Sam Uley was not a happy man; running around in the forest during a thunderstorm was not his idea of having fun. On a night like this he should have been at home spending his precious free time with his girlfriend. Yet, here he was out in the rain, searching for a stubborn girl who should have known better. Sam was definitely going to give that silly girl a piece of his mind

Three patrols later he found her in a clearing, sitting under a tree still as a statue with her head between her knees.

"Do you have any idea how many people are out looking for you mad with worry?" he shouted.

No answer. She didn't even make a move. If it wasn't for her heavy breathing Sam would have thought her asleep or even worse dead. He kneeled before her suddenly worried

"Bella, are you ok?", he asked softly, "Bella, talk to me!"

She sprung to her feet and started pacing muttering to herself. Sam was not sure whether to be relieved that she was obviously not hurt or worried about her mental state, when he realized that Bella was angry.

"He left me!", she cried furiously, "After all his promises the bastard left me for my own good!"

She turned to him without any warning, and for the first time their eyes met and time stood still. Sam was speechless, he could barely breathe. When the Elders explained the legends and talked about imprinting he didn't really believe them. It was supposed to be rare so he never gave it a second thought until this moment when he saw her eyes for the first time and realized that those old fools were completely clueless.

She was magnificent. Pacing around furiously with tear stains on her chicks and wet hair stuck on her head in a tangled mess, she was the most beautiful woman Sam had ever seen. He had no idea how long he was standing there watching her like a love sick puppy.

It was her voice that woke him.

"Sam!", she whispered shaken, "I didn't mean to worry anybody... " , her anger mysteriously gone. She may not know about the wolves or imprinting but the power touched her too.

"Let's go back, Bella.", her name like music to Sam's ears. " Do you need help?", he offered.

She stubbornly refused and Sam felt it like a punch to the stomach, but what could he do at this point. To Bella he was just an acquaintance no matter that she was his life…

They started on the way back in silence, Sam didn't want to push her more. He could see that she was close to collapsing, tired and wet and emotionally exhausted

"I 've felt for days that something was wrong" , Bella started reluctantly, "but I couldn't imagine that he would just damp me! After all his promises and vows he's leaving for my own good, he says!", her anger back in full force. "I cried for him, but now I'm angry. How dare he treat me like this? How dare he!"

If she needed to talk and Sam would not refuse her, even if he had to clench his teeth and listen about how the damn leech hurt her. He wanted, no he needed to make her feel better.

"A man who cannot keep a promise is not worth your tears, no matter how much it may hurt just now…", he offered.

It was really an effort to keep the sneering from his voice, it was a bloodsucker after all, but for Bella he would try to be neutral. Bella needed this from him and he would give her what she needed no questions asked.

"I will not cry any more", Bella's voice interrupted his thoughts, "I've wasted enough tears already! All my life I've been strong and independent….. I will be strong again!"

Despite her brave words Bella was spent. She stumbled and would have fallen if Sam wasn't fast enough to catch her. He took her in his arms, settled her head on his shoulder and continued on the way home.

He felt ridiculously proud that Bella chose to confide in him. For this brief moment he had his imprint close to his heart and she found comfort in his arms. All was right in the world.