Sacrifice of the Nine

By: Uzunaru999

Ok so get this I've had a few reviews where people said I made Naruto too powerful way to fast. So I have decided to redo the chapters. I'll be returning Anko to her original age, she'll meet up with Naruto and Hinata later in the story. I'll have a more in-depth story about how and why Naruto discovered Alchemy and different gifts Naruto got from Truth. its going to be different about the reason Naruto went to alchemy.

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Chapter 1 Learning the Truth



Naruto scowled, this had been the worst day of his life. Once again he was attacked by a mob, it was really disgusting how the mob mentality recent attack was worse however, this time they went crazy. They had tortured him in ways that would make the heads at the I&T Department throw up. They did things that can not be put into words. The one thing though that hurt Naruto the most was when a young teen with silver hair and glasses came through the crowed with a syringe of boy jammed the syringe into Naruto's chest, very close to the heart. The pain that Naruto felt was indescribable, as the poison went into his body. Not even Kyuubi could work fast enough as it was working on the more life threatening wounds. The poison took its course and soon Naruto passed out.

Naruto was taken out of his thoughts as his hospital room door opened. The head Doctor and the Sandaime Hokage walked in, both with grim faces. Naruto felt a pit in his stomach as he saw his grandfather figure shed a tear. Straightening his back with all the strength he had Hiruzen Sarutobi told Naruto the news.

"Naruto-kun I am sorry to say this but you might not be able to become a shinobi now."

Naruto's world shattered around him, "W-W-What do you mean Jiji?" A few more tears ran down Hiruzen's face, not being able to talk he motioned to the doctor.

"Naruto-san the poison that was injected into your chakra coils damaged them beyond repair. The coils are jumbled so much that you can never mold your chakra correctly, meaning no hand seals. You can only do a few things now that are even useful to a Shinobi's life. You can only enhance your muscles or pump chakra into objects now. I'm sorry Naruto-san but you can never be a Shinobi."

Naruto started hyperventilating and shivering, the monitors on the machines started beeping loud. The doctor quickly injected a sedative into the IV and Naruto was soon asleep. With a sigh the Doctor turned to the Hokage. "You know this won't stop him right?"

Hiruzen gravely nodded, "I know but if anyone can find a way to be a ninja with out Ninjutsu or Genjutsu, he can." As the doctor left Hiruzen sat down in the chair next to the boys bed. Hiruzen took a shuddering breath and whispered, "I'm sorry…I've failed you Minato, forgive me." As he got up he put a scroll next to Naruto's bed and left.


Next Morning

Naruto just sat there with dead eyes, his dream, his only way to gain respect shattered. Naruto slowly turned his head to the table next to his bed and saw a few things. One was a scroll, the other was a vase with flowers in it and a small note. Naruto smiled, 'At least someone cares for me in this Kami forsaken village. Naruto grabbed the note from the flowers and read it.

Dear Naruto-kun

Please don't give up, know that no matter what happens I'll be there for you.

From Hinata Hyuuga

P.S. - Thank you for saving me

Naruto's eyes widened, The Hyuuga heiress herself sent him flowers! He barely even knew her yet she cared enough to send him flowers. All he did was save her from being kidnapped, it wasn't that big of a deal…was it? Even though he was the demon brat she still cared for him.. He let a few tears slide down his face, after wiping them away Naruto's eyes were full of determination.

'She's right I can't give up! I made a promise and I'm not going to break it! So what if I can't control my Charka! I'll find something that I can use to fight!, but now to get going.' Before Naruto did anything he remembered the scroll on the desk, he broke the wax seal and read the scroll.

Dear Naruto

If you are reading this then HIruzen has deemed you ready to know the truth. First off my name is Minato Namikaze other wise known as the Yondaime Hokage. But known to very few, I am your father.

Naruto almost dropped the scroll at that point in surprise, but steeling his nerves he continued reading

Your mother, Kami rest her soul, is Kushina Uzumaki, known as the Red Death and Hot Blooded Habanero. Now if the village respected my last wish then you're living a happy life, if not then I'm sorry. You see on the day you were born the Kyuubi no Kitsune attacked the village. Due to the evil Chakra of the Kyuubi your mother died after bringing you into this world. I looked everywhere for another way to destroy the Kyuubi. I even found an old art known as Alchemy. An art that doesn't use Chakra. Though it looked promising I didn't have enough time to learn it, so I did the only thing that was left. I sealed the beast into you.

Images of the glares and mobs flashed through Naruto's head, ''So thats why the hate me.' Pushing the depressing thoughts out of his head he continued reading.

You probably hate me now, but I hope in time you can forgive me. Know that no matter what you do that your mother and I will be proud of you. I leave you this one piece of advice, look into the Alchemy I spoke of. I believe that it might be a solution to destroying the beast once and for all. Also if you see a man with long spiky white hair and a weird Kabuki outfit, well kick him right in the sack for me. Well I must wrap this up, Kyuubi is getting closer, I'm sorry but your mother didn't have time to write a letter after giving birth to you. I know that she'd tell you she loves you.

Finally in the seal below is a scroll of all my jutsu and sealing books. Forgive me sochi for all the wrongs I have done.


