Of Fangs and Kunai

Wow it has been way too long since I've worked on this story and I apologize for that. Well anyway I say we start the Chuunin Exams with some twists now. Hope you enjoy this. Also might just destroy my honor to make you guys happy and make this a harem story.

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Chapter 11: Chuunin Exam pt 1: Unifications and the First Test.

Naruto and Kyuu were waiting alongside Hinata and Shino for their newly vampirized sensei. She had warned them that she may be late from time to time due to her new standing as a vampiric noble causing her to help Mark with his plans to unify his kingdom and the Elemental Nations. This made Naruto happy since that meant his father had help in his and the Shidaime's dream.

"Hey Naruto-san do you know where Kurenai-sensei is?" Shino asked. Naruto thought for a moment but shook his head but Kyuu raised her paw.

"I sense that Mark-kun is at the Hokage Tower and most likely Kurenai-chan is there as well. Why they are speaking to Hizuren however I couldn't tell you." The Bijuu said. Naruto looked towards the tower wondering what his father was planning with his sensei.

Meanwhile at the Hokage's Office.

Hizuren was surprised by Kurenai's true identity and was even more surprised by Mark's proposal to add vice-proctors from his kingdom into the Chuunin Exams. However despite his surprise he liked the idea of slowly unifying Konoha with the vampires. Even though he was afraid of the race he knew Mark would only allow those he trusted to take part in vice-proctoring the Chuunin Exams.

"I say the idea is a good one but may I meet those you wish to include before hand?" Hizuren asked. Mark smiled waving his arm as a doorway opened and in walked six figures. One was Akashiya Moka with her sister Shuzen Kokoa, an orange headed vampiress wearing a red uniform with a bat on her shoulder, next to her. Another was Evangeline A. K. McDowell, and behind them was Alucard. Next to Evangeline was another young girl vampire wearing a black gothic Lolita dress with long platinum blonde hair holding a doll with a knife in its left hand and next to Kokoa was Rachel. "Such an interesting group. Would each of you mind telling me who you are?" Mark nodded to them.

"My name is Akashiya Moka, a student at Youkai Gakuen and member of House Bloodriver and this is my imouto, Shuzen Kokoa member of House Shuzen, and her pet bat Nazo Koumouri." Moka said.

"Alucard of the Hellsing Organization and House Hellsing." Alucard said smiling causing Hizuren to shiver.

"Evangeline A. K. McDowell, head of House McDowell." Evangeline said.

"Rachel Alucard, no relation to Alucard, and head of House Alucard." Rachel said.

"My name is Maaka Anju, youngest daughter of House Marker and this is my companion Boogie-kun." The platinum blonde vampiress said.

"I have chosen them with great care. They have assured me they will do their best assured me they will be on their best behavior and represent our race well." Mark said.

"There is also the fact that I have authority over them so long as they are in Konoha, Hokage-sama." Kurenai said. She did not want to fail her first mission as a vampire since she wanted to vindicate the honor of her house. Hizuren looked out the window and thought for a moment. He trusted Minato greatly and the man trusted the Vampire King equally, enough so to adopt Naruto.

"Very well then. I say this will be a great chance to get our races to begin to work together." Hizuren said with a smile as he extended his hand which the Vampire King shook. "Kurenai-san I believe your team has a test to prepare for." Kurenai nodded before using Shunshin to meet up with her team. When she arrived she saw that her team had been found by Anko who was currently trying to seduce Naruto while Hinata attempted to stop her.

"Anko please stop trying to seduce my ouji-sama." Kurenai said.

"Oh now it's ouji-sama is it Kurenai-chan?" Anko asked with a knowing grin but she was slapped by Kyuu who transformed into her ordinary human form.

"Leave Kurenai-chan alone. I believe she has something of importance to tell my master and his teammates." Kyuu said spotting the forms Kurenai had in her hand. The newly awakened noble nodded.

"Correct. I have recommended you all for the Chuunin Exams that are starting the day after tomorrow. Also I have good news for Ouji-sama. Mark-ou has received permission from the Sandaime to allow vampires to become vice-proctors for the exam."

"Really? That's great. Who are they?" Naruto asked.

"Akashiya Moka, Shuzen Kokoa, Lord Alucard, Evangeline A. K. McDowell, Rachel Alucard, and Maaka Anju." Kurenai listed.

"You ruined the surprise, dechuu!" Kokoa's bat Nazo Koumori whined as Kokoa and Anju showed up.

