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~No one told me that life was going to be this rough. If they had, I would have begged to be put back into my mothers womb for eternity.~


"Where are you taking me?" Darien asked as he was pushed into a small room by Cammie.

"Where all the secrets are kept, Darien." Darien wanted to turn around and run away. Something about this room scared him and he wanted out. But guys didn't think about running away! No, they stood and took what was given to them. So, he would stay and take what his best friend would give him. He had no choice anyway.

"Sit over there." Cammie pointed to a small chair that was situated on the far left hand corner of the small room. Pulling out a few candles, Cammie placed them at Darien's feet and smiled. Handing him a match, he walked over to another chair a few feet away with a few candles for himself. "We light together."

Darien bent down and lit the candles with a sigh. What was his friend up to? "Now what, Cam?"

"Place the candles by your feet, almost touching your shoes." Cammie showed him and sat back with a smile.

"What is this, Cam? This isn't a secret, this is stupid."

Cammie looked at Darien and frowned. "What kind of friend are you? Huh? Any other friend would do this for me."

Darien put the candles by his shoes and sat back. "Now what?" Darien asked in aspiration.

Cammie laughed as he pulled out a can of turpentine from behind his chair. "We die!"


How wonderful!' Darien thought as he opened his eyes. He was back as the hospital again. Was he finally dead? Could he now be with his brother, Kevin, for eternity? Darien smiled as he saw the familiar figure walk into the room. What was he doing here? Then Darien frowned in disgust. Had Cammie taken his best friend's life also? What about Claire? Everyone was doomed now.

"Hey partner. Glad to see you are finally awake." Bobby said with a smile.

"Awake? What are you talking about? I'm dead, you're dead."

Bobby looked at Darien in puzzlement. "No, Fawkes. We are alive. Alex and Eberts came to the rescue." Bobby said in a sour tone.

"But I heard a shot. Then I blacked out. I thought I was dead." Darien said the last word in pain, trying to sit up. He wanted out of this hospital.

"Stay down, Fawkes." Bobby said in concern as he carefully pressed Darien back down into his hospital bed.

"No way. First Kevin, now you."

Bobby stepped back from the bed. "What are you talking about, Fawkes?"

"Oh. Just a nightmare." Darien said in ease, as he relaxed. "Tell me what happened with the shot that I heard, please."

"The shot was from Eberts. He shot Cammie before he could shoot you. But... Cammie got away. No worries though! The Agency is going to track that jerk down and get him. You can count on us."

"Sure thing, Bobby." Darien replied with a smirk. "Sure thing." Turning over in his bed, Darien closed his eyes. At least he could sleep for a while. But he knew that nightmares awaited him. They always did.


Cammie walked into the hospital room and smiled at the small figure sleeping in the bed. It would be so easy to kill him here and now. Why shouldn't he? No, he would wait for his revenge. That was the good thing about revenge though. It could always wait.


Darien jumped up from his chair and ran at Cammie with full force. There would be no way he would die! No way! He struggled for the can of turpentine but was kicked hard in his chest by Cammie. Pulling away, Darien watched in horror as Cammie poured the turpentine on himself and lit a match. "No, Cam!" But it was too late. Cammie's legs where already engulfed in flames. Then the whole room caught fire. Darien jumped towards his friend but only received another hard kick to his lower stomach. Crying, Darien ran out of the room for the phone. He had to call 911 and he had to do it before his best friend died.


I was alive, I had made it through everything, right? No, I had been hurt both physically and mentally. They told me that everything would get better, but they don't know how much this really hurt me, how much it still hurts. I will put up the mask that will be there for the rest of my life. No one will ever truly know what happened to me while I was captured. You may ask, Has he become a danger now?' There is only one answer to your question... Hell yes.'

The End

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