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Strength in Forgiveness


This was response to a prompt for a challenge in the Guns and Games club on MangaBullet. The prompt was "Write for 10 minutes on: Power and compassion." Obviously I corrected errors once I had finished, but I didn't add anything. The reason it's about forgiveness is because, to me, forgiveness is the ultimate power and compassion.

Gandhi once said, "The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong." Matt never considered himself strong. When Mello called him after so many years, saying he needed to be rescued from a burning building, Matt almost said no. But he went and felt weak. Later, after some hardcore research had been done and tons of medical supplies had mummified Mello, Matt looked at his once-friend passed out on the couch. Matt had to use a ton of alcohol to numb the pain but he knew Mello would have a switch of a hangover in the morning. He deserves it. Matt thought… and felt weak.

Time passed and Mello gradually healed. Matt tagged along with him to New York because Mello had been stupid enough to leave a picture of himself behind. He came back from Near's headquarters and snatched Matt's lighter out of his hand then burned it. Matt never got to see the once-innocent (at least compared to then) Mello again. He was angry about that and felt weak.

He wasn't sure why his anger felt weakening. He wasn't sure why he felt strong when Mello kissed him after a rant about Kira. Matt suspected the rant was a cover-up for Mello gaining the courage to make a move. Even the great Mello could get scared. Matt felt weak for submitting blissfully. Matt felt weak as he drove to his death soon after. Matt felt weak and bullets assaulted him and his cigarette fell from his lips as he died… but he smiled and felt strong as he let go and forgave Mello as his final thought.

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