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"So I saw Jake today," I started as I sat down on the edge of our jacuzzi tub that was now being occupied by Alice. "I know it's been a month since we broke up but gosh I don't know."

"He was a really hot guy," Alice commented with her eyes closed trying to enjoy the warm water.

I laughed and splashed the water lightly. "That he was but he needs to focus on school. We both agreed on that."

"Then why do you seem so down about it?" Alice asked not skipping a beat.

"We dated for almost a year Ali, it bothers me that I'm totally fine with it. I feel guilty that when I ran into him on the street and I didn't feel one spark of anything when it was clear that he missed me." I told her in a small voice.

"It just means you're over him," Alice shrugged picking up her luffa. "You dig too deep into it."

I sighed and nodded. "I came in here to ask you what you wanted for dinner."

Alice laughed, "Anything with some red wine besides you're the chief of Brio's downtown. You should be the one making the menu."

"I've been off for two weeks, I think I'm losing my touch!" I joked putting a hand to my forehead. "How about a beef marsala with roasted potatoes and caramelized onions and carrots?"

"Now that sounds like a dinner," Ali smiled resting her head against the edge of the tub. "Give me fifteen and I'll help you."

"Just relax, I need to clear my head. Cooking will help, I'll call you when it's done." With that I walked out of the bathroom and headed to my office.

I opened our wine so it could breathe and I could have a few sips as I cooked, while I turned CD player one. Adele's voice filled the kitchen with One and Only as I chopped the potatoes before putting them in the oven as I started on my marsala sauce. I swayed my hips and hummed along to music, getting in the zone. The aroma of the kitchen engulfed me and I was so taken over by the sensation of cooking I never noticed Ali taking a seat on the nearest barstool.

"So is this what happens behind those closed doors?" she teased stealing a sip of my wine.

"I am much more professional I can assure you," I smiled messing up her wet black hair. "How was work?"

Ali went on about her business as I finished up dinner, plating it in an artful way before we ended up sitting in front TV watching a rerun of Friends. We chatted about our day, Alice talking about her stressful day at work which is always more grueling than mine. We both have to work very hard to maintain our risky upscale living here in NYC because my parents certainly can't help and Alice's parents cut her off since her sophomore year in high school to teach her a lesson, but last time I talked to Mrs. Brandon Alice has a very nice birthday present this year.

"So how was your lunch date today?" I asked genuinely curious about this new girl Alice met at work.

Alice almost seemed bashful with her answer. "It was very nice, she's a great girl. Her voice is so silky and she's a model for the company so she's almost perfect, so gorgeous. Lunch went great but I don't think it'll work out since we are both big in the company."

"You should go for it, you haven't had someone for almost a year and a half now." I nudged her shoulder.

"I had Natalie, and Victoria for a while thank you very much." Alice sputtered aware of recent lack in commitment.

"Oh okay," I giggled before she tossed a small pillow at me.

I gasped and laughed reaching to throw it back before my phone started ringing. It was an unknown number and Alice grabbed it before me with her catlike reflexes.

"Hello this is Sexy Isabella Swan's phone, how can she please you?" Alice answered with a assistant's voice.

"Alice!" I hissed as I grabbed the phone. "Hello?"

A gorgeous musical chuckle filled the other end. "Bella? It's Edward, we met at in the Village today?"

"Edward, hi." I greeted in surprise I didn't think he would've actually called me. "Sorry that was my roommate Alice."

"She seems like a lot of fun," his tone light. "I was wondering if you wanted to go out for coffee tomorrow morning?"

I bit my lip and laughed while throwing a pillow at Alice who was making kissing faces. "Sure, around nine?" I asked.

"That would be great," he agreed telling me the name of the coffee shop in the Village we could meet at.

Hanging up I bit my lip and smiled. "I have a coffee date tomorrow."

Alice giggled and took another sip of wine. "Are you sure about this one?"

I shook my head. "Am I ever? I just want one date to clear my head with a gorgeous stranger."

"Sounds like a plan, we can hit the gym after that then. Remember we still have our workout plans." She chimed with an evil smile as I groaned.

"Can't I take a break?" I complained.

"You said that last week, and I was lenient enough to grant it. Not this week ma'am. Besides what happened to the freshman I met in college when the only thing was keeping in shape for the next ballet audition?"

"That freshman changed her major," I laughed. "I'm a complete klutz when I'm not dancing, it's just embarrassing. I tripped in front of everyone at the last audition!"

Ali rolled her eyes at me. "Tomorrow eleven o'clock, you meet me at the gym or I will hunt you down and make you suffer Isabella Swan. Besides I'm going to need information about this gorgeous stranger. Promise me though," Alice went serious suddenly. "You'll keep your options open."

"I always do," I smiled taking our plates into the kitchen to clean up.

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