Chapter 1:

Welcome to chapter 1 of my dark and twisted fic... Yes, you read correctly, Oliver and Claire. Hello, that's why it's 'dark and twisted'!

Now, this first chapter is just sorta setting the scene & stuff... But expect my weird mind to bringing up some pretty weird things!

*this idea was sort of spurred on by my writing of chapter 45 for Struggles With What's Right and What I Want… but it's NOTHING to do with that!

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Claire's POV:

What am I doing, walking into the devil's lair, so to speak? What am I doing even being in Common Grounds, after we found out what Oliver is? Why am I risking my life to do something so stupid?

Because Eve got me addicted to mocha.

That is the only reason, the stupid trivial reason why I am going into a coffee shop owned by a vampire, that seems to be the place to be for vampires trying to grab themselves a snack. They go for the ones without Protection; the ones who don't have a vampire who would probably get very angry if another vampire killed their Protectee… without their permission or whatever. That is the dangerous side of Morganville… not that vampires already aren't dangerous.

Yes, I said vampires. Unfortunately, I am not in Bellevue, I am deathly serious. In Morganville, you have to be… regarding the vampires at least. If you do one thing stupid, you could probably end up dead. Sorry, scratch that… you will end up dead.

Oliver appears to be the baddest vampire in town; Amelie may be the strongest and the ruler, but she seems to (I have only seen her the once) be lacking his ruthless streak that makes him so damned dangerous. She doesn't seem to have the strength or whatever to do what he did and fight us constantly until sunrise to try and get something that he didn't get. That's what makes coming in Common Grounds so dangerous. He could kill me for the way that I gave the book to Amelie, and none of the vampires in here would raise an eyebrow. In fact, they would probably be egging him on to kill me, so that they could get some of my blood.

I walk slowly into the coffee shop and take a deep breath as I realise that it is entirely empty. I mean, entirely. There is the barista at the counter and that is it… it is probably because it's after the lunchtime rush but before the end of classes so that the majority of the college students aren't in here yet.

As soon as I enter, I worry about my thoughts. It seems that something is trying to get inside of them, to make me think differently. I try to resist, until I don't think about it anymore. I don't register anything about the issue that occurred as soon as I entered Common Grounds

"A mocha, please," I say to the barista who smiles at me. She moves quickly to get the coffee and I realise that, with the paleness of her skin and the sparkle in her eye, that she is a vampire. Great. Is there a day when I don't have the pleasure of seeing a vampire? No, there isn't. this is Morganville; not seeing a vampire is like a priest not giving a sermon at the church –it isn't possible! Or at least it is extremely unlikely; unless they all managed to get some disease that could kill them all… now that would be pretty damned awesome!

"That's three fifty," the vampire cashier says with a smile, one that nearly pulls me in. she tries to do what Brandon did, and get me under her spell but it doesn't work. I managed to resist and she smiles again, before letting go of the attempted mind control thing. At least it wasn't Brandon; not only is he a complete prick and whatever, I am dating Shane and for him (Brandon) to try and take advantage of me now would now be cheating. Not that I would cheat or anything – I think I'm falling slightly in love with him already.

"Keep the change," I say to her, as I hand over four dollars. She shakes her head and looks towards the office door, behind which I presume the loser Oliver is, and hands me the fifty-cent coin. I smile back at her as she hands me a Styrofoam cup full of mocha. I inhale the sweet scent and smell something different in it… something extra. Oh, maybe the vampire cashier added some cinnamon or something – I mean, it's not like the place is overflowing with customers; she could probably get away with it as well, what with her being a vampire. After all, I guess she is only doing it because Eve quit as soon as she found out Oliver is a vampire – she is probably the only one who is willing to do anything for cash.

"Claire, can you come in here, please?" a silky smooth voice comes around the slightly ajar office door. There is something in my head that tells me, don't do it! It's not safe! But I ignore it; I mean, what can go wrong? It's only a man behind the door… he won't hurt me, not in a café!

So I walk towards the office door, smiling at the cashier/barista who smiles back at me with an apparently genuine smile. With a slightly shaking hand, I push the door open and reveal a sight of chaos.

There is a desk overflowing with paperwork, boxes of coffee lining the floors. The walls are covered in numbers and post-it notes and the far back wall has a map of Morganville on it, parts coloured one colour, parts another, some entirely blank.

In the middle of the room, is a hippie vampire, a man with long grey hair and wearing a tie-dye t-shirt. He turns around as he sees me entering the room and smiles at me, the motion instantly making my knees nearly collapse. He zooms over and manages to catch me before I fall, leaning me backwards as he catches me. My heart rate increases, as does my breathing speed, but it isn't because of fear… I don't know what it is.

"Claire," Oliver says my name softly, his voice sounding full of emotion. I don't know what it is, but as I take a sip of my coffee to revive myself, so that I can get out of his hands, off his knee, my head goes a little giddy. He lifts me up with him and I fall forwards into him, my head leaning against his chest.

With one finger, he lifts my chin up and stares into my eyes, an unreadable emotion in his eyes.

"Claire," he once again repeats his name with a small smile and I smile back, a reflex response. He smiles at me, now I have done this, and he then reacts in a way that I never thought possible.

He leans down and kisses my cheek softly, something erupting in my chest as he does. I drop the mocha on the floor, the coffee splashing up and covering both of our legs in brown liquid but I don't care and I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling myself closer to him.

His lips move from my cheek to my lips and they press softly against mine, making my head spin as part of me screams to get out.

He's a vampire… he's only after one thing! Your blood… he wants your blood!

But I ignore this small voice of reason in my mind as his lips press against mine, his lips firm and strong against my weak and fleshy and human ones.

I find it hard to breathe as the kiss extends itself to last too long, so he removes himself from my lips and simply makes his way down my face, leaving kiss after kiss. He ends up at my neck, his lips kissing the point where I know my pulse is at its strongest, but I don't care. I almost want him to bite me… what's wrong with me?

He kisses the point again and again and I swoon as he does it.

A vampire is kissing me and I don't care. That's sort of what worries me, the little bit in my mind at least. The rest of me doesn't care; the rest of me has forgotten Shane and is putting everything into this kissing with the bad vampire, the one that would have killed me in a heartbeat only days ago.

I feel his fangs slide down and press tiny dimples into my skin as they do so. They are cold… like his hands are, I guess. I only just noticed that he isn't the same temperature as Shane… but I prefer this temperature.

I shut my eyes as I wait for his fangs to pierce my skin, to start drinking my blood.

As long as he doesn't kill me.

I wait for him to do it and finally, he does. As he does, I feel a release of pressure almost… as if this is what I have been waiting for.

I let out a small gasp as I feel the blood leaving my body slowly… mmmm….

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