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Chapter 7

Joe had barely gotten 5 hrs. of sleep last night. His eyes were a clear indicator of that. He got up and groggily made his way down stairs to get food into his hungry stomach. When he entered the kitchen he found his dad there, absent- mildly eating cereal.

"Hey, dad" His dad looked like he hadn't gotten much sleep either. His eyes were red and puffy.

"Good morning Joe" Joe was busy taking out a bowl when Laura entered the kitchen. She too didn't get much sleep.

"Laura, honey why don't you go back to sl–"Laura just gave a dismissive wave and sat down to eat.

"I'm not your enemy, Fenton; I just want to help you today." Fenton knew Laura needed something to make her feel as if she were helping. So he allowed her to man the phone. Just be searching for any signs of Frank and he would call to tell her EVERYTHING. Usually he would hide information from her to protect her. But since when had that ended how he wanted it to?

Joe just sat and watched his parents negotiate Laura's new found duties. It was a tennis match.

Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Whack.

"Fine", Fenton eventually said.

"Okay then, that's cleared up, me and dad are going to go follow up on the tire track lead thingy. Bye mom" Joe hurriedly got up from the table to go and get dressed. He wanted to leave as soon as possible. To find Frank as soon as possible. Can you say chain reaction?

"Coming." Fenton downed his remaining cereal by tipping the bowl near to his mouth. When he finished He had a milk beard. Laura snorted.


"Come here."Laura carefully wiped it off. Fenton then quickly stole a kiss and then hurried after Joe.

Two minutes later two men were rushing out the door.

"Bye Honey"

"Bye Mom"


Frank had just woken up after having a dream\nightmare. He dreamed of his family, which was anything but a nightmare. But since he couldn't contact them, It was a nightmare.

They must be so worried.

Frank checked his watch. 5:30. He would get up in 15 minutes. He thought about everything. About how he had gotten here. He suddenly remembered something and just started laughing so hard he snorted, something he got from his mom. He had remembered when he was studding forensic science they had told him how to check if a badge was real. They had also told them these code names.

U.S. Intelligence –ascott

U.N – FedEx

Any national party – gefred.

And so on. They were almost like code password things. He remembered one day when Joe had come home after receiving the same lesson. He just burst out laughing.

"Ascott?" Joe had managed between laughing so hard and tears down his face.

"Yeah, pretty stupid, huh?"

"Hell yeah. " It had looked like he had finally calmed down. But not before he just started laughing again, this time harder. "FedEx?"

Frank just couldn't resist. Their mom had found them 15 minutes later. they were on the floor clutching their stomachs tears down their face struggling to get up.

"Good times" Frank murmured. "Time to get up, today the work starts."


"Well there's not much I can tell you" he finally looked up from his papers to meet two anxious faces. One blond haired blue eyed boy. One dark haired much older man.

"These tire tracks are very expensive, I'm sure you already knew that. Um, other than that, we couldn't trace it back to anything and it's not like a Peugeot it's more like a convertible expensive." He watched as the youngest of the two men's face fell. The other older man was trying to keep his composure.

"I'm sorry." He added quickly. The two men left his room with crestfallen faces.


"I really thought that was our break." Joe said once inside the car. "We have zilch to go on now."

"I know Joe, but that's not our only lead. Con said he would follow the tire tracks and report back. There a chance." Joe only nodded.

Fenton's phone rang.

"Speak of the devil.

Hi Con.

No I didn't mean you. No you're not growing horns." A pause. Waiting.

"No? Great." He hung up.

"Joe, the tire tracks stop at a dead end. We have nothing go on."


Frank was led to what he presumed was the Computer lab. His suspicion was confirmed as two massive doors opened up to reveal row by row of computers, gadgets and little microchips. Frank was in seventh heaven.

"Hold on now, you only get to work in this little section." Frank turned to face GM.

He was pointing to a sealed off room with two computers and a bunch of wires everywhere. Without losing his awestruck composure he replied.

" That's fine too." GM chuckled.

"Glad you like it. Frank can I have a sec?"

"Yeah sure." The confrontation was a bit awkward after last night. But GM seemed genuine.

"Frank, I'm so sorry about last night. I sorry if I scared you. I just wanted you to know and to feel safe here. No one's going to touch you, alright?"

"Please don't apologize. It's not at all your fault. I understand and I trust you." There he had said. It. He did trust him. This man was very likable and trust worthy.

GM's face spread into a big smile. "Okay kiddo, come on."

For the next hour Frank was briefed on what this threat did to the Intelligence. Its past threats and what it was threating. Frank understood and said he had an idea about how to destroy it.

"This particular software was designed to protect itself from outside influences. It gets defensive and will build another wall around itself to protect it. Once this wall is built trying to take it down becomes impossible. If I can get Inside it and then take it down, it will become weaker until it will just shut down. This process can take up to two days. Straight."

"What like Two whole days straight with shifts?"

"Yes, 24 hrs. No less. I want to get back to my family before they contact you to get me back."

"Right okay, I can arrange a team for you Frank if that's what you need."

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