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13:00 | Friday | The Canteen

"He's just so … perfect," Gwen told him quietly as they sat in the canteen and Merlin didn't have to look over his shoulder to know who she was talking about. Lancelot had been all that she had talked about for the past month and honestly, Merlin was getting a little tired of hearing how amazing this guy was. She hadn't even exchanged three words with the guy and yet he was God in her eyes.

"You should go and talk to him," Merlin repeated for the hundredth time that week as he picked at his food.

"As if I could do that. He doesn't even know I exist, it would be a little weird if I walked up to someone like him and just started talking to him like it was a normal occurrence. So no, I won't be doing that any time soon." She fell silent and the two boys sat at the table exchanged glances. For someone who supposedly liked another so much, she didn't seem that eager about meeting him.

"Anyway-" Will started in an attempt to change the subject "-me and Gwen were thinking about going to Camelot tonight. It's a Friday night and it should be fun, want to come?"

"I wish I could but my Mum said that I had to be home tonight, apparently she has something important to tell me." He gave up with his food and sat back in his seat, "I bet it's to do with this new guy she's been seeing. I haven't even met him."

"How long have they been seeing each other?" Gwen spoke up.

"I have no idea. She mentioned him a few weeks ago and it seemed like it had been going on for quite some time. The only reason she told me was because I overheard a conversation she was having with him over the phone." A loud noise stopped him from carrying on with what he was saying and he turned in his seat to see the popular crowd were the source.

Many of them were part of the 'gang' because their family was known to have a lot of money. Their leader was the infamous Arthur Pendragon who sat at the head of the table with his sister, Morgana, sat beside him. The two of them were known for getting their way and if they wanted something, they tended to get it. They started the group in the first week of term and ever since it had grown. Merlin knew that if this was a TV show, they'd be the football players and cheerleaders of the school.

"Merlin?" Gwen broke his thoughts and he looked back at her to see her smiling.


"I don't think I'm the only one with someone to look at. Did I see you looking at A-"

"No! Don't be absurd. The day I look at that guy is the day hell freezes over. I was just thinking that people like that have too much money for their own good. Having money shouldn't mean you automatically become popular, get anything you want and get away with things that the rest of us would suffer for. That git didn't even bother doing his homework for History this morning and the teacher didn't even question him. If I'd done that, my Mother would be getting a phone call."

"Woah, calm down mate." Will smirked and took a bite out of his sandwich.

"I'm just saying that they shouldn't get special treatment," Merlin muttered and grabbed his bag from under the table. "I have to get to class. Try not to drink too much tonight, especially you Will, I don't want Gwen having to deal with you by herself."

"Me? Drink too much? Never."

Rolling his eyes, Merlin swung his bag over his shoulder and turned to leave. It was a few steps later that he accidently banged into another person who he didn't even register, instead he apologised and went on his way. His mind back on the fact that his Mother had appeared very serious when she had mentioned they had needed to talk. What could be so important that it couldn't wait until tomorrow?

15:00 | Friday | Chemistry Class

Pushing open the door to his last class of the day, Merlin took his usual seat at the back of the classroom and pulled out his notebook. It was only when he heard laughing that he glanced up to see a few people looking in his direction. Perfect, this was just how he wanted to spend his final hour of the week. Surrounded by idiots who couldn't add two numbers together even if they tried and being made fun of just because of the way he looked.

"Do you think they're so big to compensate for something?" One of them commented loud enough for Merlin to hear and he instinctively covered one of his ears. It wasn't his fault they were larger then most. His Mother had told him that it was something he'd inherited from his Father. Trying to ignore the taunting, he started doodling in his notebook. At least until a certain someone seemed to make a funnier joke since they all burst out in laughter.

What he did next wasn't planned. Merlin did it out of habit and it didn't take much thought. All he had to do was think what he wanted to happen and suddenly Arthur's chair slipped out from under him, sending him crashing to the ground. His head smacked against the ground and he was quickly surrounded with girls who asked if he was alright. Merlin on the other hand smiled inwardly. Served him right.

