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Worth more than my life

Chapter 4

It had taken an embarrassingly long time for us to break our impromptu group hug and just a while longer for me to calm down enough to engage in any sort of conversation. Jazz had only told them that I was a halfa and that I had been since I was fourteen. They didn't know anything other than that except for what they could infer from what they had seen over the years.

We sat there for a long while as I told my side of the story. We sat in a dark and worrying atmosphere for all of three minutes before we all ended up laughing are asses off. The stories from back then were just too funny looking back now to keep any sort of somber attitude. I notice Mom stop laughing and for a moment look thoughtful.

"There's one thing that doesn't really make sense. I don't remember Vlad getting any were near the ghost portal until long after we met Plasmius. Well, except that time in college… "The realization dawns on her face as she speaks followed immediately by horror. She looked afraid to ask so I just answered the unspoken question.

"Yeah, that's what he said happened." I didn't elaborate I figured I should let Vlad share his secrets when and if he felt like it.

"I don't get it. What about happened to Vlad? What's that about college?" Dad still looked confused and was the only one out of the loop yet again. Mom gave him a little smile then looked over to me and Jazz

"Why don't you two go eat your dinner I need to talk to your father for a minute" she said softly, a sad little smile on her face. Jazz quietly moved into the kitchen. For a second I almost followed her but I remember the man injured a floor above me.

"I just going check on Vlad." I turn to walk up the stairs. I'm half way up when mom calls up to me that she'll bring me something to eat later. I just nod at her; my mind was already on Vlad. I hesitate at the door for some reason afraid to look inside. I shake my head and scold myself for being so childish and open the door. He looks more relaxed then I've ever seen him. His mouth is slightly open and his hair had fallen out of its constant ponytail. A few strands had fallen over his eyes. He looked beautiful.

For a second I allow myself to pretend he was just sleeping. When he winces the illusion is shattered and I feel a smile I hadn't noticed was there fall from my face. I pulled the desk chair over to his side and finally let myself relax for the first time in what felt like hours. No more panicking, no more stressing, just watching over Vlad until he felt well enough to leave. I look down on him one more time and it finally hits me.

"You saved my life." It's a small shocked whisper. I can barely believe my own words. I franticly run the events of the last hour through my mind. He had not only saved me he had almost literally took a bullet for me. I just didn't understand. I had known for years that he would never try to really kill me but I also knew he hated me. Why he would risk his life I really couldn't understand. For a second I wondered if it could have been an accident but I couldn't figure out how he could have gotten to the other side of the room if it wasn't on purpose. All of a sudden I need Vlad to be awake. I needed him to answer this rush of questions I had for him. I needed to know what he had been thinking.

What felt like moments after my realization small knock on the door draws me out of my thoughts, thoughts I could hardly recall almost immediately afterward. I glance at the clock and notice an hour and a half had passed. I call out for them to enter at the same time. Mom peaks around the door as if to be sure she wasn't interrupting. Her unnecessary caution made me smile a little as I waved her in. I noticed she carried an overfull plate of food. I thanked her but I couldn't muster my appetite. She handed the plate over to me; I stood to set it on the desk. When I turned back I found her standing next to the head of the bed stroking his hair back and staring at his face sadly.

"How is he doing?" she spoke in an almost inaudible whisper. As embarrassed as I am to admit it I had to fight back an irrational surge of jealousy before I answered.

"He'll live. It might take a few days for him to wake up though." I whisper my answer just a little louder then Mom had spoken. She leans against the wall by his head as I take my seat again.

"I don't think I've ever been so glad to see one of our inventions fail." She lets out a little laugh at his comment. I just shake my head.

"The ghost reaper works fine. I've borrowed it a few times. It carves basket ball sized holes out of ghosts with no effort. It's kinda gross really. The only reason both me and Vlad are alive right now is because he's only half ghost. His human side protected him enough that the beam didn't pierce his body but judging by the size of the burn on his back, his ghost from probably has a good sized chunk missing." As I spoke I noticed Mom narrow her eyes at me when I motioned barrowing the weapon but before she could call me out on it a new thought seem to distract her.

"How is he going to heal? I mean, how do ghosts heal?"

"They don't. They regenerate. It's why I can wear the same jumpsuit for five years without it falling to shreds. If a ghost is left long enough they could re-grow a limb. We couldn't do that. But as soon as that burn heals he can turn back to a ghost without any problems"

"What happens if he tries to change before then?"

"If he tries to change now he would pass out again. If he waits long enough he would stay conscious but the pain would be agonizing. All he would really do is aggravate his wound. If he pushed to hard it could kill him."

"Would he become a full ghost if he died?" I know it sounded kind of heartless but mom was still a scientist and she still thought like one. I was just glad she wasn't taking notes and measurements. I don't think it even crossed her mind that he would actually die.

"We're the only halfas in existence and since neither of us has died yet there's no way to know. But my guess is if we died in our like this we might become full ghost but if we die in our ghost form we're probably out of luck." Talking about it always made me uncomfortable but being half ghost meant the subject came up often. I guess it must have shown on my face some.

"Well let's just hope we never have to find out." she pushed off the wall, leaned down, gave my shoulders a little squeeze, and kissed my forehead. She may be a scientist but a mom's still a mom. I should have trusted in that years ago and avoided this whole ordeal. We exchanged small smiles before she turned toward the door. She had one foot out the door before she turned back around

"I do have one more question before I leave you two alone." She seemed very amused with the way she chose to word that. Though her mirth made me a little anxious I figured her question couldn't possibly be that bad.

"Shoot" I swiveled the chair to face Mom, giving her my full attention.

"How long have you been in love with him?" I was wrong. It was worse than I could have imagined.

"Mom!" I'm ashamed say I squeaked a little. I must have looked horrified. She gave a little huff before elaborating.

"Don't give me that look. I know you. You remember your little crush on Sam. I could tell the first time you brought her home. It only took me so long to figure out it out cause I wasn't looking for it this time." She was babbling. She had turned back to the room and was leaning against the door frame.

"I don't! I mean we aren't….I just…it, it doesn't matter." I look away. I really didn't want to have this conversation.

"He cares for you. You have to know that at least "I figured she was talking about what had happened downstairs. I don't answer, I just stare at my feet and hopes she'll drop it soon. I hadn't even let myself contemplate what his actions meant. I couldn't even image why after over 6 years of hating my guts he would do what he had done for me. I would not assume. I would not get my hopes up. I would not let Vlad out of this room until he answered all of my questions.

"You be sure to get some sleep. Your father set up that air mattress for a reason you know." I carefully stifle a sigh of relief, grateful she chose to change the subject.

"I know. I love you mom. goodnight." After Mom had left I gathered my things and headed to the bathroom to change and get ready for bed. Even if he was unconscious I still didn't want to change in the same room as Vlad. It was still a little early but I had nothing to do for the rest of the night except think and I was trying to avoid too much of that at the moment.

I didn't fall asleep till sometime in the early morning.

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