Lips of an Angel

A/N- I haven't seen the episode but I saw a clip in a premiere from GA and it was of Cristina & Owen, from what I gathered it seemed she'd had an abortion without telling him, so this is the consequences of that…

The italic parts are the song that the fic is based on, 'Lips of an Angel' by Hinder.

Enjoy =]

Honey, why you calling me, so late? Its kinda hard to talk right now.

When his cell vibrated on the bedside table Owen was lying in bed with his wife, his wife who he wouldn't speak to at this moment in time. She was fast asleep and he snatched the phone quickly so it wouldn't wake her, it would be work, it was always work.

With a sigh he climbed out of bed and answered the phone, "Hello." He said quietly as he stepped out into the conjoined living/kitchen area and sat down on the sofa.

"Owen." A soft familiar voice whispered.

"Teddy?" Owen asked, surprised that she was calling him at…he glanced at the clock on the wall, 12.30am.

"I need to talk to someone right now." Teddy said quietly, he wondered why she was so quiet, she lived alone, she had no-one to wake up.

Immediately Owen was worried for his friend, "Whats wrong?" He asked, glancing into the bedroom to make sure Cristina was still asleep, she was.

"Its about Tommy." She said, her voice still quiet.

Honey, why you crying? Is everything OK?

For the first time Owen heard the tears in her voice. Tommy, her brother? He was in the army, they'd joined at the same time, her and her twin brother.

"Is he alright?" Owen asked, heart pounding in his chest as he dreaded to hear what the answer would be.

"I don't know." Teddy replied, "He's hurt."

"In an accident?"

"Yes, in Libya." Teddy answered, she sounded broken.

"Do you need me to come to your apartment?" He asked, already putting on his pants that were lying on the couch from last night.

"No, Owen, you don't need to do that-" She began to protest.

Owen pulled a t-shirt over his head and slipped his shoes on, "I'll be there Teddy, you were there for me when Andrew died." He said, referring to one of his best friends who had died in an explosion in Afghanistan.

I gotta whisper cause I can't be too loud.

"But Owen, Cristina-"

"Cristina doesn't need me." He said, in a hurt whisper. He was tempted to add, 'and doesn't want me' but he didn't, he just grabbed his jacket and keys and left. Leaving Cristina in bed, alone, fast asleep.

Well, my girls in, the next room.


"I'm on my way Teddy." He said, on a final note, he hung up his phone as he got to the bottom of the stairs and got into his car, he started the engine and looked up to the bedroom window, it was still in darkness, she was still asleep.

Sometimes I wish she was you. I guess we never really moved on.

As he drove Owen thought about Teddy, about the time they had spent in Afghanistan, about the feelings he'd had for her, how much he'd wanted her back then, when he was with Beth. It had been wrong, he should never have cheated on Beth…but he had. He and Teddy…well more had happened between them than Cristina knew, than Cristina would ever knew.

It was why he didn't like the fact they worked in such close proximity, sometimes Owen didn't trust himself, he loved Cristina so much, but he had so much desire for Teddy and in times like this when Cristina did things like this and said things about him marrying the wrong person he couldn't help but think about Teddy.

Maybe he had married the wrong person, maybe he should have married Teddy, maybe he and Teddy would have been happy. She wanted a family almost as much as he did, but Cristina…she didn't want that, she would never want that.

As he pulled the car into a space outside Teddy's apartment block he made sure he went in with a clear head, a head that said he was married to Cristina, that nothing that happened in this flat between him and Teddy would compromise that, she was his wife.

Its really good to hear your voice, saying my name, it sounds so sweet.

"Owen, you shouldn't have come." Teddy said when she answered the door, dressed in only sweats and an old US Army t-shirt. She had no make-up on and her hair was pulled back into a loose bun. She looked so simple, but so beautiful.

"I told you in Afghanistan I'd always be there for you." Owen said simply.

"Its different now." Teddy whispered sadly, "You're married."

"I know, but the fact that I'll always be there for you hasn't changed." Owen told her honestly and with a small smile Teddy stepped back and let him into the apartment.

Coming from the lips of an Angel, hearing those words it makes me weak.

"I need wine." Teddy said with a sigh as Owen sat down on the sofa, she made her way into the kitchen of her little apartment and poured out two glasses of wine, she handed one to Owen and sat down next to him on the sofa.

"Do you want to talk about what happened?" Owen asked, knowing how difficult it could be to talk about traumatising events.

Teddy nodded, looking into space and taking a swig of the wine, "I got a call from the army, at first I thought I was being called back, that they needed me in the African crisis, but then I was informed that Tommy had been shot and injured in Libya, where he was stationed."

"Do you know the extent of the damage?" Owen asked, desperately wanting to hold her hand and comfort her, but knowing that it would be inappropriate to do so.

