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Chapter 1

Ugh, she's going to kill me for sure this time.

Frank Hardy tiredly rubbed his eyes. Once again he'd been given the task of locking up, even though Frank had told himself he was going to leave early enough to get home to Callie for a decent time. He sighed as he looked at his wrist watch for what seemed like the first time. "Eleven o'clock. Just great."

After locking his office door behind him, Frank paced to his car. He knew how persistent and worrisome his fiancé could be, so he figured he'd leave a quick message before heading out.

"Hi Cal, sorry I was busy with work but I'm coming home now. Did you eat yet?" He paused waiting for her reply, knowing Callie was filling in her friend's night shift. He knew that once Callie was given a task she wouldn't let anything stand in her way until she was done. He chuckled at the thought.

"Okay, well then I'll pick up some pizzas. I'll be there in half an hour...Okay, love you too, bye."

Getting in his new BMW, he eased out into the open road. In the quiet town of Bayport there wasn't anyone in sight. He took the back road, to reach Prito's pizza restaurant faster.

Tony Prito was one of the hardy's closest friends. He had taken over his dad's business part-time. Every once in a while Frank would stop by to see his long-time friend. once at the restaurant, The aroma of pizza wafting about brought a familiar sense to Frank, reminding him of not only Tony, but of his care-free high school days.

His nostalgia was disrupted when he saw Tony hurriedly rushing out of the kitchen and to the front desk and then back again, Frank laughed to himself about how Tony, was always to be seen rushing about doing this and that. Same old Tony. Frank turned to the young cashier. "Tony's still busy as ever, huh?"

Deb smiled warmly at him and handed Frank his order, then she looked over her shoulder and called out, "Tony! Frank's here, come say hi!"

Tony caught his greeting with a smile and a quick wave before being called away to the kitchen again. Frank chuckled. "Thanks again, Deb. I'll see you tomorrow!"
He turned and began to ease his way through the crowded restaurant. Suddenly he was hit that eerie feeling that has always plagued his family.

Being watched.

He walked back to his car, climbed in and pulled out of the parking lot to head home.

Frank noticed there was a car that was travelling alongside him the whole way home. "Snap out of it, Hardy." he told himself. "It's just a car!"

Frank stopped paying attention to the car until it began to push him toward the side of the road. He tried to look at the driver, but the windows were darkly tinted.

Humph, that's totally not conspicuous at all!

Frank tried to pull ahead, but the person in the other car was just as quick and accelerated too. Now inches from his car, Frank was forced to stop and the other car came to a stop in front of him.

The driver got out and Frank saw that he was in his mid-forties. The driver waited outside the car as if expecting Frank to follow, which frank did. As soon as his was out of the car. The man closed the distance between THEM. Frank immediately tensed, but the driver only stuck his hand out.

Frank warily accepted it and felt a small pick on his hand. He shook the sensation off at first - it was late and he had probably imagined it. He was also tired and angry as to why this man had driven him off the side of the road. He wanted to hear what this was all about.

The man began to explain. "Sorry about the cars, I was just in Prito's and happened to notice you. You're Frank Hardy, right? You see I'm having some legal trouble and I thought I'd ask for your help."

Frank was trying to place the man, but had never seen him before in Bayport. Suddenly he began to feel really calm but sweaty and started to sway.

Even though it was obvious something was wrong, THE driver kept on talking, seeming not to notice that frank was having difficulty breathing.

"I-I'm sorry," frank slurred. "But um, what did you say your name was again?" His head was throbbing, his knees felt weak and HE felt as if HE WAS slowly starting to lose consciousness.

The driver finally seemed to notice his condition for
the first time and smiled widely. "Oh, Frank where are my manners? My name is..." he reached out and caught Frank as he collapsed.

The man then unlocked his car and slid Frank into the back seat.

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