Of Fangs and Kunai

Welcome to my next great idea of a fanfic where Naruto is raised by vampires. No he will not become a vampire and yes he will be able to summon them. You may recognize some of the vampires used but note this is not a crossover I just think that all the vampires would know each other. Let's begin shall we?

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any vampires I take off of different series. I do own Mark, Alice, and Cassandra Darkhollows.

Chapter 1: The vampire's son's departure and return.

Young Uzumaki Naruto was running from the various civilians and shinobi of Konoha because since it was his seventh birthday they decided to "beat the Deom Brat" like they did every year. Naruto had gotton good at avoiding them but now he was chased by a full on mob and was hoping that Jiji-san would help him but unfortunately, or fortunately, the Sandaime Hokage Sarutobi Hizuren was in his office talking to a strange man. The man looked to be twenty-one but seemed more mature that even the old man he was talking too. He wore black boots, black slacks with a black belt, white silk shirt with frills at the end of his sleeves and on the buttons, black gloves and a black Dracula-esque cape. His skin was somewhat pale and he had grey eyes and shoulder legnth black hair that was neat and yet unruley. The wscariest thing was that the stranger had fangs and wanted to adopt Naruto under request of the Yodaime seven years prior to today. Hizuren looked over the paperwork again for the tenth time before sighing. :Why have you not come before today?" He asked the stranger. The stranger smiled a pained smile.

"Minato-san said to only adopt Naruto should it be nescesary and unfortunately the news of the beatings just got to me last week." The stranger said with perfect inflection. "Had I known the boy would have already been in my care." Hizuren nodded but that's when a inu masked ANBU member came and told the two of the mob after Naruto. "I shall begin to take care of the boy now." The stranger said as he threw his cape around him and disappeared. The stranger then reappeared an a roof with Naruto just below him. Using his strange powers the stranger summoned a sword of black lightning in his right hand and jump down infront of the conered Naruto facing the mob. "Leave now. I have just adopted this child under orders from the Yondaime so he is now my son. Advance and I will kill you without hesitation." Most ran except for three chuunin who charged the stranger. All Naruto saw was the stanger's arm move once and the three chuunin fell dead on the ground cut in half. The starnger turned his head to look at Naruto after dispersing the blade. He knealt down by the boy and smiled. "It's okay child. So long as you are my son no one shall attack you without reason." Naruto's eyes widened.

"You mean, you really adopted me?" Naruto asked the man with great anticipation. The man smiled and laughed a little.

"Yes I did my son. My name is Mark Darkhollows and I am your father from this day forward but you can just call me Mark if calling me father is too much." naruto then hugged Mark and and said Otou-san. Mark smiled. When Naruto released the man he saw Hizuren and the ANBU member. "I take it that the papers are finalized?"

"Yes. Now where will you live?" Hizuren asked Mark.

"I will take Naruto back to the realm I live in and have him trained before he comes back here to become a ninja if the boy doesn't mind." Naruto shook his head saying that that was fine. "With that we must depart. I bid you good day for now gentlemen. Come now Naruto." Naruto smiled at his new father and followed him but as soon as they were in a secluded forest Mark turned back to Naruto. "Now Naruto I must warn you that I and my people are not human."

"What do you mean, Otou-san?" Naruto asked. Mark smiled I showed him his fangs.

"I am the King of Vampires and I will betaking you to the vampire realm also known as the Forest of Eternal Midnight. Does this scare you?" naruto was scared but remembered that the man had adopted him.

"It does scare me but I trust you Otou-san." Mark smiled at his son before he did the cape thing again and both disappeared. When They reappeared they were on the balcony of giant European castle. When they walked in they were greeted by a woman in a purple Victorian dress and blond hair that went to her waist. She walked up to Mark and kissed his cheek.

"Hello my love." She said. She spotted Naruto and giggled. "I assume this is our new son?" Mark nodded. "Hello Naruto, I am Alice Darkhollows, you're new mother." Naruto quickly hugged the woman who dropped her regel manners. "He's a feisty one, Mark, I'll give him that." Mark dropped his regel manner as well.