"He was shot twice in the leg, but he's in hospital in Libya, they don't know how long it might be before they can airlift him out and bring him back to the States." Teddy told him, her voice cracking just a little.

He couldn't stop himself anymore, Owen slipped his hand into Teddy's, "But you're thinking of the worst case scenario, as far as hospitals in Africa go, Libya's are pretty good."

"I know." Teddy said with a frown, "We worked in one together." She added, "But infections will be more likely and they might have to amputate his leg which would mean he'd never be able to re-join the army and its his life, he loves it as much as we did."

"I know." Owen whispered as Teddy broke down into tears, he let her rest her head on his chest as her tears spilled onto his t-shirt. After 10 or so minutes she pulled back, downing the rest of her wine, "I'm sorry for falling apart on you Owen." She said with a sigh, she refilled her wine glass, "I guess I just need to drown out my sorrows."

Owen smiled softly at her, she'd be okay, she was a fighter. He had thought Cristina was a fighter, but he'd been wrong about that. He wasn't wrong about Teddy though, that he knew for sure, he'd seen her go through hell and come out of it with a smile, it was just who she was.

Never want to say goodbye, but girl you make it hard to be faithful, with the lips of an Angel.

By the time they had finished all four bottles of wine Teddy had stashed in her house, it was late and both Owen and Teddy were a little worse for the ware.

They had started by watching old videos they'd recorded in Afghanistan and the memories came flooding back, after that Teddy had put music on and Owen forgot how much wine he'd had, so did Teddy, and they danced, laughing and talking as they did.

The mood however, changed, when a slow song came on. A song that meant a lot to them, Celine Dion's 'My Heart Will Go On.' As they looked at each other it was clear they were thinking the same thing. In Afghanistan there had been a running joke in the team that this was their song and they would often dance to it when they were friends, and lovers.

"Dance with me?" Owen asked, as he would in Afghanistan when it came on the walkman or someone's Ipod and the boys would catcall and whistle.

Teddy had grinned and taken his hand. Owen pulled her close and as he always had done he sang softly to her as they danced.

Teddy closed her eyes, lost in a sea of memories.

The song ended and they pulled back, staring at each other, both thinking the same thing, wanting the same thing.

And in an instant it had happened, their lips had connected and that spark they had felt the very first time made its presence aware again.

Its funny that you're calling me, tonight. And yes I dreamt of you too.

Not thinking about the consequences Owen deepened the kiss, he didn't think about anything other than Teddy's body close to his. She let out a soft moan against his lips and somehow, without actually knowing how he got there, Owen was pushing Teddy up against the wall.

Neither of them thought about Cristina, lying alone in bed, probably awake by now, wondering if she had finally pushed Owen over the edge.

Owen pressed himself against Teddy, and they both knew things were going to go further if one of them didn't stop this right now, but as they broke for air and looked into each others eyes, both of them knew they weren't going to stop.

There was too much between them to stop now, there was desire, lust, love.

"Owen-" Teddy breathed as she rested her head against his, catching her breath.

Owen kissed her again, lifting her up, she wrapped her legs around him and let him carry her to the bedroom. When they collapsed on the bed, laughing and kissing they both thought it felt too right to be wrong.

As Owen pulled Teddy's shirt off a quick thought flashed through his drunken mind, a thought that he should be somewhere right now, he had somewhere to be…but when Teddy pulled his shirt off and pulled him into a kiss his mind was blissfully blank once again.

She doesn't know you're talking to me, when its not a fight.

When Cristina Yang woke up, she was alone. She cried first, she thought he'd left for good and after what she'd done she did not in any way at all blame him. She knew this would happen, its why she wasn't going to tell him, she loved him so much but she couldn't love a child, any child, even if it was their child, she wasn't cut out to be a Mom.

It didn't cross Cristinas mind that Owen might be with a woman, he'd always been faithful, she'd never had reason to believe otherwise, her thoughts assumed he was sleeping in his car somewhere, or he had gone to his parents, or his brother, someone he could trust.

No, I don't think she has a clue.

In Teddy's apartment something was wrong. Being drunk wasn't an excuse anymore, Owen had started to sober up the moment the sex had started, but that hadn't stopped him from stopping what he was doing and that worried him, for a moment until Teddy's lips distracted him yet again.

Well, my girls in the next room.

"Owen." Teddy moaned as things heated up in the small bedroom. Owens phone rang, he knew it was Cristina, but he ignored it, he pretended he couldn't hear it and so did Teddy, but at that moment they knew what they were doing was wrong. His wife was calling to find out where he was and here he was, having sex with his ex-lover and best friend.

Sometimes I wish she was you.

Cristina sighed as Owens phone went to answer phone for the 3rd time, he wasn't planning on talking to her tonight. She got up and pulled on the first clothes she could find, she grabbed her car keys and left the house, Owens car was gone so she knew he could be anywhere in Seattle by now.

