Sacrifice of the Nine

By: Uzunaru999

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Grindle the Wise











Chapter 5 Summoning Part 1



All the new homunculi groaned as they woke up. Naruto asked, "Is everyone ok?" They all replied, "Yeah."

Naruto nodded, "Good now we have more work to do!" After saying that everyone noticed a few changes in the others and themselves.

Naruto was changed a lot, he grew a few inches and his hair was spiked back a little with a long pony tail. His teeth were a sharpened a bit, but not as much as known blue skinned swordsman. His face was more angular, also his muscle structure was bulkier. He also had the Ouroboros on his left hand.

Hinata only major change was that that her hair was now longer. It reached to her lower back. Her pale skin complexion had gotten a little better, close to a tan but not enough to be called one. On the right side of her neck was the celtic trinity symbol overlapping a sun. That was the virtue homunculi's mark. [1]

Anko's change was big, she had reverted in age a few years so now she was the same age as Naruto and Hinata. Her trench coat hand become a skin tight suit, one that almost caused her bust to pop out. Above said bust was the ouroboros symbol. Her hair was the same though.

Lee's change was large, literally. His body structure was totally changed, from lean compact muscles to almost unnecessary bulking boulders. But thankfully his new muscles didn't constrict his movement. His hair was now almost shaven off, like military style. On his left bicep was the same celtic trinity sign overlapping a sun.

Hiruzen's was a major change. He had regained all the years of his life that paperwork had stolen from him. He had regained his height and is hair was back to his brown healthy shine. On his left eye was the Ouroboros.

"Ok now Lee and I need to take the pills and then learn the summoning jutsu. Then Hinata, Lee and I will go to the summoning world and find a summoning clan that will let us summon them."

Naruto tossed the pill to Lee and they both took it. After that Hiruzen brought out a large scroll, larger than the forbidden scroll.

"This children is Konoha's summon finding contract. Only a few people have actually survived it. Among those people were the three sannin and myself. There were others but thats not important right now. Now Hinata, Lee, Naruto here are the hand seals."

After they had memorized them they got ready, Anko walked over to Naruto and Hinata, they were both surprised at her new age. She gave Naruto a kiss and whispered in his ear, "Stay safe and bring back a kick ass contract and I might just reward you."

Naruto got a blush at the seductive voice. Surprisingly Anko walked over to Hinata and kissed her on the cheek. Hinata almost fainted from surprise. Anko then whispered some things in Hinata's ear that made her face light up red as a tomato.

Some where in heaven Kushina Uzumaki sneezes.

Hiruzen, after getting rid of a potential nosebleed, spoke with authority, "Now I want you three back in two months, thats going to be the Academy test. Thankfully you're just going to be there for show. In my eyes you're already magnificent shinobi. So when you get back you'll get your headband and be on the same team."

The three smiled, happy that the Hokage himself said that they were shinobi already. After everything was ready the three of them did the hand signs and then disappeared in a poof of smoke.

Hiruzen looked at the remaining people: Anko, Kimblee and Kurenai. He stood up and stretched, "I don't know about you but I think its time for me to get back to training." He looks to Kurenai and Kimblee, "I want you two to scout out possible alchemist and also train with each other. Kimblee will teach Alchemy to you, while you can tell him about genjutsu."

Both Kimblee and Kurenai left. Hiruzen looks to Anko, "I want you to go and train in your new powers, also feel free to go and torture some prisoners at the I&T department." Anko smiled and left.

Hiruzen opens a his drawer and took out an old eyepatch. One that belonged to the Shodaime after his battle with Madara at the Valley of the End. Hiruzen put it on and then thought, 'It would be a good to finally spend some time with my grandson.'


Summoning Realm

Location Unknown

The three companions found themselves in a gigantic grass land. The blades of grass were the size of skyscrapers. The three nodded to each other, knowing that it was time to spit up.


The 3 homunculi turned there heads to see a see a field filled with talking totem polls. Yeah you heard me right, a talking totem polls!. On the many totems were depictions of animals that the might get to summon. The totem that spoke to them was one for reptiles. On it were dragons, lizards, turtles, alligators/crocodiles, hydras, and snakes.

