In a Victorian style mansion lived a popular novelist whose stories never seizes to amaze the readers, his name was Shiroi Kumo Makenshi, he didn't have a wife because he was not attracted to women, his hormones acted up when it came to men, it had been like that since junior high, before that he was an innocent child who was loved by his parents and under his brothers' wing, but ever since he met that man things changed and his parents began to give him disgusted looks, at senior year his parents disowned him and his brother disappeared without saying anything, his uncle Cid and Aunt Miles had taken him in not wanting his life to crash and burn, but to live a life he's comfortable in.

It all started with that man, Kuroki Kaze, they were in almost every class and had been paired up as partners so many times that they had gotten to know each other, while Kumo was the schools' "nerdy emo." Kaze was the schools' football star, Kaze's grades weren't amazing so Kumo tutored him on those subjects whenever Kaze would ask, during the time they spent together the smaller s' feelings for Kaze began to form, but h knew well to keep it hidden, but the jock was like a sex god. They shared the same interests such as mythology, Greek mythology was their absolute favourite, and when it came to music they liked AFI, Panic at the Disco, Skillet and Three days Grace, they enjoyed horror and fantasy movies with the exception of some gorish movies.

One day Kaze had admitted his feelings to Kumo which at first gave him a shock but he soon grew happy telling Kaze that he had to keep his feelings hidden to avoid hatred, soon afterwards they began dating in secret but at senior year word got out and Kumo's parents disowned him, but it didn't affect Kaze cause he lives alone and has a job owning the family company, which is ironic due to the fact that it was a publisher's company in which Kumo works in.

After Cid and Miles took him in, Kumo made sure to work extra hard and still get to see his lover, during Kumo's last year of college Kaze had asked Kumo's hand in marriage which Kumo accepted gaily and began to cry, soon Kumo got a job at the company, he moved to his lovers' home and they never faced any problems.

At the present time the twenty six year old novelist sighed massaging the back of his neck, he had not slept in days since he was busy working on his coming novel, despite his age he still looked like an innocent teenager, his hair was white since birth and his green eyes sparkled like emeralds, he got up from his seat to take a nap, yes a nap would be good right now, the house was quiet, nothing can bother him now.

"Daddy we're home!" a child's voice came from downstairs.

Kumo laughed silently and went downstairs to greet his daughter and...

"Welcome home Kaze." Kumo greeted giving Kaze a kiss.

Kaze carried the little girl, an eye patch on her eye, she had pink hair and brown eyes, "How was school Ai?" Kumo asked planting a kiss on her forehead.

"Better than living on the streets." Ai shrugged.

"I've got some great news." Kaze said placing the seven year old Ai on the sofa.

"Hm? What is it?" Kumo tilted his head to the side.

"Yu is going to be out of the hospital tomorrow."

"That's wonderful."

Kumo lived a long and happy life without the need of family connections, the family that had abandoned him no longer existed to him.