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Previously in Saving Axel: It's been four years since the end of Saving Axel. Roxas has moved back with his birth parents, Tifa and Cloud Strife, leaving Axel behind in Twilight Town. Axel never contacted Roxas, and Roxas never contacted Axel. They've been living their own lives, and Axel thinks and misses Roxas every day, but goes about his life with a fake smile.

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Saving Roxas

Chapter 1: Four Years

Axel's POV

"Mr. Lea?" the man across from me asked. He was wearing a grey suit and his hair was slicked down onto his head making him look younger than he probably was. I sat across from him wearing a black suit myself. I was smiling politely, paying close attention because I really wanted this job, but I felt my smile was starting to look fake. Not that it was ever a real smile; hasn't been for four years, but I've always been good at faking emotions. He would have agreed with me.


"What three words would you use to describe yourself?" he asked curiously, and I thought for a moment. I would say I was an idiot, a coward, and a fool…not that I would tell a future employer that.

"I would say I'm hardworking, bold, and a team player," I lied, and he nodded, happy with that answer. It's not hard to lie about these things. Everyone knows what an employer wants to hear, so just telling them what they want to hear will land you a job, right?

"Last thing," he said while taking a sip of his coffee, "Where do you see yourself in ten years?" he asked me expectantly. If I wasn't in front of this man, I would scream out loud that I would be with him, wherever that might be. I didn't really care, I just wanted him. My dad, my birth dad, once told me that no one cares about your personal life and that a business life takes certain precedence over everything else. Having a place in the world is more important than having love in this world. It will always follow after power like a lost puppy. As much as I hate that man, it was true to an extent.

"I see myself working right below you and making this place the best in the world," I said, and he smiled widely and laughed to himself. He stood up and I did as well. We shook hands, and I grabbed my file and held it to my side.

"I'm sure I will be calling you soon, Mr. Lea," he said as he showed me to the door of his office. "You can leave those with my secretary and have a good night," he said, and I thanked him again as he shut the door. I walked up to the small desk and placed the copy of my resumé on the desk and walked toward the elevator of the building. I planned to make the rest of my day off worth it by getting some ice cream and taking a nap back at my apartment. When the doors of the elevator closed, I let my head thump on the wall of the elevator before looking at my reflection in the doors.

Tall and lanky. I guess I never really changed since high school. My hair was still obnoxiously red and in long, unruly spikes like it had been for years. I was dressed in this dumb suit I borrowed from my adoptive parentsand felt ridiculous.

When I reached the bottom floor, I walked out into the large, impressive lobby of the Sunset Hill Psychiatric Hospital. It was impressive, but the bottom floor was devoted to the (in my opinion) largest waiting room ever and a few clinic examination rooms. I went to college, I wanted to be a psychologist. A psychologist is someone who studies mental processes and human behavior by observing, interpreting, and recording how people and other animals relate to one another and the environment.

My professor once told me that the doctor has to be on the same level as their patients to truly understand how their brain is working. What I take from that is, the doctor must have as much or more issues than their patients. When I think about it, I think I would generally have more issues than anyone. My mother was a drug addict who once sold my body for a fix and then killed herself, blaming me. I also had a crazy-ass, abusive father who tried to kill me and my best friends four years ago. I have more, tons more, but I really don't want to think about that right now.

They weren't good times.

I walked into the twilight of outside where people were bustling about trying to get home for dinner. I debated getting a taxi, but I decided to walk to the train station on foot. Sometimes I need a solitary walk by myself.

I passed a few teenage girls who were singing to a song on as they shared ear buds for their iPods. It was a familiar song because I was one of the first people to ever hear it. It made me think of my very good friend, Demyx Harris.

Three years ago, he was playing at a club and some producer heard him and loved his music. He signed Demyx with a record deal, and he was currently on a tour. I felt a little bad for my other friend, Zexion, who was also Demyx's boyfriend. He wasn't one for moving around a lot, but he had to so Demyx could keep his job. Once Demyx and Zexion spent two weeks apart when Demyx was touring, but he ended up driving all the way home because he missed him too much.

"One ticket to Twilight Town, please," I told the woman behind the ticket counter.

"Lucky you, this is the last one for this hour." She smiled, punching my ticket and giving it to me.

"Thank you," I said politely before running up the busy platform to the train. I wouldn't call myself lucky, but everyone I know says I am. I curled up in the seat by the window and waited for the train to take me home. I was really tired. I moved my hand to my neck where a ring once was before I lost it. I never found it, no matter how many times I searched. No wonder I was here, and he was there. I had cursed us because I lost the symbol of our promise.