Though some of them were different, the snake one was vandalized and ugly. The turtles were bright green, the type of green of a certain spandex wearing taijutsu freak.

While the others were fine, the totem spoke again.

"You three are all alined with reptiles, now come and touch my totem and I will send you to that animal's clan you go and try to gain their respect." The 3 just shrugged and decided to go with it.

Naruto went up and smiled as the Dragon on the totem glowed. Then Naruto went poof and disappeared. Next was Lee who found himself with the lizards, he to disappeared with a poof of smoke. Finally Hinata went up and was surprised when she got the Hydras.


Mountain of Dragons

Naruto was immediately on edge as he appeared in a cave filled with dragons. The dragons circled him, looking at him with curiosity. Many started growling and making ticking noises at each other.

One dragon broke from the circle, the dragon was the size of a large horse. It was pitch black and very long neck, almost serpentine. The dragon then spoke in Naruto's language.

"Greetings hatchling, my name is Dark-claw. Now I ask you, why have you come to our domain?" Some of the dragons puffed out smoke from their nostrils and scraped their claws on the stone ground. All ready to jump if Naruto shows hostility.

Naruto activated his homunculi armor, but only across his skin that was covered by his clothes. Naruto took a breath, "I am here to see if you're clan will let me be your summoner."

The dragons around him started laughing in their way. Even Dark-claw laughed. A dark red dragon stepped forward, "You think a shrimp like you would be strong enough to be our summoner? You gaki are a fool!"

More dragons laughed in mirth, but it was short lived.

Naruto quickly appeared in front of the red red dragon, slammed a armored covered fist into its face. Naruto then knock the dragon' legs out from under him and then pined it on the ground.

In less than three seconds Naruto had the red dragon on the ground holding its neck with one arm and another on its left wing. Naruto's skin fully activated and his scar arm glowing ready to activate.

Naruto grunted out, "Listen good you little runt, I came here in peace hoping to gain your respect civilly and honorably. But you had to go and insult me, now I'll ask this nicely. Please bring out King Bahamut!."

A light green colored dragon growled and roared, "You dare demand anything from us dragons! We will rip you apart!" A chorus growling and roaring as some of the dragons charged Naruto.

Naruto got mad, "You all want to act like children, so be it!" Naruto got into a stance and started fending off the dragons. A few times he used alchemy to capture dragons in cages. As much as he wanted, he couldn't kill any of the dragons. He didn't want to anger Bahamut.

A very large dragon, the size of a three story building unleashed a torrent of flame. The dragons roared in victory, but they stopped as Naruto jumped out of the flames unharmed and then slammed his fist in the big dragon's head.

The large dragons head was slammed into the stone ground, causing it to pass out. Naruto stood dramatically in front of the flames, causing some of the younger dragons to back up.

Before anymore of them could fight a deep rumbling filled the large cave. A big boom followed it, and another, out of the cave's shadows came the King of Dragons Bahamut.

The Gigantic dragon looked at the scene and growled, "What is the meaning of all the noise?" Naruto got nervous and then cursed as all the other dragons pointed at Naruto.

Bahamut lowered his head till he was eye level with young Naruto. Bahamut took a sniff and gave a low growl.

"What do you want with my clan...homunculi?" All the dragons in the cave started to shiver at the news of their opponent being immortal. They also now knew they had angered their king.

Naruto lowered his armored skin so his face was normal. "Bahamut-sama I had merely came to ask you if you would let me summon your clan. But when I asked to see you some of the others insulted me and questioned my strength. After that it became a battle, I apologize for it escalating."

The Dragon King looked on with calculating eyes, "By the looks of the number of wounded dragons I can say you have strength. But I ask you why did you not kill those that insulted you?"

"Bahamut-sama I simply saw no benefit to killing off your kin. Not to mention I don't kill unless necessary." Bahamut hummed in satisfaction. He then turned to his children and growl. "I am very disappointed in you, I expected more. Your punishment will be given on a later date."

Bahamut turned back to Naruto, "Now young hatchling I must ask for your name and also for my to see your memories to see if you are worthy of summoning my kin."

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze or you can call me Greed." The King gave a fang filled grin, 'Uzumaki eh? Well it seems our old summoner's family still lives. Now for his memories.'