"Pendragon, what did I tell you about disrupting my class?" A powerful voice came from the door and everyone looked up to see their teacher stood there. It was the only teacher in the entire school who ever talked back to rich kids and for that, Merlin respected him. "Take your seats. I've prepared a surprise test to see how much you've been listening. Anyone who fails will be retaking and if they then fail a second time, after school sessions will be discussed."

"Sir, we haven't had time to revise."

"Then lets hope you've been paying close attention to what I've been saying. Take one and pass it back," he handed out sheets of paper at the front which quickly reached Merlin at the back. One look down at the paper brought a smile to Merlin's lips. The questions were easy and he'd have plenty of time to go over his answers at the end, and by the looks of it, the people who had been teasing him wouldn't be so lucky.

20:00 | Friday | Home

"I thought I told you to come straight home," Hunith said as Merlin stepped through the front door and he kicked his shoes off into the cupboard under the stairs.

"I managed to get a short shift at the shop, didn't want to miss a chance to get us some money. Would you have rather I said no?" Merlin asked and hung his bag over the chair as they went into the kitchen.

"No … of course not." His Mum sighed and pushed the hair from her face, clearly having something on her mind. "Did you have a good day at school?" He simply shrugged and sat down, finding that this day had been the longest in a while. "I guess I should just say what I wanted to say then, get right to the point."

"You do that," Merlin muttered and watched as she took a seat next to him. He knew he was being grumpy, that he shouldn't be talking to his Mother like this but all he wanted to do was go up to his room and read a book. Finish this day and move onto the next one.

"Right, well as you know I've been seeing someone lately and when I say lately, I mean for almost a year." Well that was news to him, Merlin hadn't even seen a guy around the house, which meant she met him away from home. "We've gotten pretty serious and I can imagine a future with him. He even asked me to move in with him."

"What did you say?" Merlin asked quietly.

"I said that I couldn't answer. Not until I talked to you," she reached out and gently took his hand in her own. "So, what do you think? I don't want to let this guy into our lives unless I know you'd be comfortable-"

"Do what you want Mum," he shoved her hand away easily and got to his feet. He could feel something rising inside him and Merlin knew it could only be one thing. "I'm going to Camelot to have a drink with my friends. I'll be back later. Don't wait up." Merlin was gone before another word could be said and making sure he had his wallet, he left the house. His feet picking up speed so he could reach the end of the street faster and soon enough he was in the park.

The last time he had the feeling he was currently experiencing was when his Father had left them and that had resulting in their house catching on fire. Now, whenever he felt anything close to this, he ran. His feet carried him across the land and only when he had calmed down, did he stop.

Merlin wasn't someone who was cruel to his Mother. Completely the opposite in fact. Through the years he had supported her through any relationships she had and when they fell apart, he was there to pick up the pieces. Whilst she curled up in bed, crying that she had lost the love of her life, he went to school and then to work, getting money to pay the bills that she barely acknowledged. However never before had she moved in with one of the men, which meant when this relationship fell apart, which it would, his Mother would be a wreck.

There was only so many times he could watch his Mother suffer before he let his thoughts be known. Except he knew that if she found out just how exhausted he was, how tiring it was to look after her, that she'd feel guilty and call herself a bad Mother. Which she wasn't, she just didn't know how to raise a kid properly, not on her own anyway.

So until he calmed down, he would keep running and pray that whoever she was with, didn't break her heart.

11:00 | Sunday | Home

"Now, you promise to be good right? I really like this guy and I don't want you to scare him off." Hunith said as she attempted to flatten his hair and he waved her hand away. Finding this entire situation awkward.

"I said I'd be good and I will be. I just don't see why he has to move here, why couldn't we go to his? You said he had a lot of money."

"He wanted you to feel comfortable and moving to his place would mean you wouldn't be in your usual environment. Of course, if things progress, we'll move to his. It's going to be very crowded in here with five of us and it's not a permanent arrangement."