Minato Namikaze, Yondaime Hokage, The Yellow Flash

Tears continued to stream down his face. He had parents, and they LOVED him! No longer did he have to wonder if his parents abandoned him or died long ago. Not to mention his father was the FUCKING FOURTH HOKAGE! That made Naruto grin like a mad man. Though his smile dropped as he remembered that he could no longer do regular jutsu that required multiple hand signs. In his thoughts he was ranting.

'I'll show Jiji that I can still me a shinobi! I'll show them all!' Naruto looked out the window and stared at the stars, 'I'll make you proud Kaa-san and Tou-san.'


Hokage's office, next day

Hokage sat behind the desk filling out paperwork, again. Though being Hokage had its perks, one thing that he hated was the paper work. He looked down at the current one. It was a release form so that Hiruzen's rival Danzo get custody over Naruto. Hiruzen got maybe ten to fifteen forms like this a day. He had to be carful to what he signed, otherwise Naruto could be executed, banished, turned into a weapon or worse. Hiruzen growled, 'Damn you Danzo, I'll get you one day.' With that Hiruzen slammed the 'Denied' stamp on the form.

"I said that the Hokage has no time for a Thing like you! Now leave before I call the ANBU!"

Hiruzen groaned, this was the seventh secretary that he'd been through. He grudgingly rose from his chair and left his office to the waiting hall. Once there he motioned for Naruto to go ahead and fired the secretary. After the ANBU took her away Hiruzen went back to his office to talk with Naruto.

"Ojii-san was the letter you left me at the hospital true?". The Hokage took a drag on his pipe, "Yes Naruto-kun, every thing said in the scroll is true. I was going to give it to you if you graduated the Academy, but now-"

"I DON'T CARE! I'll become Hokage even if I can't do your stupid Ninjutsu or Genjutsu! I'll be greater than all the Kages put together. And thats a Promise!" Hiruzen could only give a small smile.

"If you're going to become a Shinobi without Nin or Genjutsu what are you going to study?", asked the Hokage curiously.

"Well I still have Taijtusu and Kenjutsu! Also I wanted to look into Fuinjutsu and the Alchemy stuff that was mentioned in the letter from my dad." The Hokage rested his head on his laced fingers and smiled. He was happy that Naruto had not given up on his dream, 'I mean I have to retire some time or another!'

"Well Naruto-kun I believe I can pull a few strings and get you some teachers. Because your situation I can now openly help you." Naruto looked confused. "You see Naruto regularly the Hokage can't train any one person. They would call it favoritism, but now that you are 'Handicapped' I can help you without the council nagging me about it. I have a few people in mind that can help you, but be warned that these people will work you to the bone, they will make you work day and night. Are you sure you want to do this Naruto?"

Determination and courage filled Naruto's eyes, "Bring…it…on!" Hiruzen could only smile, 'The Will of Fire still burns brightly in the children of the village.'

"Ok Naruto, now I will get those books that are on Alchemy from the Hokage vault." Hiruzen and Naruto walked to the Hokage vault, hidden deep within the caverns of the Hokage monument. After about ten minutes of signing a ledger for the time they went in and deactivating the security measures, they went in. Naruto followed his grandfather figure throughout the maze of ancient scrolls, priceless artifacts, and dangerous weapons. Soon they came across many shelves filled with old looking books.

"Now Naruto I'll be the one to give you these books, each time your done with a few bring them to me and I'll give you the next set, ok?" Naruto nodded, Hiruzen followed the difficulty level coded books and found the first few books. After doing a fancy scroll copying jutsu Hiruzen gave Naruto copies of the originals. Don't want to lose those pieces of history now do we. After getting what they needed the two left the vault and returned to the Hokage's office.

"Ok Naruto-kun the next Academy term starts in three months. Over this time you'll meet your teachers and try to learn all you can. Maybe if you impress me I'll make an exception with the graduation examsi. Good luck to you Naruto, now off you go I have some people to meet with." With a grin Naruto left the office and ran to his apartment with a skip in his step.

In the Hokage's office the Sandaime looked over some folders for a while. Once done he called one of his ANBU.

"Bring me Maito Gai and call back my pervert of a student."

"Hai Hokage-sama!", with a quick bow the ANBU left. Hiruzen swiveled his chair till he was looking out the windows and over the expanse that was Konoha. With a smile he thought, 'I hope you're ready Naruto because this will test your will and resolve to be a Shinobi.'


Naruto's Apartment

Naruto looked over the first six books that the Sandaime gave him. The first five looked like they were the beginning as the learn of Alchemy went.

1: The Laws and terms Alchemy

2: History of Alchemy

3: Layouts of Transmutation Circles

4: Knowledge of the Periodic Table of Elements

5: Basic Alchemy 101

It was the last book that confused Naruto, it had very weird looking door with symbols on it. It also was smaller book size but had more pages than the other books making it thicker. The title of the last book intrigued Naruto…..

"The tale of Edward and Alphonse Elric." Naruto murmured, with a flick of his wrist Naruto opened the last book and began to read the legendary story of the two boys that saved the world long ago.



Yeah so this is the new version, I hope that you like it, I'll try to redo the current chapters and update a new one with it. So that means Chapters 2 and 3 redone, and then add 4 for the update. Now if this is your first time reading I hope you don't get confused by the story being mixed up. I'll be fixing is as fast as I can.