"So, look who's here?" asked Hikaru the next morning as the two walked in.

"Hi Hikaru," said Haruhi.

"You'll be happy to know that twins did just find last night," said Hikaru.

"That's good," said Haruhi.

Hikaru looked at Kaoru.

"Go ahead and ask Hikaru," said Kaoru.

"How was your night?" asked Hikaru.

"We had a real splash!" said Kaoru with a smirk.

"Yeah that's true," said Haruhi.

Hikaru raised an eyebrow.

"Okay," he said. "I am curious about something though."

"What?" asked Haruhi.

"Now what do we do? We have the kids, we have agreed to stay committed to each other, what's next?" asked Hikaru.

"Life I guess,' said Haruhi.

"Hmm yeah we can try that, and I think I know the perfect way to do it," said Kaoru.

"Haruhi, hey Haruhi," Haruhi hear Hikaru and Kaoru call out from the hallway outside her room.

"Hang on," said Haruhi as she put in her last earring. Just then her door opened and the two walked in each wearing a nice formal outfit.

"I said I'd e right there," said Haruhi as she stood up from her vanity table in new short black dress they had gotten her.

"Are you all ready?" asked Hikaru.

"Yeah," said Haruhi.

"Good because you've got to see the new outfits we got for Hisano and Mitsu," said Kaoru as he grabbed her hand and dragged her down the hall.

"Ta-Da," he said as he held up Hisano in a light pink dress with a matching pink headband.

"Oh she looks so cute," said Haruhi as Kaoru handed Hisano to her.

"And wait till you see Mitsu," said Kaoru as he ran across the hall to Mitsu's room and brought him out wearing a nice formal outfit similar to his and Hikaru's.

"Check it out Haruhi, the three Hitachiin men," said Kaoru proudly.

"Very cute," said Haruhi with a smile.

"Excuse me sirs, ma'am, but the photographer is here," said a maid walking up to them.

"Okay, now how did you want to do this?" asked the photographer once the group had all assembled into one of the bigger living rooms with their parents and their friends.

"Let's see, first I think we should have a picture with all seven of us and the babies," said Hikaru. "Haruhi, you sit in the middle of the couch, Kaoru and I can sit on either side, and then we'll have the Boss and Kyoya on standing next to me and then have Hunny and Mori standing next to Kaoru how about?"

"Sure," said Haruhi as she and Kaoru both sat down.

"Hikaru does this mean you're going to hold Hisano for this picture?" asked Kaoru who was still holding Mitsu.

"Yeah that's fine," said Hikaru as he took his seat next to Haruhi and Haruhi put Hisano into his lap.

"Are we going to get another picture where it has me holding my two grandchildren?" asked Tamaki.

"Probably not today Tamaki," said Haruhi.

"And what do you mean your grandchildren, I'm not sharing my grandkids with you!" said Ranka.

"Dad calm down," said Haruhi.

"Okay, everyone look this way," said the photographer to the group, "Perfect."

He went and snapped the photograph.

"Looks great, and now for the next one?" he said.

"What can't we do another one?" asked Tamaki.

"Maybe later, right now we want to do one with the parents," said Kaoru.

"But I'm Haruhi's…," Tamaki started to say.

"No you're not!" said Hikaru, Kaoru and Ranka.

Tamaki retreated to his corner.

"Oh good that will keep him occupied for right now," said Ranka, "Now where do you want me?"

"How about you stand behind Haruhi on the couch, Mom stands behind Kaoru and Dad you stand behind me?" said Hikaru.

"Sounds good to me," said Ranka as he took his place.

"Me too," said Mrs. Hitachiin as she and her husband took their spots as well.

"Okay and look this way," said the photographer, "Perfect."

He took the second photo.

"Good next," he said.

"Um can ask we do this picture again with someone else?" asked Ranka.

"Who Dad?" asked Haruhi.

"It's me isn't it?" said Tamaki happily.

"You wish," said Ranka. He walked over to his purse and pulled out a picture frame.

"I was wondering if we could do a photo in the same pose we were in just now only having me or Haruhi holding my wife's picture," he said holding up Kotoko's photograph.

"Oh of course we can Ranka," said Mrs. Hitachiin with a huge smile.

"Thank you," said Ranka as he came and stood behind Haruhi again.

"Here dear, you hold it," he said handing her the frame.

"You sure Dad?" asked Haruhi.

"Yes dear," said Ranka.

"Okay then," said Haruhi as she held her mother's photo close to her.

"Okay and look this way again," said the photographer, "Perfect."

He took the third photo.

"Good next," he said.

"Next one is going to be the last one, it's just the five of us together if that's all right," said Hikaru.

"Sure, no problem," said the parents as they all moved out of the way and Ranka took back his photo.

"Thank you for that," he said.

"No problem at all," said Mrs. Hitachiin, "She's a part of this family too."

"Okay, can I actually have you two gentlemen move in closer to the lady?" asked the photographer. Both did quickly and as they did, each took Haruhi's hand into their free one that wasn't holding their baby.

"Good, that'll work, now look this way," said the photographer, "Perfect."

He snapped the final picture.

"Good all done," he said.

"And now we have a picture of all three don't we?" said Kaoru.

"Yep, and now we'll never forget them," said Hikaru.

"Thank you again for all your hard work Ms. Fujioka," said Haruhi's client as she stood up to leave. Then she saw a photo on a book shelf.

"Oh what a lovely photo," she said.

"Thanks," said Haruhi.

"Who are the two men and the babies in there with you?" asked the client.

"And I'm very glad you agreed to be our companies major software provider Mr. Hitachiin," said Hikaru's client as he stood up to shake Hikaru's hand.

"Thank you," said Hikaru as he shook his hand. In the process the client accidently bumped a photo frame on Hikaru's desk.

"That's a nice photo, who are all these people?" he asked Hikaru.

"So Mr. Hitachiin what do you say, would you like to use our facilities for your next fashion show?" asked the curator to an arena in London.

"I think yours will work just fine for it," said Kaoru smiling.

"Perfect I was hoping you would agree," said the curator. She glanced past Kaoru and over to the wall where a nice looking photo hung.

"I say Mister Hitachiin, who's all in the photo with you?" she asked.

"Oh those people?" said Haruhi.

"The people in the picture?" said Hikaru.

"You want to know who those people are?" said Kaoru.

"It's quite simple," they all said, "That's my family, and we are really happy together."

The End.