I opened the door of my apartment and closed it behind me slowly. I decided to nix getting ice cream and just get to taking a nap, or at this point, going to bed. I took the suit jacket off and loosened the tie around my neck when I paused. I heard music coming from my kitchen and walked closer to see Larxene doing the dishes in my sink while Marluxia played cards with a little girl at the table. Larxene noticed me first and waved slightly.

"You were slacking on kitchen duties," she said as she put away some plates. She didn't change much at all. She was still bitchy sometimes, but a little nicer. She was dressed in jeans and a black shirt that contrasted her hair and made the corn yellow blond of it stand out even more.

"Damnit, Xion! You cheated!" Marluxia screamed.

"Language!" I yelled, and he winced before turning in his seat to smile nervously at me. The small girl he was playing against stopped giggling and noticed I was in the room.

"Dad, you're back!"she yelled as she tackled me with a hug. I picked her up and swung her around. When I set her down, she hugged me closely. "I beat Marly fifteen times in a row at poker," she said proudly, and I laughed slightly. She was only eight years old, but she reminded me of Zexion, intelligence wise. Sometimes I thought she was smarter than me. She had short black hair and ocean blue eyes. She was dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt from Agrabah. It had been a gift from Demyx and Zexion that they picked up on his last concert there.

"Somehow, that doesn't surprise me," I said, and she ran over to the table where a large pile of money was. "Damn, why the hell were you using real money, Marly?" I asked quizzically.

"So much for language, Ax," he sneered at me. I rubbed the back of my head nervously for a minute.

"I'm her father, it's alright for me." He gawked, and Xion laughed again. "You knew she would whoop you, so you used real money?" I asked, and he huffed.

"I was feeling lucky," he said, miffed about his losses. I turned to the young girl counting up her money.

"I got $160," she said proudly.

"Honey, you'll have to give that back," I said, and she was looking about to complain. "He'll buy you $160 worth of something for you, alright?" I stressed the last part at Marluxia as he shook with anger. His reddened face was starting to compliment his hair nicely. Larxene grabbed his hand and directed him to the door.

"It was nice seeing you, Xion. Bye you two!" she called, pushing the seething Marluxia out of the apartment before he punched me.

"Thanks for babysitting!" I yelled before the door slammed shut. We stood in silence for a little bit until I turned to my right to look down at her. "You know he's sensitive, so you beat him fifteen times?" I asked, and she shrugged.

"He was making careless errors and has a terrible poker face," she explained while walking into the living room and sitting on the couch. "Did you want me to throw the games so he could keep his manly pride? No thank you," she said while turning the TV on.

"There is no doubt you're your mother's daughter," I muttered. "How's pizza sound?" I called, and she responded with a yes. I picked up my cell phone and placed the order for delivery. "Don't answer the door, come get me!" I called, saving her the entire speech I normally gave. I was tired, and she probably could recite it as well. I walked into the bathroom and splashed the cold sink water into my face before staring at my reflection as the water dripped onto my shirt.

What was wrong with me today? Normally I think of him a few times a day, but today his picture wouldn't leave my head. It was killing me! I closed my eyes and dried my face with the towel before going to my room to change. I felt hot and restricted in what I was wearing and had to change now. I went to my dresser to grab a pair of shorts when I spotted the picture of Xion, her mother, and me.

Her mother's name was Jessie. I met her working at the pizzeria, my current job until I'm hired elsewhere, and it really hit off. She had long black hair and blue eyes, like her daughter, and was just as proud and caring too. Jessie had been four years older than me, but it didn't really matter. She meant a lot to me and always will. I slipped the picture out of the frame to reveal a beat up strip of pictures that had seen better days. It was the kind you get in photo booths that I had gotten years ago with the one that I couldn't get out of my head today.

Roxas Strife.

In the first picture he looked angry, and in the rest he looked surprised. There had originally been a fourth picture, but I had foolishly given it to teenage girls hitting on me as a joke. There wasn't a day I didn't regret doing that. His blonde spikes were softer than they looked, and I always remembered how they felt under my hands. His soft skin was so pale and cold, but warm when it needed to be. His eyes… I can't even find words to describe them. Sometimes they can say a thousand words while other times it's just a big mystery. I miss him so much~

"Dad." I jolt at the sudden voice and turn around sharply to where Xion was standing in the door frame. "The pizza guy is here," she said, and I quickly hid the picture behind the other again and grabbed my wallet. I slapped my face lightly to pull my thoughts from Roxas and headed for the door to get the night's dinner.