"Yeah! To bad about the beatings those fools gave him." Mark looked down and had his hand on his waist but they then heard a young squeak.

"FATHER!" A little girl about a year younger than Naruto yelled and went and hugged the Vampire King. She had blond hair like her mother that went down to between her shoulder blades and had a face of cherubic mischief. She wore a pink corset and black long skirt. "Who's the boy, Father?"

"This is Uzumaki Naruto, the same boy I said that would become your brother. Naruto this is Cassandra, Alice's and my daughter as well as your new sister." Naruto then let go of Alice and hugged Cassandra. "Cassandra be a dear and show Naruto to his room. It's the one right across from your's." Cassandra nodded and puleed Naruto along.

"So you're my new Big Bro...I'm so happy!" Cassandra said to Naruto.

"Yeah I'm happy too. I actually have a family now and no one's trying to beat me." Naruto said but Cassandra stopped. "What's the matter Imouto-chan?"

"People beat you?" Cassandra asked with tears in her eyes. Naruto nodded. "The you sleep in my room tonight." Cassandra said. "My Big Bro needs comforting." Naruto was going to argue but being so readily excepted by the family made him so happy he couldn't. They arrived at Cassandra's room and a few minutes later Mark came in with Alice right behind him. "Father, you never said that Big Bro was beaten!" She whined.

"I didn't find out until last week." Mark said. "And here's why. Naruto the Kyuubi no Kitsune is alive...inside of you."

"What?" Naruto asked but he knew Mark was telling the truth.

"The Yondaime could not destroy the Kyuubi so he sealed her inside of you."

"Her? The Kyuubi is a girl?" Alice asked. Mark nodded.

"Yes. I have known the Kyuubi for a long time and she is indeed a woman. Now Naruto I want you and I to talk to her but I want your permission. Do I have it?" Naruto hesitated but nodded in the end. Mark gathered his power before the new family was in a sewer and in front of a large cage. In that cage was a woman who appeared to be fifteen wearing a golden kimono with fire red hair and had nine red tails and red fox ears. "Hello Kyuu-chan, it has been a while." Mark said. The woman now known as Kyuu looked at him and smiled before walking to the bars.

"Mark-kun." She said. "Have you been well?"

"Yes but now is not the time." Mark said in a serious tone. "Kyuu I brought Naruto here and I want you to explain to him what happened on his day of birth." Kyuu looked at Naruto and nodded.

"I was out picking flowers to brighten up my home when a man with an orange mask confronted me. I only saw one eye from the mask and it was blood red and had a black design in it and the next thing I knew I was attacking Konoha, the village that housed the human I fell in love with. The same human was the Yondaime. We had talked to each other before and I knew he loved another so I never acted on my love. When he confronted me he had you as a newborn in his arms and used a sealing jutsu on me and imprisoned me inside you." Kyuu was crying but continued. "He wanted you to be seen as a hero but the others saw you as a demon. I'M SO SORRY!" Kyuu was on her knees crying into the ground. Naruto put his righ hand through the cage and petted her head.

"I don't blame you." he said. This put a smile on the vampires' faces. "It wasn't your fault." Naruto then turned to Mark. "Otou-san is there any way to free her?" Kyuu looked up in surprise that Naruto wanted to free her.

"I can't free her without killing you but can make this arraingmet a bit more ideal. If you want my son I can make her your familiar so she can live outside with us."

"How do we do that?" Naruto asked but Alice answered.

"Mark just needs to draw a spell circle around you dear and Kyuu just needs to put some blood on it and swear on her blood and life that she will be your ever faithful servent until either she or you die. Should you be dead and she has been a good familiar she will be freed however if she has not been good she will die with you."

"I will understand if you don't want me as a familiar." Kyuu said.

"What are you talking about. Otou-san I would love to have Kyuu as my familiar so that she doesn't have to suffer in here." Mark nodded and quickly drew the circle before handing Kyuu a knife that she used to cut her palm and she laid it on the edge of the circle through the bars.

