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Chapter 23: I Don't Wanna Talk To You

The night was over sooner than she had wanted. Raven opened her eyes because of the sun and tried to sit up. Her healing was taking more that she expected. It was already the third day but she felt all worn out since she didn't get to rest at all.

That night she had yet another dream including Beast Boy. She narrowed her eyes. It had been three days and Beast Boy had never been there. Not even by accident had he walked near the medical bay. She knew he was in the Tower but no one ever talked to her about anything. It was getting on her nerves.

Someone knocked on the door taking her attention and then Robin got inside the medical bay.

"Morning." He offered a smile.

"Robin, tell me what's going on, right now!"


There she was, in the middle of the room surrounded by her friends, well except for Beast Boy.

"Raven, you need to know first that everything is all right!" Robin started. "We don't have any current difficulty to solve."

She nodded still waiting for more.

"Raven, what happened with you and your fight with Jinx… happened a while ago." He held now a sad expression.

"I was kinda expecting that, so how long was I…?"

"Uhh... a couple of… weeks." Cyborg cleared his throat.

"We- weeks?" She asked surprised. "How… many?"

"Just twelve weeks."

Her eyes widened and something exploded back in the kitchen. She tried to say something but nothing came out.

"I've been unconscious… for three months?!"

"Uhh… actually…" Robin rubbed the back of his head.

"I'm sorry friend, but you lost your memory… The memories of the past three months."

As in cue, her head started to ache. "That… actually makes sense." She tried to speak calmly though her mouth trembled in surprise.

"During that time, you had no powers either." Cyborg added. Something cracked in the kitchen again. "Yup, that never happened back then." He observed.

"H- how?"

She then remained as silent as she could while her friends explained everything.

About her losing her memory the first time, when Jinx put that spell on her causing her powers gone as well. They said to her how much they tried finding Jinx to change her back but when they actually did, they got nothing from her.

"… That's when Brother Blood appeared and…"

Everything was so confusing! Losing her memories, twice? She was trying her best not to blow up the whole tower.

But she nearly failed when she saw Beast Boy getting into the room. The room turned silent and all eyes fell on him. He only offered an apology for being late and kept walking. But when Raven locked eyes with him, she felt something strange flutter inside her and stood up as in reflex.

He waved a hand to greet her and offered half a smile that vanished as soon as it had appeared. She blushed at her own body's reaction and shook away that feeling as she sat back not taking her eyes from him, though his eyes were placed on somewhere else.

Then Robin cleared his throat and continued. "… Well, like I was saying. When Starfire followed you to the warehouse…"

They kept talking and explained it was all Brother Blood's doing. They talked about her powers gone and how much she wanted to get them back. They even explained about Jinx helping her.

She tried to pay attention to her leader but still she gave glances to the changeling. His attitude was so cold, but his feelings were caring all the same. She couldn't quite understand. But that wasn't the only difference. He was wearing civil clothes and he stood silent at the back of the room, arms crossed and absent eyes. She arched and eyebrow at his attitude.

"… That's when Jinx told us you wanted your powers back. She was the only one that could help you." Robin finished. "Though I don't know why she was helping you in the first place, but, we all owe her one."

Now she had all her attention back on her friends' explanation.

"So that's how it happened? I was injured and while you fought with Brother Blood, Jinx helped me get my powers back."

They nodded.

"The truth is, we though you would recover just your powers, but…" Cyborg started. "When you woke up, well…"

"I had regained my memories again losing these three months instead."

"Yeah, you kind of switched memories… or something like that."

"Where's Jinx now?"

"With Titans East." Robin answered. "Temporarily."

"I know it's kind of hard to understand but, if she wants to, she could take a spot on the team." Cyborg added.

"How can you trust her that much?"

"I know it's weird. I personally couldn't understand but, Starfire…" Robin turned to the alien to indicate it was her turn so she spoke.

"You insisted we needed to trust her and I believed in you. More importantly, you needed to be healed. When she helped you get your powers, we all trusted her."

Raven narrowed her eyes and whisper. "I can't believe I owe my life to Jinx."

"Well… not just her." Cyborg commented under his breath causing Beast Boy's ears to twitch.

"What?" She asked and Cyborg got the icy glares of his teammates causing him to laugh sheepishly.

"Hee he, you know, we all help, even Titans East, I was just saying, they deserve the credit as well. Yeah that is." He was sweating and kept his nervous laugh but she believed him.

"So, Cyborg, are you really leavening the team?"

Somehow that was the saddest part of all the information.

He rubbed the back of his neck. "Y- yeaaaah. See I really get along with the guys and…"

She smirked, "So, Bee, huh?" He froze embarrassed. "That's ok. It's only natural you'd try to be with the person you care for the most."

This caused Beast Boy to lift his sight at her thinking about what she just said.

"The same to you Star, Robin." She smiled happily for her two best friends turning into a couple.

The three of them smiled, but failed to notice Beast Boy gritting his teeth.

"I'm going to miss you though." She finished. "But congratulations."

After a moment of silence, Beast Boy let out a sigh taking their attention. "Alright, now that everything's been settled, I'm taking my way off." He started to walk, but Raven had the urge to stop him. After all, Raven had just one more doubt.

"B- Beast Boy…" Raven called out before noticing she was actually speaking. "W- what happened to you?" She noticed how uncharacteristically she was acting so she shook her head and smirked instead. "Did you suddenly mature while I was gone?"

He looked at her, cold as he had been the whole morning. "Yeah… something like that." Then he took off.


She was no fool, she knew something was wrong. Suddenly everyone seemed to have amnesia since none of them would talk more about her past forgotten days. It was getting irritating.

Starfire never tried to talk to her about anything at all, not even about her dating Robin now, she said nothing. She tried to keep herself as quiet as she could while Raven was around. It was as if she was trying to prevent herself from saying more than needed.

Cyborg was barely seen in the Tower and Robin just said what she already knew.

Beast Boy was the most distant, first it was a relief that there was no one to disturb, but his absence was even more bothersome, and painful. Why was he so cold towards her?

She knew soon she would get answers. Today, Cyborg was changing places with Jinx, who had, temporarily accepted a spot with the Titans. And she could have the missing parts of her puzzle.

"We are going to miss you Cy!" Everyone said their goodbyes to their beloved friend.

As he was parting, Raven's attention was set on Beast Boy who showed some emotions for the first time as he saw his best friend flying away.

The changeling was still waving at Cyborg when he felt her eyes on him. He turned to her but she didn't quiver, she stayed focused on him. She was worried, and there was no point hiding it.

Beast Boy took his hand into his pockets and for a second they stood like that, not blinking once.

Raven was trying to read his emotions and only found solitude and real grief, but when she had the courage to finally say something, he walked to her side and whispered: "I don't wanna talk to you."

The world seemed to freeze around as he let out those words. Her eyes widened with surprise. She knew that. That's basically what ignoring someone means. She knew that! So why was it hurting her this much? His cold words echoed in her head as they cut through her heart.

He chuckled quietly and walked past her.

"W- what did I… do to you?" She whispered to an absent presence. 'What did I do to you?'

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