Ch. 1


When we finally exited off of highway we couldn't contain it any longer. I'm just glad that we had the windows up. We had to stop screaming when I swerved into the other lane and got a honk from another car.

Our apartment was only fifteen minutes away from the exit, with the traffic it took thirty. We were so absorbed in our surroundings when we arrived didn't even notice the bell man who was making his way towards my door.

When he knocked we both jumped and laughed at our reactions. I turned and my eyes went wide when I say the bell man, and the vault waiting for us to exit the car. I turned to Rose who had a worried look on her face.

"What is this?" I screeched.

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry! I didn't tell you sooner because I just knew you would react like this! My dad only agreed to letting us go if they paided for our apartment until we both got settled in." she came back at me with.

"I know that, but come on Rose. This isn't what you could have possibly thought I meant when I agreed!"I huffed out a big breath of air.

"I know Bella, but let's just go in and see how it is. I mean it can't hurt for them to pay for a little. I mean were young and we need to live our lives in this city before we have to worry about work and school for a little while." She was really milking the cow on this one.

I couldn't deny that it would be nice to enjoy the city for a little bit before I had to worry about work and school, but that's why I wanted to move to this city.

A lot of my life I just had things handed to me because of my dad and his family. I learned from my mom and her side of the family how to work hard for my earnings. So I thought that maybe we could go in and see how it was and try to find out how much a month it was.

"Okay, well just take it day by day right now." I told her and her face lite up at the prospect of the idea. I open the door and to be greeted by an older darked skin gentleman by the name of Mike.

"Hello young ladies and what brings you to The Ravines today?" Mike asked after introducing himself.

"Were moving in" Yelled Rose her voice full of excitement.

"Oh, you two are the Hale girls, I presume?" he asked.

We both nodded eagerly. He chuckled at our expressions and said "Oh what it is to be young..." he responded dreamily.

"I'm Bella" I said sticking out my hand "and this here is my sister Rose!" I finished off while she stuck her hand out to be shuck. He shuck both of our hands with a smile on his face.

"Well you young ladies must be quiet excited." He chuckled. "Okay," Mike started out, "Well Eric here will take your boxes and bags up to your room. It was a pleasure meeting you two and I will be seeing you quite often." He smiled while holding open the front door to The Ravines for us.

When you walked through the door you came to a huge bright room. The floor was marble, the vases were obviously the best crystal out there. The paintings just had to be originals. There was no way a place like this would put up fake art work.

I turned to Rose and said "What have you done? I feel like I'm in another world."

She looked just as stunned as I felt. I knew she wasn't expecting this either. "Wow…" she huffed out finally.

We heard a throat clear and we saw a mild age bald man standing behind the counter. We turned our attention to him and made our way over to the counter. He was obviously enjoying the way Rose strutted her stuff a little too much because he took him a couple blinks and a throat clear for him to come back to us.

Another thing I'm jealous of her about, she has been in the car for 8 or so hours and she can still make a man forget how to breathe. Bullshit.

"How may I help you two?" He asked me not daring a look in Rose's direction. "Well were the Hale's" I responded to his question. "Ah yes, the Hale's," he began "I'm pleased to finally meet you two, your dad has been calling for the past month straight to make sure that we make this the best apartment for the two of you" He finished.

I couldn't believe it, but I should have known knowing Mr. Hale. If the Hales did anything they did it to the best of their ability. He handed us both a set of keys, one being for our mailbox and one for our apartment.

We nearly sprinted to the elevators when he yelled "12th floor girls."

When we finally got into the elevator and the doors finally closed we squealed like school girls yet again. We noticed that the button for the 12th floor was just below a button for the penthouse. I just rolled my eyes and made a mental note to take care of this later.

When we finally made it two the 12th floor we both exited the elevator slowly. We had apartment 56B, we turned left and made our way down to the hall. There on the right just 15 steps after you get out of the elevator was the doors.

I knew being two doors that I was going to be rolling my eyes a lot more than usual. I stayed back as Rose put her key into the door and opened. My breath left my body before I could respond, I thought I was going to faint.

It was probably the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The room alone was amazing. The windows were in the perfect place letting the perfect amount of sun into the room with the perfect setting. It was perfect.

I walked in all the way when I was sure I wasn't going to fall over. Rose closed the doors behind me. "Wow…" was all she said.

That's probably all she could say and I wouldn't be surprised. I finally sprinted off towards the rooms and dropped my bag. I knew that whoever got to the rooms first got first pick.

I made it first, of course. Not only was Rose in heels, I was in flops. I don't even think Rose owned a pair of flip flops. When she finally made it she just stood right next to me just as still. I was in awe

. The room straight ahead of me had an off white pink paint on the walls, with a round bed in the middle with a hot pink down comforter. There were only a few decorative pillows but just the right amount for the bed, because the bed alone was the show. I knew right then and there that was Jen's.

I turned to her fast and she broke out into a huge smile. I knew she would love it, so it turned out whatever room was to my right was going to be mine.

I turned and couldn't pick my jaw up off the grown. I had a scarlet red comforter with at least 100 decorative pillows. All containing the colors brown orange and green. The other objects in my room match to those colors in one way or the other. There was everything to patterns to nothing but that color on an object but it was there.

I smiled because this was perfect. This was me. My closet was big, not as big as Rose's walk in but that was okay. I got the huge bathroom. Rose loved her clothes and I loved my pampering. There was everything from a sauna to a jazzcuise hot tub bath.

I was very astonished at how much I loved this apartment. I knew that it would be nice but I didn't think it would be anything like this.

