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Chapter 2

Seth POV

I froze, heart pounding against my bare chest. My step only faltered for a second though, before I was walking again, walking towards her. At the last second I stopped, not wanting to scare her I sat down instead. The emotions racing inside of me were hard to contain, but somehow I managed. Watching her helped.

She was wearing jean capri's and a pale pink blouse with cloth roses around the neckline. I watched as her slim, hour glass figure moved gracefully around the room, almost dancing. Her lips were soft, plump, and pink-I wondered briefly how it would feel to kiss those lips, but the thought disappeared when I thought how Sam might react to me kissing his kid sister. They opened in laughter-like little silver bells-revealing a perfect row of snow white teeth. She had high cheekbones that were-along with her nose-sprinkled with tiny brown freckles, brushed by thick red lashes as she looked down. I looked up slightly and my breath caught in the back of my throat, her large, almond shaped eyes-a piercing emerald that stood in stunning contrast to her caramel skin-where looking straight at me. She smiled, opening her mouth, but was interrupted by Sam.

"You," he said in a booming voice, pointing straight at me. I'd never heard him speak in such a tone and it scared me. "You imprinted on my sister."

"Dam it," I heard Collin mutter under his breath.

Stella laughed again, but ignored Collin and spoke straight to her brother. "Wow Sam, you're really slow," her soft voice was like melted honey.

So she knew I'd imprinted on her?

"You," Sam said again. This time he pointing his finger at Stella, my whole body stiffened. "You knew." Stella just nodded happily. "You knew before though, didn't you?" Stella just kept nodding.

It was Jared who spoke now. "How," he asked incredulously.

Stella frowned now and I instantly racked my brain for anything that would return that breath taking smile she'd worn just a second before. But before I could say of do anything, she turned and ran up the stairs-falu curls bouncing. She returned in record braking time with a fancy laptop, already open in her delicate hands. To my delighted surprise she sat down next to me, strumming the keyboards while she talked.

"It's in the book," she said, still frowning. "I know you don't know what I mean, but I have a copy of it here on my computer. The book shows almost everything in the world, both 'mythical'" she said, making air quotes with her slender fingers, "and non-mythical. We call it Leabhar Draiochta or the 'Magic Book' cause it's always changing with the world around us." She sounded like she was quoting someone when she said that last part. "I'm supposed to be the next keeper but they wouldn't let me take it out of Ireland." Her accent thickened when she said Ireland and I smiled.

She made kind of an annoyed pouting face at not being able to bring the book with her, then looked up to see everyone-but me-was staring at her in clear disbelief. Rolling her eyes, she sighed and turned the computer screen so everyone else could see it.

On the screen was a very complicated looking, virtual version of a very thick, very ancient book. The was labeled Seth Mikale Clearwater-Part 6 and was full of tiny, fancy print. Highlighted, bolded, and dedicated Imprintation were the names Seth Mikale Clearwater and Stella Aine Enye O'Healy.

"I originally had it on a lot of Word documents, but after I finished college I made it more artistic," Stella said after allowing time for everyone to read it.

And because there was no other way she could have known about us and she couldn't have made this whole presentation in the two minutes it took her to get her laptop, everyone believed her.

"It must have taken a long time to do," I said.

Stella nodded, not meeting my eyes and I got the feeling she was hiding something. "I had to copy it all and then translate it to English."

Everyone started to talk at once, but I couldn't really concentrate on the individual conversations while I was admiring Stella.

Then Quil said something that took me out of my awed stupor. "Wait, you finished college already? Sam said you just turned eighteen."

"Yeah," Stella said in a detached voice. "I skipped fourth, fifth, and sixth grade. And then I was born in August so I started school a year earlier than most people my age. I got my bachelors degree in computer animation, took courses through the last three summers."

Sam snorted, finally relaxing his glare on me to smirk at his sister, "Nerd."

Stella looked up, only a little more focused than she had been before, to smile brightly at her brother.

Stella POV

I was only half paying attention to the people around me, to what I was saying. At this particular moment I was surprised to find that my enormously multitasking brain was good for anything other than keeping me up at night. I was currently thinking about what Seth had asked about the trying to decide weather or not to tell them my secret, though secret wasn't very good word considering half of Ireland probably knew what I could do.

Grandmother, Desmond, Liam, and Siobhan had thrown a fit when I told them I would be going to America to meet Seth and the Cullen's, they had been thoroughly terrified that being with the Cullen's would expose me to the Volturi. Luckily Maggie, Abi, Faylinn, and Olivia all sided with me and the buzz kills were out numbered. On the day I announced my departure plans to the village-though I know it pained him-Desmond had wished me luck with Seth and I'd had almost stayed, just for him, but in the end I knew I had to leave.

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