It's my own fault that he's there and I'm here. It's my own fears that keep me in this godforsaken town.


"You need to sign this so I can go on the field trip," Xion explained as I set my coke back down onto the table.

"You're going on a field trip?" I asked, confused, while Xion sighed.

"Yes, where have you been?" she asked, and I playfully glared as I read the sheet of paper over silently. "The science museum…I remember when I went there. Boring as hell; you sure you want to go?" I asked and she nodded right as the phone rang. She got up and walked toward the nearest one.

"If it is boring, I'd rather go crazy from it than sit at school and do dumb school work," she said before she answered the phone.

"True enough," I muttered to myself, signing the paper with my name.

"Dad? It's Uncle Reno," she said simply, and I got up from my seat at the head of the table and took the phone from her.

"Go get washed so you can get to bed, alright?" I said, and she nodded, running off to get into the shower. "Hello?"

"Hey, Axel! It's been awhile. I feel like you've been avoiding me," he said in mock hurt. I leaned against the wall.

"Well, my significant other isn't one of the richest men alive, so I actually have to work for a living," I joked, and he laughed.

"Well, that jackass I call a husband still makes me work, but I normally spend my hard earned cash on shit for him; needy bitch," he grumbled. I heard a loud shout on the other end and a slam. "Damn it, I thought he wasn't in the room," he cursed. I laughed slightly.

"I hope you didn't just call so I could get you busted with Rufus. I know you two love your make-up sex, but this is low, even for you," I said jokingly.

"Ha, ha, asshole," he said sarcastically. "I actually called because I have two train tickets for Radiant Garden. You know the impossible-to-get tickets?" I froze as I stared ahead at the mention of those tickets. "I know that one friend you had moved there, and since Rufus is a dick and has to work, I was wondering if you maybe wanted to take Xion over and catch up with him? What was his name…? Roman, Roxal~"

"Roxas," I corrected distantly.

"That's it! Well, are you interested? The train leaves Saturday, and won't Xion be on break for two weeks? It's the perfect opportunity!" he advertised. I slid down the wall I was leaning against as I pictured Roxas's smile at seeing me again. How happy he would be.

Would he be happy?

Would I even be able to…look at him?

"Axel? I kind of need a decision before I end up couch bound tonight," Reno said suddenly, pulling me from my thoughts.

"S-Sure," I said, and I heard him say he would bring them over tomorrow before he hung up. I let the phone fall to the floor and I pulled my knees up to my chest and placed my head on my knees. Can I even face him? I had the power to contact him, but I didn't and I just…what if he refuses to talk to me? What if he won't even consider looking at me? I stood up slowly and hung the phone up. I went to sit on the couch, staring at the Weather Channel, but not comprehending what they were saying. My mind was going through all scenarios, each one worse than the last.

"Daddy?" I looked over to see Xion peek her head around the corner. She was dressed in grey pajama pants and a black shirt, her hair was slightly longer looking since it was wet. "You okay?" she asked, and I nodded as I got up and walked behind her to her room. It was small, but she liked it. As she told me so many times, as long as she has a bed and a desk, she was happy. I pulled the sheets down and she climbed in. I tucked her in as she got comfortable.

"Reno offered me some train tickets to Radiant Garden. We could spend your break from school there, if you want to," I said, and she nodded.

"I'd like something new. We always go to the beach anytime I'm off or on the weekends," she said, and I leaned against her bed.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Yeah," she said, turning in the sheets so she was facing me.

"Let's say there are two people in love," I said, and she nodded. "Well, one of them had to move away, but the other promised that they would be together again soon, right?" She nodded again. "The one who stayed behind never got together with the one who left; they hadn't talked at all. No mail or phone calls. They were dead to each other," I said, and she nodded hesitantly. "The one who stayed behind…is it their fault?" I asked worriedly. Xion was silent for a few minutes.

"Yes," she said, and I felt my heart break. "But not solely…it's both of their faults because the other could have tried to make contact, or even come to visit. They both share the blame," she explained, and I nodded. I stood up and fixed her sheets again and kissed her forehead. I walked toward the door and flicked off the lights.

"Good night, Xion," I said quietly.

"Night, Dad," she called back softly before I closed the door. I walked over to my room and sat on the edge of my bed.

'The blame is equal' she says. So is it both mine and Roxas's fault that we're apart? What will happen when I see him next? How will he react when he learns of Xion? How has he been? What has he been doing?

All these questions and more were running through my head as I fell asleep. The one question that was there, flashing in large letters in my head, and was there until I slipped completely into sleep.

Does he still love me the way I love him?

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