"Not nice to do that right, Anju-chan?" Boogie asked.

"Kokoa-sensei." Shino greeted with a slight bow.

"Hello Shino-san. Been practicing I hope." The fiery orangette asked with a very rare and almost unheard of smile. Koumori glared at Shino but said nothing.

"Kokoa-chan and Anju-chan, how are you?" Naruto asked.

"I am well, Naruto-ouji." Anju said almost stoically.

"Not bad." Kokoa sniffed. She was very prideful and even though she liked Naruto and was happy that he was her prince but would not openly show it. Naruto only smiled as Kyuu returned to her chibi form and jumped onto his shoulder. "So I guess you heard about how we're about to help with your world's Chuunin Exams." Naruto only smiled. "Well we have strict orders to not give you special treatment just because you're our Ouji-sama."

"Wouldn't want it any other way." Naruto said before turning around to see Mark and the other vampires. "Otou-san, Alucard-sensei, Moka-chan and Moka-sensei, Rachel-sensei, and Chibipire-sensei!"

"Stop calling me that!" Evangeline pouted as Mark and Alucard chuckled.

"How improper Evangeline." Rachel said. "You should be more lady like." Naruto was about to say something but his father shook his head no.

"How about we have a party to wish Naruto and his team good luck?" Mark asked. "Alice and Cassandra have probably already started getting one ready due to a special present we were able to get you Naruto. Took us forever to get it." Naruto was confused but nodded. Mark smiled and opened a doorway back to Darkhallow Castle that every one walked through. Waiting on the other side was Alice and Cassandra and being displayed on a pedestal was a white orb that radiated an aura of life.

"Okaa-san!" Naruto greeted with a hug. The Vampire Queen hugged her son back.

"Welcome back home Naruto." Alice said with a smile. "And nice to see Hinata and Shino again as well."

"Pleasure to see you again, Alice-joo." Hinata said. Shino merely bowed.

"Hey I heard something about a party." Alucard said. Alice released her son and laughed as she headed towards the kitchen. Shino then turned to Moka.

"Excuse me for asking but why did Naruto-san refer to you twice?" Shino asked confused about Naruto's earlier comment to the pinkette.

"I guess it would be easier to show you than to tell you but that would mean-"Moka began before a human boy with black hair wearing a male version of Moka's uniform fell in through a gate way and accidently ripped off her Rosario causing Moka's power to be released. Her figure became fuller, her emerald eyes became crimson, and her hair turned silver.

"Tsukune how did you end up in the Forest of Eternal Midnight?" This new silver haired Moka asked before she noticed Mark wagging a Vampire Dimension Key. "I see. So this was your doing Mark-ou?"

"Well we needed to answer Shino's question. You see little hive, Moka's power was sealed by her mother Lady Akasha Bloodriver and as such the pink haired Outer Moka was born sealing her true vampiric power and self, this silver haired Inner version. To Naruto the pink hair is Moka-chan because she is like a very close friend, while Silver haired Inner Moka or Ura as she is normally called is Moka-sensei who taught him his insane kicks though I am sure Ura's are much more powerful." Mark explained with a smile. "However only humans can take off Moka's Rosario like Naruto or her friend Aono Tsukune here."

"Hi. Nice to meet you…am I the only human here?" Tsukune asked.

"No. But you are the only normal one here. You are in the presence of vampiric nobles, the vampire royal family, and shinobi." Rachel said simply. Tsukune started to get nervous but started to calm down when Cassandra offered him some cake.

"Thank you." Tsukune said. "Oh my name is Aono Tsukune."

"Cassandra Darkhallows, Vampire Princess." Cassandra said. "But just call me Cassandra-san. A title means nothing if it makes a person fear you."

"Where did you learn that, dechuu?" Koumori asked.

"Something I learned from my mother and father is all." Cassandra said with a smile. "As well as Big Brother's biological mother." This had everyone freeze.

"My…biological mother?" Naruto asked. "But how would she be able to teach you that? She's dead."

"Yes I am." A woman's voice said. Everyone turned to the white orb and standing next to it was a transparent young woman wearing a battle kimono with red hair and an odd hitai-ate on her forehead. "But leave it to the Vampire King to retrieve a soul from its resting place."

"I thought that you would like the chance to be with your son. Wasn't expecting you to become a teenager as a soul but you were always very childish." Mark quipped to the woman. "Glad to see you awake my old friend. Naruto this is your biological mother Uzumaki Kushina." Naruto didn't know what to say except he ran over and tried to hug her but went straight through her. "She's incorporeal right now my son but in a couple of days she'll have a body again and will be free to enter Konoha."