"I, the Kyuubi no Kitsune Queen of Hell, hereby give my blood and my life in order to serve and protect Uzumaki Naruto until either of our dying breaths." Kyuubi intoned before they were all in Cassandra's room. "Thank you for this chance, Naruto-sama." Kyuu said but Naruto just put a hand on her arm.

"No sama just Naruto please." Naruto said smiling at the bijuu. "I wanted to do this to make your life easier."

"We'll have a chamber prepared for Kyuu tomorrow." Mark said smiling at them. "Now I believe it is bed time." Cassandra went into her closet and came out in a white sleeping gown. She then went under the covers and Naruto followed. Kyuu turned into a tiny fox with all her nine tails and curled into a ball next to her master. Mark and Alice smiled before they went to their chambers, happy knowing that Naruto now had friends.

Time skip: six years

Naruto was as happy as could be. This was his last day at Darkhollow Castle before he went to Konoha and became a ninja. He had just gotten home when he saw some of his various teachers, his family, and Kyuu waiting for him. "Surprise, Naruto!"

"You all didn't have to do this." Naruto said. Since being raised by the Darkhollows his wardrobe had changed. He now wore black boots like his otou-san, jeans, a black button down he kept untucked, and he had two brown criss crossing belts.

"We wanted to." A busty blond in a skimpy police girl uniform named Seras said. Next to her was her dark-suited, red trench coat wearing and wide brimmed fedora wearing master, Alucard.

"Yeah. We trained you so we decided to give you a send away. Police Girl get the presents!" Alucard barked at Seras who grumbled under her breath. Naruto laughed until he saw that Rachel Alucard, who is not related to the Alucard in front of him according to Mark, was walking toward him. Rachel looked to be twelve and wore a black gothic lolita dress. With her as always were her stuffed cat familiar Nago and her stuffed bat familiar Gii.

"Hello Naruto. As foolish as always I see." Rachel greeted.

"You're in rare form today, Lady Rachel." Mark said from behind her which made her jump.

"Hello King Mark." Rachel said. "I was merely-"

"Flirting with my son again?" Mark asked making Rachel and Naruto go red as Alucard laughed.

"You would think that a King would not joke so much." A british girl's voice said before the group saw Evangeline A. K. McDowell. She looked to be as young as Rachel but she wore a japanese middle school uniform which was maroon.

"I wasn't expecting Chibipire to be here." Naruto joked which made the other two men laugh loudly. Sera cam in holding two wrapped boxes and gave them to Naruto.

"Master and I got you gifts." Seras said. Naruto thanked them and opened Seras's first and found a necklace that had a gold bat on a silver cross. "I thought it might bring you luck."

"Thanks, Seras-chan!" Naruto then opened Alucard's and found a gun and holster. The gun was black pistol with the words "Damn all to hell" engraved on the muzzle. "Wow! Thanks Alucard-sensei!"

"Baby fires some nasty chakra bullets and has a bit of a kick so watch yourself. Her names Hellsender" Alucard said.

"Well since we are already giving out our gifts." Rachel said as she had Nago give Naruto another box. Inside this one was a three pronged kunai with a mark on the hilt. "I was rather impressed by your Hiraishin training I procured you a proper kunai. Naruto bowed as Evangeline gave him her gift. Naruto opened it to find bracelet with runes on it.

"All you have to do is charge chakra into this and a claw will be formed by it so you are never unarmed." Evangeline explained.

"Thank you all!" Naruto said as he put Hellsender in its holter that he attached to one of his belts, put the kunai in a special holster on the other, and put the necklace and bracelet on. The party went on for three hours before everyone left and the Darkhollows went to bed. Naruto woke up early the next day with Kyuu. They ate breakfast and saw Mark opening a gateway to Konoha.

I see you are ready, Naruto." Naruto nodded as Kyuu turned into a tiny fox with only one tail. "I have a gift for you." Mark then had his bats fly in holding onto a black coat that had a gold cross design on the back. Naruto put it on.

"Thank you Otou-san." Naruto said. He felt something in his pocket and took out a green crystal known as a Sender's Stone. With this he would be able to communicate with his family. "Okaa-san?" naruto asked his father.

"Who else?" The Vampire King asked as he and his son walked into the gateway to Konoha.

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