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Jinx had put a spell on Raven and now she can't remember anything. Will a certain friend try to help her or will they find out things are better this way? Read to find out. ;)



Chapter 1: Forget Me Not

"Raven, Beast Boy!"

It was some time after lunch and the H.I.V.E. Five were already causing a mess down town. Robin rushed to the computer and ordered. "You two go find Jinx and Gizmo. Cyborg, Starfire and I will fight the rest. GO! Soon they all took their respective ways.

"Dude, I hate getting separated." Beas Boy whined.

"As if I loved getting stuck with you." Raven flew ahead and commented with her monotonous voice.

"Hey, you know you like me." He tried wiggling his eyebrows. "You don't have to act so harshly."

She rolled her eyes but said nothing as she stopped near the place where Jinx and Gizmo were sent. Beast Boy remained quietly and walked near Raven.

"So what's the plan?" He whispered.

"They don't seem to have any tricks, just get Gizmo and I'll fight Jinx." With that said Raven flew again and appeared in front of the villains.

Jinx jumped a little but smiled afterwards. "Well, well, what do we have here?" Jinx said while taking some jewelry.

"Yeah, quite surprisingly idiots." Gizmo's voice was everything but surprised, Raven narrowed her eyes and started to fight Jinx, while Beast Boy turned into a rhino and hit Gizmo from the back. The fight was the same as usual and the heroes were of course taking the lead, or so they thought.

"I'm glad I got to fight you, Raven." The pink haired started while avoiding some Raven's hit.

"What are you talking about?" She asked never taking her eyes away from her moves.

"Because I wanted to try this new trick on another sorceress like you." Raven gasped as she saw Jinx taking her by surprised and using her pink aura to knock her.

"Raven!" Beast Boy turned into a T– Rex to throw Gizmo away and rushed to the fallen titan.

Jinx laughed and turned to Beast Boy. "She'll be fine, don't worry." But she smiled evilly and ran away.

Beast Boy was about to go get her but Raven moaned in pain. He turned to her again and saw she was still unconscious. He took his communicator and called for Robin.

"Umm… Robin I think we have a problem." He started and his voice held a hint of fear.

"Did you get them?"

"Uhh… not exactly."

"Beast Boy, what happened?" The leader was getting irritated.

"Raven's unconscious and I couldn't follow Jinx."

"Is she injured?"

"I don't think so. I guess… she was just knocked out."

"Take her to the Tower's infirmary. We'll get there soon. The rest of the H.I.V.E. also made their escape. We'll look for them, but before we have to make sure Raven's fine."

"A- all right."

The signal went off and Beast Boy took Raven on his pterodactyl shape and flew back to the tower. Raven seemed to be in pain but nothing so serious. But the changeling feared Jinx words, it was as if she was just planning on harming her all along.

'Raven, please be fine.'


Cyborg studied her for some minutes and the rest of the titans waited for him to say something.

"Please, is friend Raven going to wake up soon?"

Cyborg turned to them "Certainly, I don't get why she is taking so long, she would usually be awaken by now. There are no injuries, not deep pain. But what seems stranger is that she's doing nothing to heal herself."

They all looked at her and thought about it. Starfire frowned and asked again. "What is the best for us to do?"

"I think we just wait. Raven's not on a critical state, she will eventually wake up."

"Ummm… guys." Beast Boy said awkwardly getting their attention. "Jinx said she would be fine, but she left smiling evilly and I could hear about her trying a new trick on her."

"What could that trick be?" Robin took his chin with his hand and wondered out loud. "I suggest finding Jinx and getting her to fix it then." He turned and left the infirmary, apparently to make some deep research. Starfire followed him and the two remaining titans glanced to one another.

"I guess we do the same, BB." Cyborg checked some last things and left the room.

"Umm… right." He hesitated on letting her alone but when he was about to leave her too he heard her move and groan again.

"Raven?" His ears perked up and turned around. She was moving slightly on discomfort. He walked closer to her and then her eyes shoot open in fear. He rushed to her. "Raven, you're back!"

She turned to look at him with eyes stilled widened and raised her voice. "Who are you?"

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