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Worth more than my life

Chapter 1

"I'm home!" I call out to the empty living room a bit cautiously. I can hear the power drill in the kitchen come to an abrupt halt and the pounding of large feet on the stairs. I brace my self for impact.

"DANNY" all I see is a blue blur and the next instant I'm being showered with kisses over every inch of my face.

"Hi mom" I manage to get in between pecks. Almost imminently I'm yanked away right in to a bear hug big enough to put grizzles to shame.

"Dad I can't breathe" I tried to shout, unfortunately my head was stuffed so far into his orange jumpsuit it sounded more like

"Muh ma ban beff" fortunately mom got him to let go before I died a horrible orange death. I turned to see Jazz standing in the middle of the living room.

"Hey baby brother still haven't grown an inch I see" she taunted. she was right. She had gotten dad's height (not his width, thank god) while I hade received mom's. She never let me live that down.

"Hey Jazz your still as flat chested as ever" I sneered. we glare at each other for a few tense seconds before we burst out laughing and give each other a warm normal hug. This back and forth had become almost tradition since I had first visited home from college.

Jazz has her own apartment in the city but she's here almost every time I come. She says it's just to keep mom and dad out of trouble but I think she just gets lonely sometimes. I often wish I could come home for a hug from my parents when ever I was feeling bad but that's not possible with me going to college two states away. I could just go ghost and fly here but that would be really hard to explain to my parents how I could afford so many plane tickets.

"Go hang up your coat and put your bag away dinner will be ready in just a few minuets." mom Ordered as she headed back toward the kitchen. On my way up the stairs I pause to take in the green and red decorations, the gorgeous tree hidden under a ton of gaudy ornaments and the candies laid out on the table. I felt more at home then I did when I lived here.

When I made it to the guest room (my old room, Jazz still stays in hers when she visits) I noticed that the air mattress had been blown up and sat in the corner across from the bed ready to be slept in. no one had mentioned that there would be another guest over for the Christmas holiday.

I rack brain trying to figure out who I know I knew who wasn't already busy this holiday. Sam was meeting her soon to be in-laws somewhere on the other side of the city. Tucker was attending some kind of convention in England. Jazz would never bring a friend home and we didn't really have any family friends. The only person even close would never stoop to sleeping on an air mattress in a shared room just to piss me off.

I drop my bags and head down stairs. I figure it would be a lot easier if I just asked my parents who I would be sharing a room with over winter break.

When I enter the kitchen Mom is dishing out some kind of casserole and laughing at something dad had said. Dad was sitting at the table shouting obnoxiously and waving his arms all over the place. Jazz is standing out of dad's way tossing a salad by the sink and pretending she didn't find what ever they were talking about funny though her twitching eyebrow and the small tremble in her lips gave her away.

It was entirely normal or as normal as my family can get.

"Hey Mom, who's the air mattress for?" I ask as I go to take my seat at the table. Mom sits down at the table and gives dad an exasperated glance before she answers.

"Sorry I didn't tell you honey. Your dad invited Vlad over for the holiday and forgot to tell me until just this morning. I hope you don't mind sharing a room for the next few weeks." With that one sentence all of my holiday spirit died a tragic death. It turns out that I was wrong about the level Vlad would stoop just to piss me off.

A year or so back Vlad had stopped trying to kill my dad and he hadn't said anything about my stealing mom in even longer. It wasn't like he had grow a heart and gone good. We still fought. I think that it's more out of boredom and spite now. He still shows up every now and then with a new plot or just to pick a fight. As far as I can tell his new goal in life is to make mine a nightmare.

I'm not so sure I'm going to make it the week and a half until Christmas sharing a room with the man I've had a crush on for years. I doubt I could keep my infatuation a secret in such close quarters.

I figured out I was gay at the beginning of my senior year. Sam and I had broken up during the summer. She could tell I wasn't as devoted to the relationship as I was when we had first started to go out and she felt the same. There were no hard feelings over the split and we're just as close now as we were when we were only friends. She made a joke once about how I found it so easy to tell my parents that I'm gay but I still can't tell them I'm half ghost.

I couldn't say when I discovered my feelings for Vlad. Sometime I think I fell for him before I figured out I was gay. Lately I've even begun to have dreams about him. Some of them are sexual but most are just comfortable.

"Where is that man anyway?" mom interrupted my embarrassing thoughts

"He said he would be here by dinner time." Almost as if her words had summoned him it was at that exact moment Vlad arrived. Not by the front door like any normal human being. He didn't ring the door bell and he didn't come through the living room. He's much to dramatic for something like that. My ghost sense told me Plasmius had arrived through the portal below us.

It's a bit of a cliff hanger but the chapter would be far too long if I continue.

I haven't finished writing the whole story so it could be a while between updates.