"Thank you Otou-san." Naruto choked out. "But what about-"

"I'm searching for him." Alice said walking in. "But we will let you know when we find your biological father's soul. He was a good friend to us." Naruto nodded. "But now we have a party to get under way."

"Then we better get started shouldn't we?" Naruto asked. The rest of the day was filled with fun and laughter as the vampires wished Naruto good luck on the Chuunin Exams the next day. They team left early in the morning to make it to the academy but upon arriving they noticed that the second floor hallway was crowded. Upon inspection they saw that there was a genjutsu active making everyone think that it was the room they were supposed to be in, including Uchiha Sasuke. Team Eight just walked passed them until they were spotted by Hinata's cousin Neji.

"So you're here too are you?" Neji asked in a snide manner earning him a gun pointed in his face. However it wasn't Hellsender. It was Hinata's rifle Heavenly Salvation.

"Please try not to be insulting. You may lose an eye….or your head." Hinata deadpanned, her Byakugan active and looking through the sights. Neji glared but bowed and stepped back. "Oh and someone tell the self serving Uchiha-baka, that there's a genjutsu on the sign." Sasuke looked at them before the two in front of the door undid their genjutsu.

"Two chuunin playing with gennin like that. Don't you two have anything more important to do?" Shino asked. The two undid their transformation and revealed themselves to be a pair of chuunin.

"Not bad. But I shouldn't be surprised with Hyuugas." One said. Team Eight waved and headed off to the third floor. However before they got to the room they were stopped by two separate figures. One of them was Uchiha Sasuke while the other wore a green spandex suit, orange leg warmers, and bandages around his arms. However what made him noticeable, other than the green suit, was his bowl haircut and bushy eyebrows.

"Well that's an odd look." Kyuu muttered to her master. Naruto nodded but could see that the oddly dressed boy was a warrior through and through. Naruto bowed to the boy.

"I am Uzumaki Naruto of Team Eight, and this is my familiar Kyuu." Naruto said in a respectful manner. "Would you please share your name with me?" The green dressed boy bowed in return with a kind smile.

"I am Rock Lee, of Team Gai. It was respectful to give your name first before asking mine. You have excellent manners. That said I heard you are an inhuman beast in a fight. Some say you're a Kyuketsuki in soul." Lee said.

"So stupid. There are no such things as vampires." Sasuke said smugly. Naruto looked at him darkly when he felt a familiar presence.

"How foolish. Or is that fear?" Evangeline said walking past them with a green haired girl with odd antennae like attachments where her ears should be. "I believe your test is starting soon." Team Eight nodded and walked forward past Lee and Sasuke to the real room they were supposed to meet at. However when they opened the door they saw the other teams they graduated with, Team Seven of Haruno Sakura and Inuzuka Kiba as well as his dog partner and Team Ten, which consisted of Yamanaka Ino, Akimichi Chouji, and Nara Shikamaru.

"Well if it isn't the goth." Kiba said with a laugh. "Didn't that jerkass emo try to kick your ass?"

"We walked passed him." Naruto said. "One of the proctors reminded us that we had to be here so we ignored him."

"Man what a drag." Shikamaru yawned. "I really don't want to do this but the Banshee next to me forced me to do this."

"So that she can try and steal my Sasuke-kun." Sakura muttered to herself.

"Sorry but I got over Sasuke a long time ago. I have a new man I want." Ino said looking at the Human Vampire Prince.

"So Naruto, you never told us what the guy who adopted you is like." Chouji, one of Naruto's oldest friends, said.

"He's a very calm and loving guy. My Okaa-san is a bit eccentric and over protective at times and my Imouto-chan is a little childish but a good person. I suspect that you'll meet them soon enough" Naruto said before pulling out Hellsender at pointing at a silver haired boy with glasses wearing a purple outfit.

"Whoa! Easy there. You know you're making a scene right?" The boy asked.

"So what if we are?" Hinata said calmly. "They won't try anything. Particularly those oddities with the music note on their hitai-ate." The three Oto-nin were shocked that they were picked out.

"Do you have any business with us?" Sasuke asked walking in. The boy pulled a large deck of cards out and set them down.

"First off my name is Yakushi Kabuto and these are my Info Cards. They have all of the information I have collected over the years." Kabuto explained before the deck was riddled with holes by Hellsender scaring all of the ninja.

