Shopping was annoying.

That was the conclusion that Victor had come to. Jubilee had spent two hours going through outfits, trying them on, and then asking him how they looked. How should he know? Why should he care? What does it matter if the sweater matched her jeans? What's the point? What mattered is how long they would last. If they were durable, you wouldn't have to find new clothes as soon. That especially counted if all your clothes are expensive as these ones were. Why spend so much if you can get cheaper and more durable clothing? That's how Victor thought about it anyway. Apparently it was the wrong way. Not that he cared about the weak ways of thinking, even if they were 'correct.' Hell, he didn't even really need clothes. He wore them by choice.

Victor never was into streaking.

Jubilee, of course, was chattering about some nonsense. He wasn't really listening. He didn't much care about what she was saying. They were pointless words about pointless things. If this was what being around people meant, he wasn't sure he wanted to be around people. His life before hand was simple. Sniff out some prey, hunt it, kill it, eat it. Find a threat, decide whether he could kill it or whether to escape. Try to find shelter, take to a tree if nothing is available.

Tree climbing was easy for him. If you were to look at his hands, you would see that his fingernails are more like claws. He can extend and retract them and they're more than capable of digging into tree bark. Or flesh. They've even clawed through bone and rock. They were his favourite tools and his favourite weapons. He didn't like to use his fangs on people.

Human flesh didn't taste so good to him.

And with that thought, his attention was returned to his aching stomach. He hadn't had breakfast due to his companion's cooking incompetence. Not only that, but he was carrying her bags.

He was grumpy and he wanted food.

Letting out a cough, he spoke quietly but firmly. "Hey, 'cuse me. Weren't we gonna find some food?" He flashed her a semi-impatient look, frowning faintly as his stomach rumbled.

She turned back to him, blinking for a moment before her face brightens as she recalls that detail. "Oh yeah!" Smiles at him sheepishly, chuckling a little. "Sorry, sorry. I just get excited when I get t'shopping, y'know." Taking in his unimpressed look, she chuckles again, a little quieter. "Alright, alright. We'll go get burgers or something, come on." With that, she practically bounces off, leading him towards the food court as he follows grumpily, growling at anyone that gets too close.

Sitting down grumpily as he stares at the food in front of him, he gave the burger a cautious sniff, looking like a wary dog unsure if he should take an offered treat. Jubilee giggled at the display, causing his eyes to snap up, gazing into her questioningly.

"Y'just looked so cute." She explained, tilting her head in a curious expression. "What, have y'never seen a burger before?"

He rolled his eyes, replying in a quiet voice. "I have. I'm just used to eating raw meat is all." Shrugging as if this were a normal, everyday statement, he picks up his burger and takes a large bite, almost eating half of it in one go, purring out of contentment and completely unaware of her surprised and slightly disgusted expression.

"Raw meat? What do you mean, you're used to ra-" Her words halted as her eyes widen, her lips forming a slight smile and releasing a giggle. "...Did you just purr?"

Blinking, he looked up, swallowing down his food before speaking. "Yeah, so?" Looking at her with a raised, questioning eyebrow, he takes another bite of his burger, not sure why that would matter at all.

'Aww.. That's so cuuute!' was Jubilee's thoughts at this fact, extending her hand and reaching out to his hair, not even sure why she was doing so. Pulling her hand back a bit as she hears him snarl a little, she daringly places her hand on his hair and strokes it, hoping to bring about a purr from him.

Sadly, all she got was a weird look from Victor.

"...What're y'doing?" came the grumpy voice of the young man, trying to eat his burger while shooting her a weird, mystified look. "...If you're trying to make me purr.." He let out a sigh before continuing. "Please don't. I'm not a pet or a sideshow freak fer ya to amuse yerself wit'."

Finishing his little speech, he wondered why he didn't just make her stop. He should have just had her hand off but something made him stop. Maybe he just wasn't in the mood for violence. Either way, it didn't matter; she pulled back her hand quickly, looking confused and clearly about to speak.

"I wasn't thinkin' that y'are.." Frowning to herself, she looked as though she were about to continue before snapping her mouth shut and looking down at her meal, starting to eat.

They ate silently, much to both the relief and dismay of Victor.

Line Break

The idea of dragging Victor to the arcade forgotten, she lead him out of the mall, completely silent. She wasn't sure why she was trying so hard to be his friend when yesterday, she had wanted him gone. Guilt? Probably. His vulnerable, fragile appearance made her want to try harder. It played at her heartstrings and made her think he desperately needed someone, despite how resistant he may be to the idea. Seemed she had messed that idea up, though. She didn't see what the issue was with touching him. Maybe he didn't like it? She didn't get his 'pet' or 'sideshow freak' comments, either. She was a mutant too, she wouldn't treat him like that. Looking back to make sure he was following, he stopped and waited for him, Nibbling on her lip, she decided to break the silence.

"...Our ride'll be here, soon."

Not answering with words, he merely nodded to her, waiting patiently and wondering why she was so silent. Had he upset her? Well, I guess it didn't matter, at least he didn't have to put up with her chattering now.

...So, why did he find the silence between them so unsettling?

The unsettling silence reigned for close to an hour as they waited. Jubilee felt too nervous to break it, shooting Victor glances. Victor didn't care enough to break it and ignored her glances. The car rolled on by, Monet already sitting inside as Victor and Jubilee entered, sitting next to each other uncomfortably. Glancing at him, Jubilee opened her mouth to speak but snapped it shut without uttering a word, sighing softly. Hearing her sigh, he turned his gaze to her momentarily.

"What?" he asked, curious as to what she found so hard to say.

Feeling his curious, red eyes stare into her own, she almost shuddered. She didn't know why but his eyes scared her. It felt like she was standing in front of an apex-predator, one that wasn't killing her only because her squirming amused it. But what was more scary was how expressive they were. It felt like she was being sucked into his soul; somewhere dark and dangerous with an atmosphere of pain and hate.

Then she blinked and his eyes seemed completely different. The pain was there but it was overshadowed by something. Need. Desperate need, but for what, she didn't know.

Putting these thoughts aside, she stammered a reply. "I-I didn't mean t'make y-ya mad.."

Tilting his head, his expression radiated confusion, his lips twisted into a subtle frown. His voice soft and betraying his confusion, he replied. "Mad? What made y'think I'm mad?" Snorting softly, he continued. "Trust me, if I were mad, y'wouldn't wanna be 'nywhere near me."

Jubilee was saved from answering as the car stopped. Monet exited quickly and silently, again not offering him so much as a glance. Moving to grab the bags, he was surprised to find that Jubilee was already taking them.

"No need for you to do that now. See ya later!" Flashing him a cheeky smile, she rushed inside as he exited the car, looking, for the life of him, confused. Turning to his right, he looked at Sean Cassidy as he approached, listening to what the man had to say.

"Hey lad, I see y'met Jubilee. Seems you're getting on as well. Still, I reckon it's time for you t'meet the others."

His eyes widening, Victor could only think one thing.

'...Ah crap.'