"Wait, did you say five of us-"

Merlin was interrupted by the sound of a car pulling up and Hunith smiled happily, rushing to the door so she could greet whoever it was she was seeing. She had yet to even give Merlin a name. Sighing in frustration, he stepped forward and made his way outside, finally lying eyes on the person who had made his Mother so happy. However who he saw was the last person he ever expected to see.

"Mr Pendragon?"

"You must be Merlin," Uther smiled and held out his hand. Merlin took it without much thought as he stared at the man who covered so many magazines in the shops. The guy standing in front of him was one of the richest men in the country. What on earth was he doing stood on their driveway? "It's great to finally meet you. Hunith has told me so much about you. I look forward to getting to know you." Silence fell over them and Merlin didn't dare look at the people now getting out of the car that probably cost more then the house behind him. "Ah, I'd like you to meet my children."

No introductions were needed. Stood either side of Uther was none other then Arthur and Morgana Pendragon. "This is my Son, Arthur, and my Daughter, Morgana. I believe they go to the same school as you." Morgana gave him a warm smile in greeting and when Merlin looked over at Arthur, he saw that a not so warm smile covered his face. In fact, he looked almost angry at Merlin for something. "We should get inside. It's quite cold out here."

Hunith lead Uther inside happily and the three of them were left outside. However instead of silence following, Morgana stepped forward and brought Merlin into a hug. "It's wonderful to meet you Merlin. Our Father has told us so much about you. I was surprised when I heard you went to our school, I haven't seen you around."

"I'm sure you've seen my large ears sticking out in the crowd at some point. Your Brother seems to get much pleasure at pointing this out on a regular basis." Merlin said bitterly and if it wasn't for his phone going off, he would have no doubt gotten a snide remark in return. Turning his back to the two of them, he opened his phone and listened to his boss offer him an earlier shift due to someone falling ill. "That would be great, thank you. I'll be there in thirty minutes."

He was upstairs a few seconds later and stripped down to his boxers so he could change into something for work. As he pulled on his trousers, his bedroom door opened and Merlin did up his zipper as he laid eyes on Arthur who leant against the door frame with an amused expression on his face. "Did you want something?" Merlin asked.

"Your Mother wanted me to come get you. She insists that you join us for lunch," Arthur replied cooly and crossed his arms across his chest.

"As much as I want to join the little gathering, I have somewhere to be." Grabbing his shirt, he pulled it on and did up the buttons as he slipped his feet into some shoes. "I'm sure you can talk enough for the both of us." When Merlin went to pass Arthur, an arm shot out and blocked his way, causing Merlin to turn his head and glare at the owner of the arm. "Move."

"My Father has been looking forward to this lunch all weekend, if you think I'm going to let you just walk out of here and not tell him why, think again." Arthur gave an expression that told Merlin that he was confident that he could stop him from leaving and that idea was broken the moment Merlin ducked under his arm with ease, his feet now carrying him down the hall with haste. "Hey, big ears, wait up!"

What Arthur didn't expect was Merlin to spin on the spot and suddenly pin the boy to the wall, the element of surprise the only reason why Merlin had even managed to do so. "You may have people under your command at school, Arthur Pendragon, but under this roof, you have no power. This is my home and you are just a guest here. Next time you open that big mouth of yours and decide to insult me, don't. You have no idea who you're dealing with and in this house, I make the rules. Am I clear?"

Merlin pushed away from Arthur a moment later and dashed down the stairs two at a time, leaving a shocked Arthur leaning against the wall. He didn't give his Mother a chance to see him and as he jumped on the back of his bike, he didn't dare glance back at the place he couldn't really call home anymore. From this day forward he would have to live with the very person who made it his personal goal to taunt him every day at school and there was nothing he could do. All he could hope was that this all ended quickly.

I mean, how serious could his Mother be about Uther Pendragon?

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