"That much information could be dangerous in the wrong hands. Best that is stays out of everyone's hands." Naruto said evenly as a puff smoke revealed a scar faced looking man wearing a grey uniform, black trench coat, and a bandanna hitai-ate.

"Quiet down you maggots! You the goth boy in the back you better put that away!" The man screamed. Naruto shrugged and holstered his gun just as the door behind them opened up revealing what appeared to be an older looking Evangeline with her companion and Anju with Boogie.

"Now quiet down, children. We have a test to administer." Evangeline said. "Chachamaru be ready to quiet down all of the children."

"Yes master." Evangeline's servant Karakuri Chachamaru said. "Greetings Naruto-ouji."

"Hey Chacha-chan. Chibipire." Naruto said with smile causing Evangeline's spell to come undone.

"What have I said about calling me that Boya?" Evangeline exclaimed. She noticed the looks she was getting from the ninja as well as the ones they were giving Anju. "Quit giving your proctors looks like that or else we will make this test hell for you."

"You a proctor? You're both just little girls." A boy wearing an all black suit with purple face paint said before he was hit with three ice projectiles that slammed him into a wall.

"You were saying?" Evangeline asked. "Now all of you please draw a number from the bucket that the nice man is holding and go to the seat you draw unless you want to be like the boy I just sent into a wall." After the display nobody desired to upset the blonde foreigner and complied. Anju, Evangeline and Chachamaru stood next to the scarred man. "Ibiki-san I believe you have the pleasure of explaining."

"Right! The first part of the Exam is a ten question test." Ibiki said before continuing to explain the point system and the cheating rule. Naruto, Hinata, and Shino immediately knew that the point was to cheat however with the robotic Chachamaru and the bats that Anju controlled that would be tough except that Hinata had the Byakugan, Shino had his Kikaichu, and Naruto could access Anju's bats using his chakra without Anju being any wiser since he learned from someone just as skilled and ten thousand times as scary.

"Thankfully she's not Elda-chan." Naruto muttered to himself knowing he'd never be able to pull the wool over her eyes. When they were done they waited for the tenth question while watching the flies drop one by one. Soon it was a down to fifteen minutes and Ibiki smiled.

"All right it's time for the tenth question but now there is a new rule. You may choose not to answer the question but if you do you fail. However if you try to answer it and can't you fail and you will never be able to take part in the Chuunin Exams again making you a gennin forever." This caused the gennin sans Team Eight to pale slightly. However Naruto knew this trick since it was a favorite tactic of Evangeline's. The Shinso Vampire saw Naruto grin and smirked herself.

"I see you remember my favorite trick for you Boya." The vampire thought to herself. "But now what will you do now? You know the trick but will you help the others through this trick?" Naruto saw that some of his old friends were rattled by the prospect after a bit and decided to ruin the Interrogation Corps fun.

"Nice trick this tenth question. Most people wouldn't figure out that the tenth question is if we want to answer another question. But in fact you are only testing the certain tomorrow for an uncertain today. Any true chuunin would take the uncertain instead of turning coward and going for the certain tomorrow." Naruto said. Ibiki's eyes widened as Naruto explained. He was ruining his moment but at the same time he was excited that someone was putting some spine in the whelps.

"Master I do believe that time is up." Chachamaru said looking at Evangeline.

"Ah the robot's right, Anju-chan." Boogie said to his as of yet unawakened partner.

"You vampires are interesting creatures." Ibiki muttered. "I guess that must be the prince you king mentioned." Ibiki thought back to a couple hours ago when he was introduced to his co-proctors. He had tried to pick a fight with the Vampire King only to be subdued in the blink of an eye. "All right maggots everyone here passes! The little whisker faced brat is right. This was merely a test of your resolve." However before he could go on the window broke due to the arrival of everyone's favorite snake lady along with Alucard and Rachel using bats.

"All right the incredibly sexy kunoichi Mitarashi Anko is here with my co-proctors Alucard and Lady Rachel!" Anko shouted causing many to just stare in confusion, Ibiki to face slip and Team Eight to laugh.

"So many teams. It as Mark-ou suspected, Naruto-ouji told everyone the trick." Rachel said.

"Not bad kid. This will definitely things more fun next round." Alucard said as the second test proctors took the participants to the next part of the test in Training Ground 44: The Forest of Death.

Well now things are getting interesting. Now the vampires are directly involved with the Chuunin Exams. What could this mean for future events? Stay tuned to Of Fangs and Kunai.