I met her

Sophomore year of high school

We had 4th period TV Productions together

It took me a couple months to realize

We had 2nd period biology together


We didn't always get along

We actually rarely got along


We weren't friends


We had TV productions together

2nd and 3rd periods

Junior year

During sophomore year

She didn't care as much

Didn't show up to class a lot

Didn't pay attention when she did

In TV productions

She talked about drugs a lot

Cussed up a storm a lot

Talked about alcohol a lot

But then

Junior year

Tamia started to mellow out some

Slowly quit cussing

Didn't make drug references nearly as much

Still was interested in booze, though

But she obviously got into more sex

Than the year before

Got pregnant

Had a miscarriage, at least one

Finally had a healthy girl

Just after graduating

We slowly started becoming friends

Junior year

And in my senior yearbook

She admitted we'd gotten

Off on the wrong foot

When we first met

I haven't heard much from her

In the past couple months

Since we graduated

Even on Facebook

But that's OK

I hope she's fine

Sounds that way

But I hope she doesn't go down

The same road

As Kristina Snow