Sighing and with tears threatening to fall Cristina climbed into her car and began the 10 minute drive to Meredith and Dereks house.

I guess we never really moved on.

As they lay in Teddy's bed, both exhausted at 4am in the morning thoughts of how things used to be hit them.

Owen thought about all the basketball they had played in Afghanistan, how they'd always been on a team together, how they'd always won.

Teddy thought of the way Owen had lifted her and spun her around, given her piggy-backs, laughed with her, cried with her.

They both knew that their friendship had always been more than any ordinary friendship but they hadn't acted on it because it had been wrong when Owen was dating Beth.

But now, now this was so much more wrong. Owen was married for Gods sake! To a woman that Teddy considered as a friend. It was the worst kind of betrayal there could be, and they had done it.

Its really good to hear your voice, saying my name, it sounds so sweet.

"Cristina was pregnant." Owen said, turning on his side to look at Teddy.

Her eyes widened in shock, she hadn't known of course, only a set few people had known, "What?"

Owen nodded, "She was pregnant, and she never told me."

"Did she lose the baby?" Teddy asked, feeling like a rebound for Owens pain.

Owen shook his head, "She had an abortion."

It seemed Teddy understood now as she grabbed his hand, "Without telling you?"

Owen nodded yet again, "I want a family so badly Teddy and all she cares about is herself and her job, she'll never want a family."

"I know how you feel." Teddy said softly, it was what she wanted too, but she couldn't find the right man to give it to her.

Coming from the lips of an angel, hearing those words it makes me weak.

"She said I'd married the wrong person if I wanted a family." He added, and it was obvious to Teddy how much he was hurt.

"Do you think you married the wrong person?" She asked curiously, there was a tiny glimmer of hope in her voice.

"I think it's a sign my marriage isn't a happy one that I'm in bed with you." He admitted.

Teddy nodded, "God Owen, this shouldn't have happened."

"I know."

"What will you do?" She asked, looking at her friend sadly.

Owen sighed, "I'll need to go home." He said, sounding unhappy about it, "And tell Cristina I was at my brothers or something."

"What if she finds out?" Teddy asked, worry clear on her face.

"She won't find out as long as you don't tell anyone." He said, and although his voice was low and calm, Teddy understood it as a warning.

She nodded, "Of course, I wouldn't have told anyone anyway." She said, sighing sadly.

"I'm sorry." Owen said, his hand slipping out of hers.

"So am I." Teddy said, her hand tingling from where he had touched it.

Owen climbed out of bed and pulled on his pants, all the while feeling Teddy's sad eyes on him.

Never want to say goodbye, but girl you make it hard to be faithful with the lips of an Angel.

After he had dressed, in silence, he leant down and kissed Teddy on the head, without another word he'd left the apartment and driven to the hospital, hoping against hope that Cristina wouldn't be there. When he got there he was glad to find the locker room empty, sighing in relief he went in the shower, grabbed some spare clothes from his locker and checked the time, it was 5.30am and he hadn't slept at all the night before.

He knew that if Cristina had woken up during the night, and he knew she had due to the 3 missed calls on his cell, that she probably wouldn't be at the house so he went straight to Meredith and Dereks place and was not surprised to see her sitting at the table with a bowl of untouched cereal in front of her.

Its really good to hear you're voice, saying my name, it sounds so sweet.

She looked up when he walked in, and as soon as he saw her face he felt guilty as he remembered the night before with Teddy, but he tried to hide it and hoped he hid it well enough that she didn't see.

"Where were you last night?" Cristina asked, as Meredith and Derek stealthily exited the kitchen.

"Out." He said simply, "I needed to be alone so I could think some things through."

"Oh." Christina said, fingering the wedding ring on her finger.

"Do you want this to be over?" Owen asked, wanting to know what she really wanted out of this, what she wanted to achieve, "Do you want us to be done? Is that what this is?" He was talking quietly, no more energy left in him to shout.

Coming from the lips of an angel, hearing those words it makes me weak.

Cristina frowned down at her bowl of cereal, "I don't want to be a Mom."

"You need to discuss things with me before you do something like that Cristina." Owen said, his voice still low and soft.

"I know, but I knew you would talk me out of it, and I can't have a baby Owen." Cristina said, looking up at him with sad eyes, "I'm not a Mom."

"You're still my wife."

Never want to say goodbye, but girl you make it hard to be faithful with the lips of an Angel.

"I'm sorry." Cristina said quietly.

Never want to say goodbye, but girl you make it hard to be faithful with the lips of an Angel.

She stood up and walked over to him, wrapping her arms around him. He sighed and breathed in her scent, closing his eyes as he pulled her close.

"I'm sorry too." He said, whispered really. But she had no idea what he was sorry for, how could she?

She was his wife, and he loved her.

Honey, why you calling me, so late?

But he loved Teddy too.

The End.

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