I ran over to Rose's room to admire it a little more. It was just a little over ten when we realized that we hadn't eaten since breakfast that morning. So we decide with it being a Friday and with us needing no time to get ready to go out for dinner and see where that leads.

I went in to change and I decided on a dark blue on shouldered dress. There was a bunch of material gathered on the right shoulder, I choice gray Christian Louboutin shoes, silver metal clutch, jewelry. I curled my hair then pinned it up. Sprit some perfume on myself and went to see if Rose was ready.

Rose was wearing a black tight dress. It have a strap around the neck and some around her shoulders. She was also wearing red Christian Louboutin I have never seen before.

"Where did you get those?" I asked while pointing at her magnificent shoes. She laughed when she said "Daddy's going away present." I rolled my eyes but couldn't say anything since I got a car from my dad.

We made our way downstairs when we stopped at the door to ask Mike what was the best places to eat in town. He said "The Heaven is the hottest restaurant in town right now. It has a bar while you wait also." He added the last part with a wink.

We giggled and thank him after we asked for directions. The restaurant was only a few blocks away so we decided to walk. It was Seattle after all. I knew that Rose was just freezing her ass off.

I asked her if she was okay and she kept saying she was fine but I swear I saw her shivering. We finally made it to the restaurant and it was packed. After managing to squeeze our way through the swarms of beautiful people, we approached a black granite counter.

A beautiful woman with curly red hair was wearing a low cut dress. She asked us for our names and sort of grimaced when we talked. Bitch. She told us it would be a 45 minute wait so we made our way over to the bar. We found two seats at the bar and sat down. The bartender asked for our ids and then our drink order. We both ordered a vodka and tonic. Finally 5 drinks later, we were called for our table.

We were extremely giggly on the way to our table causing some stares. When I sat down I finally let myself take in the surroundings. The whole place was in light blue, dark blue, white, and silver. It was beautiful, white crystal chandlers hanging from the ceiling. One wall was all glass with booths along it. I looked at the floor and didn't know how I managed to walk on it.

It was so beautiful and looked like if I stepped in it I would fall into a bath of melted silver. As I looked around I noticed, every single person in here was beautiful. It was almost sickening. All the girls were stick thin, with the guys all wearing million dollar smiles. We were handed our menus and began to pick our choices. We laughed and giggled while we enjoyed the scenery.

We were waiting for our waters (we thought we should slow down if we wanted to make it through the night) when there was a commotion between two guys at the bar. This surprised me, because this place didn't look like it would have such things as 'bar fights'? Everyone turned to look at what the commotion was. The waiter returning with our drinks wasn't paying attention though and walked straight into another waiter. When they hit everything happened in slow motion. Thank god we were drinking clear drinks. The drinks went all over our laps. We both gasped in surprise of the coldness. The waiters both began apologizing profusely saying how sorry they were.

I could tell by the way Rose wasn't talking that she was extremely pissed. So I had to take matters into my own hands. I tried telling them that it was okay, as Rose shoot me a dirty glare.

A manager happened to be running up to the fight at the bar when he noticed us. He started to make his way over to us with a look of annoyance. He approached us with a very professional attitude. "Everything oka…" His question dropped when he saw our attire. He turned a sharp gaze to the waiters who ran off like frightened little boys. The manager turned back to us and had a small smile on his face. "I 'm extremely sorry about this lady's. As you may know that we have a spa connected to this restaurant, with that being said I am going to treat you ladies to the works while we get your clothes dry cleaned and your meal and all your drinks are on the house tonight." He said while moitioning us to get up and follow him up a flight of stairs.

We followed him up the first flight and he took a right. He went through the 3rd door on the left and motioned for us to sit down. He said "Mr. Cullen will be right with you." He said while closing the door. The room was a decent sized room with a couch and love seat, coffee table, TV, desk with a computer and all the works. We both sat down on the couch not knowing what to expect. About five minutes later, a large brawny man walked in. He had dark curly hair with striking blue eyes. He took one glance at me, but when he say Rosalie all attend was on her. Of fucking course.

"Ladies," he said "My name is Emmett Cullen."

He said it as if we should know who he is. I've never heard of him and by the look on Rose's face I would say she didn't either.

"I'm Bella, and this is Rose" I said jamming my thumb against her. She chuckled, what the fuck.

He frowned "Are you okay Rose? Are you cold? I'll just hurry along then."

"N-n-n-ooo I'm okay." She stuttered. I rolled my eyes, here comes Miss Actress herself.

"Well I'll hurry. I do apologize about what happened here tonight. I would love to give you a whole day tomorrow at our day spa. I'll take care of everything here tonight. I have my stylist on her way with a few choice selections for you guys."

"That's not nessacary I a sure you, and please don't do anything to the waiters either it was a complete accident."

He started chuckling at me, "Oh, ma'am please don't worry about the waiters. I will take care of them but not to the extreme I was going to because of your asking." He smiled a sweet smile at me and Rose. "As for the outfits, you'll change, we'll get them cleaned and delivered to your places tomorrow morning." He explained.

I was completely shocked silent. I didn't know what to say because he didn't seem like he was taking no for an answer. Rose and I both nodded.

"For dinner, please join us. I would love to spend more time with you both?" He asked.

We both just nodded still not being about to say a complete sentence.

"Okay, I'll leave you both to change and wait for to arrive. There are robes in the bathroom in the back and you both may use it. I'll be back at 11:30."

"Uh…thank you so much Emmett, really." I was suddenly able to find my voice as he began to rise.

"No it's my apologizes you must except Bella. I will see you ladies when I return to get you at 11:30."

We both sat there watching him leave the room. I turned towards Rose, seeing how she was taking this. She was starting dreamy eyed at the door.

"Bella, I think I'm in love…"