Naruto felt a prodding on his mental barriers, knowing it was the King he let them down. Bahamut then went on to see all of the memories of the once human Naruto. The farther into the past we went the more angry the King became. 'Those monkeys dare hurt a child in such a way! Not even the demons of Maki do that to their children.'

Soon it was over and Bahamut nodded, "You are beyond worthy young Naruto. We will teach you in the ways of the dragon. You will become the next Dragon summoner. Now let us go deeper into the mountain."

Naruto smiled and followed the King of Dragons deep into the bowels of the gigantic mountain. As they got deeper Naruto noticed the dragons got larger. They came in all shapes, sizes and colors.

It took a an hour or two but Naruto was lead to the heart of the dragon's mountain. What he saw made his finger twitch. The room was filled with riches beyond imagining. Piles of gold, diamonds and rare artifacts filled the chamber. In Naruto's head a chibi version of himself was drooling.

"This young Naruto is the Dragon's horde. Over the centuries all of the dragons born here have gathered anything shiny they could get their claws on."

That actually caused Naruto to drool. Bahamut saw this and asked, "Are you ok Naruto-san?" Naruto wiped his mouth, "Yes, I'm fine, sorry about that. It was as Naruto wiped his mouth that Bahamut saw the Ouroboros on Naruto's hand.

Bahamut gave a thunderous chuckle, "I see now you have Greed don't you?" Naruto blushed and scratched the back of his head. "It is okay young one, after your training I'll let you take some of the treasure. It is always this when we get a summoner. Though we have not had one for about two hundred years. Now Naruto is their a time limit about being here in the summoning realm?"

Naruto nodded, "Yes I only two months and then I have to return to my village." Bahamut nodded his giant head. "Thats plenty of time for you to learn of us and our arts.

Now for the first month you will learn the many different types of dragons, and names of the most powerful ones. Besides me there are five major dragons, each a master of their own element. You will also learn about the life cycle, diet, and nature of dragons. And lets not forget how to ride one."

Naruto groaned in his head, he could feel the headache from reading the books already.

"For the second month you will learn our fighting styles and learn our arts. You will be given knowledge from our library. You will gain some dragon qualities.

Also there is a test for your duration here. You do not have to pass the test, But if you do none of the dragons will question your loyalty to the clan."

"And what is the test Bahamut-sama?" The Great dragon gave a quick roar, out of the shadows came a feminine dragon with a bundle. The dragon laid the bundle down, Bahamut nudged Naruto toward it. Naruto unwrapped the item to reveal a egg.

"This Naruto is one of mine and my mates eggs. Your test is to raise the egg so it hatches. If it does hatch you will be praised and you will become an honorary Dragon Summoner."

Naruto jaw dropped in amazement, "You're giving me one of YOUR families eggs! I don't know what to say." Bahamut grunted, "How about promising that the egg will hatch by the end of two months. I would not like to see one of my families eegs wasted."

Naruto got determination in his eyes, "I promise Bahamut-sama that this egg will produce the strongest Dragon in history!"

The Dragon King nodded, "Then take the egg and follow me I will bring you to your room. All the supplies need for taking care of a dragon egg in in there. Come."

Naruto carefully picked up the large egg and followed Bahamut till he got to his residence of the for his time in the mountain. When he got in their he saw a bed, a bathroom, a small kitchen, and a large room dedicated to taking care of an egg.

Naruto saw that there was a large furnace and other things need for keeping a strong fire. Naruto groaned for a second before a lightbulb went on in his head.

Fire seals.

Naruto quickly placed the egg in the furnace. Taking out some ink he started making the necessary seals for the furnace to stay on at all times. Along with some other seals Naruto made it a perfect incubation zone for the egg. Naruto placed some safety seals on the egg, to prevent it from gaining dirt or harmful bacteria from getting on it.

After it was all done Naruto activated the seals and watched as the seals did there work. The egg it selfs vibrated, as if the baby dragon thanked Naruto for its warm place.

Naruto sighed as he brought his bedding into the egg room. He didn't want anything going to chance, he promised to take care of the egg. And by darn he was going to do it!

Naruto gave a last smile and then thought, 'I wonder how Hinata and Lee are doing?' He then gradually went to sleep dreaming of Hinata and Anko in a ramen jacuzzi.



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