pavement, his right led and backbone had to take most of the blow. Uncontentious he lay there while the robotic collosus above him started to crumble. As it fell backward some of its parts dropped down, towards the blue hedgehog.

"Eggman down, failed to escape impact, location corner of 42nd street, over." "Affirmative, we might actually get our hands on him now! Good patrolling there Tails!" Tails looked over there to see that indeed the gun soldiers had finally successfully captured the doctor. "Thanks, general, I'm going to see if I can find sonic anywhere, over and out."

Tails clicked the radio back in its place and dive landed the tornado 1 near the wreck of the robot.

He jumped out of the plane and scanned the area. The sound of sirens in the distance and the rumbling clouds above him could be heard all around, and as he inched closer he could feel shards of glass break under his feet. Then something caught his eye. It was sonic.

As fast as his legs could carry him, he ran towards him but backed away in horror by what he was witness of.

Sonic lay on his back, he was spilling blood from the corner of his mouth and his right leg was crushed underneath a heavy piece of the robot's shielding. Tails fell to his knees, next to his friend and checked his neck for a pulse. Tears of joy and fear came to his eyes as he felt a faint thumping motion on his fingertips.

He ran back to the tornado as he screamed into the radio. "Code red! Sonic is down, on the north-side of the robot. His leg is trapped under a metal plate, I can't spot any further injuries, he is uncontentious, please send help, quick!"

He went back to Sonic, who was still silently laying there. The noise of a siren came closer as the rain continued to fall...