Lips of an Angel

Chapter 14

Epilogue - 10 years later

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"Oops." The boy muttered, "Sorry Uncle Mark, Mom's on the rampage." He said as he walked over to his Mother standing in her scrubs by the Nurses station.

"It's okay little man." Mark said in amusement as he watched Carson smile sweetly at Teddy, "Yes Mom?"

"Don't be cheeky Carson." Teddy warned, "What did I tell you about running around the hospital making loud noises?"

"Uh, that the patients don't like it." Carson replied, "Sophia was doing it too!"

Teddy glared at Mark who smiled innocently at his friend, "Well Uncle Mark will be telling Sophia off then." She said, and Mark laughed and walked away, she knew he had no intention of actually doing it.

"But Moooom I'm bored." Carson whined, "The hospital is so boring, there's nothing to do here."

"Well that's tough luck kiddo." Teddy told her 10 year old boy, "Grandma is in hospital for her hip and Grandpa is on holiday so you're stuck here."

"What about Aunt Callie?"

"She's fixing a broken spine." Teddy said, looking at her chart as she listened to her sons whining.

"Aunt Arizona?"

"In surgery with a 4 year old girl."

"Aunt Meredith and Uncle Derek?"

"Both in brain surgery."

"Aunt Lexie?"

"She's not looking after you again because of the last time, that's your own fault." Teddy said, and she noticed the smirk that came to her son's lips, he was too cheeky for his own good sometimes, "All I did was pretend to die."

"Which isn't funny to Doctors." Teddy scolded him.

"Well, what about Dad?" Carson asked as he walked after his Mother along the corridor.

"I don't know where he is." Teddy said honestly, Carson sighed loudly, "Well page him then."

Teddy groaned, if it would get him to shut up she would do it, she took out her pager and paged Owen to the ER as she slipped in with Carson behind her, "Awesome look at that guy, he's got a pole in his leg."

Teddy rolled her eyes, "You can't be in the ER Cars, if I give you money will you go to the cafeteria?"

"Sure." Carson said and Teddy handed him $10, he grinned, "Thanks Mom!" He said as he hurried off to the cafeteria, when he got there he bought himself lots of chocolate and sat down next to his parent's friends.

"Hey Aunt Cristina, Uncle Jackson." Carson greeted, offering them some of his chocolate.

"Ooh, thank you I need that." Cristina said taking a bite from the chocolate bar he'd handed her.

Jackson smiled, "What are you doing wandering around the hospital?" He asked.

Carson rolled his eyes, "It's a public holiday so since Sophia and I don't have school and everyone is working our parents dumped us here for the day."

"That sucks." Cristina said and Carson nodded, "I'm so bored."

Cristina suggested, "Wanna watch me take someone's heart out and give them a new one?"

"Yeah, cool!" Carson exclaimed and Avery laughed, "We'll sneak you into the gallery."

"Awesome!" Carson said and he left with the two Doctors.

As promised they snuck him into the gallery and he sat and ate chocolate as he watched the heart transplant, about halfway through his Dad walked in, "Oh hey Dad." He said casually as Owen narrowed his eyes and sat down next to his son.

"Are you watching a heart transplant?" Owen asked and Carson nodded, "Yeah pretty cool, huh?"

Owen raised an eyebrow at him, this is why surgeons shouldn't raise children he thought, "Sure, how did you get in here?"

"Aunt Cristina and Uncle Avery snuck me in." Carson said with a grin, "I bribed Aunt Cristina with chocolate." Owen laughed, "Yeah, that was too easy." He said to his son.

"Your Mom and I are finished now so its time to go home kiddo." Owen said, standing up, Carson grumbled about missing the end but stood anyway, he spoke into the intercom so they'd hear him in the OR, "Thanks for letting me watch Aunt Cristina, my days dragging me home now."

Cristina smiled and put thumbs up to show she'd heard him and Carson left the gallery with his Dad.

"So, did you have fun at the hospital today?" Owen asked as he drove home with Teddy in the passengers seat and Carson in the back.

"It was okay. When I grow up I think I want to be like Aunt Cristina." Carson mused and Teddy smiled, "You want to fix hearts like Aunt Cristina and I do?" She asked, but Carson shook his head, "No, I want to take out bad ones and give people new ones like Aunt Cristina let me watch today."

Ever since she'd become an attending Cristina had been in charge of heart transplants as well as doing normal cardio work, "Aunt Cristina let you watch that huh?" Teddy asked, she was surprised by how close she was with the boy but she'd moved on now, all that was 10 years ago and they had both remarried, Cristina to Avery and Owen to Teddy.

"Yeah, I bribed her with chocolate." Carson said slyly, "It was really cool."

The car pulled to a stop, "I'm glad you think so." Teddy said honestly, she'd be very proud if her son became a surgeon.

They all got out of the car and into the house, Carson ran to the living room to watch TV and Teddy set about making dinner. Owen walked up behind her, hugging her from behind and saying, "I missed you today, I had a 7 hour surgery."

"I missed you too." Teddy said with a smile as she put a pan of pasta on the hob to boil. She turned around in his arms and Owen leaned down to kiss her, his kisses hadn't changed over the years, soft and sweet, "I love you." He murmured when he broke the kiss and Teddy smiled, "I love you too." She replied, kissing him again.

"Mom, Dad, ew!" A voice said from the door and Owen and Teddy turned with chuckles to see Carson looking disgusted, he got the juice he'd come in for and left leaving his parents laughing.

Life had gotten better and better for them both since that day when Carson had been born 10 years ago, and although they'd gone through many trials to get to where they were today both Teddy and Owen knew they'd do it all over again for the life they had.

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