Author: Sarah

Authors Note: This fic is dedicated to my best friend who gave me this plot bunny when we were talking on the phone one day. Thanks Joyce!

Rating: R for violence and some gore.

Title: Here Now, Gone Forever

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Spoilers: There are going to be a lot in here! I am not going to name them all off because it would take forever... I am lazy, I know.

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Special thanks to Liz_Z for beta reading this for me so you all could read this...

Chapter One

~The Forbidden Note~

*A man of little wisdom once told me, "Little things in life end up biting you in the butt at the worse times. And once that little thing seems to go away, it pops out its ugly head once again and snaps at you twice as badly." Little did I know then, that those little snaps where going to really hurt.*

"There was a ring! I heard a ring! Where is the phone?" Bobby ran around Darien's apartment yelling at the top of his lungs.

"Calm down, Bobby. Everything will be okay." Claire said, taking Bobby by the hand and pulling him into Darien's living room. "The phone isn't ringing, Bobby. Don't worry, the phone will ring, Bobby. It will ring."


The pain seemed to start in his head. He had thought it was quicksilver madness but that wouldn't be because Claire given him his shot of the suicide gene. Then the pain moved throughout his body and he couldn't stop the tears the freely flowed down his face. What had they given him? The pain was so intense and he was beginning to black out. He could only remember being at the grocery store, loading his bags of the day to his new car that the F.B.I. let him keep on the condition that he would do a few special cases for him each year. The F.B.I. also offered Bobby a new van and Bobby didn't even have to think about it.

Though Golda still wasalive and running, Silver Coating was the new company van. Darien screamed as he felt something sharp enter his flesh through his shoulder. He could hear his flesh being torn away from him and could feel the blood run down his arm and stomach. He turned his head and watched as the young man jabbed the knife into his flesh several times. Then Darien did the only thing he could do; he blacked out.


Bobby turned as the front door was knocked on and he heard the pitter patter of little feet running away. Bobby jumped up and drew his gun as he opened the door to see a small package on the floor. Bending down, he grabbed the package, while still keeping his eyes and gun on full alert.

"What is is, Bobby?" Claire asked, walking to Bobby.

It had been two days now since Darien had been kidnapped. Did the people who had Darien that he had a gland in his head? Of course they would! Why else would they grab him? Bobby walked to the couch and sat down as he opened the small package. "Oh my god!"

"What is it?" Claire asked, leaning over to see what was in the small box.

Bobby pulled out a white shirt that Darien seemed to wear all the time with red blood that looked like it was still be fresh and it was confirmed when Bobby put his hands to the blood, and it came back with the stickiness of fresh blood. "Darien's blood."

"You don't know that, Bobby. It could be anything. They just want to get us scared. Is there a note inside?"

Bobby pulled the box apart to finally receive a note on his lap. "Yes, there is. I will read it."

Hello to Darien's friends and co-workers I have taken Darien against his will to prove to him that life isn't as simple as he thinks it is. I am a young friend lost long ago. I have come back from the grave to repay a debt that was long ago made. I have no intentions of ransoming him off like you all would hope. Not that I would give him back to you alive after I received the money. No, I have taken him for my own pleasure, which I shall share with you. That way you know the pain he will go through, before I kill him. I am going to make his life a living hell!

He will not go a moment without feeling the pain that he once inflicted on me. Know this, you will never see him alive, never!

Sincerely Yours,


P.S. His debt will soon be paid.

Bobby let the note fall to the ground as he looked at Claire. "We have to find, Darien before it is to late."


Darien felt the water run over him and winced as it touched his open wound. There had to be salt in this water. Darien opened his eyes and watched in horror as the same young man walked up to him with jumper cables that seemed to flash with each step. This couldn?t be happening. It was all a really bad dream. But that hope was shattered as the cables touched his flesh and the pain rippled through his body. No, this wasn?t a dream, this was hell.