You make me/Feel like a/Teenage dream…

Kurt awoke to the music with a start. He looked around the room trying to place where he was. He groggily rubbed his eyes after realizing he was in bed at his apartment and the radio alarm was going off. As his racing heartbeat stilled, he cursed Katy Perry for writing that song and making him think he was back in his Dalton dorm room. He closed his eyes as the memories washed over him.

"Next time remember your jacket new kid," Blaine said smiling, while smoothing down Kurt's collar. Blaine and the rest of the Warblers then broke into a spontaneous rendition of "Teenage Dream". Kurt just stared at Blaine as he sang, looking straight at Kurt.

Kurt shook his head to stave away the memories. Blaine. The one person he thought he really loved. The one person who hurt him more than anyone else ever had. Kurt groaned as he attempted to roll out of bed and get on with his day. It never helped to remember Blaine, it just made his whole day bad.

"Hey Kurt! Kurt? KURT!" Marcus, Kurt's understudy, was trying to get his attention.

"Wha- oh sorry Marcus, what's going on?"

"It's almost time to start running lines and figure out stage positions and you aren't even in costume yet!"

"Ugh, I don't understand why Andrea insists on practicing in costume!"

Kurt quickly pulled on his tuxedo and mask. How "The Phantom of the Opera" became the number one selling show on Broadway again, he just didn't know. He leaned over to borrow a q-tip from Alyssa, the actress playing Christine. "Did you hear?" she asked.

"Hear what?" Kurt asked while finishing up his moisturizing routine.

"Daniel fell and broke his leg, he won't be able to play Raoul."

"Oh, wow, who is his understudy again?"

"Damon. Someone told me that he's even better looking than Daniel." Alyssa winked and giggled at Kurt.

"Shhh! No one else needs to know." Kurt hissed while playfully smacking her arm.

"Oh darling," Alyssa drawled, "if they haven't figured you out then they all must be dumb, blind and deaf!"

Think of me, think of me fondly

When we've said goodbye

Remember me once in a while

Promise me you'll try

Alyssa's strong soprano rang across the theater. Kurt felt tears welling up in his eyes as he remembered the thoughts of the morning that began invading his mind again.

"I love you Kurt, more than anything else in the world, you, you are my world." Kurt just stared, his mouth slighty open "Blaine, I've w-w-waited forever to hear that." He hated how emotional he sounded, words sticking in his throat. "Well," Blaine said while running a hand through Kurt's hair, "you don't have to wait any longer."

Kurt broke the memory off there. Better to remember the happy times than the sad his father always said. He needed to call his parents, see how they are doing. Ask how Finn was liking being at UCLA. He seemed to be getting so wrapped up in his thoughts and work lately that he didn't have time for anyone, including himself.

Kurt sat by the window of his apartment looking out over Central Park with his cellphone tucked under his chin. "So then she asked me on a date! Weird right?" Mercedes laughter then came spilling out of the phone.

"You told her you were gay right?" Mercedes managed to get out between bursts.

"Well, yes of course. I didn't need another rock through my windshield." Kurt could almost hear Mercedes blush on the other side of the phone.

"Hey, let's not start on that again ok?"

"Sorry, you know I find it amusing now!" Kurt laughed trying to imagine the look on Mercedes face.

"Yeah yeah, I'll send my bodyguard to beat you up."

"Just because you're a famous singer who has their own Vegas show doesn't mean you have to threaten your biggest fan!"

"Haha I know. So how are things out on Broadway going?"

"Well, I am playing the Phantom in "The Phantom of the Opera."

"Wow Kurt, that's great! Are Burt and Carole coming to watch?"

"Uh, well, I don't know, I haven't really talked to them in like a month…"

"And why not? Just because you're a big Broadway star, doesn't mean you forget about your family!"

"Calm down Mercedes ok? I'm going to call them when I get off the phone with you."

"You talk to me at least once a week! Get off the phone with me and call them!"

"Yes mom. I'll call you soon ok?"

"Ok. Miss you! Break a leg, well, you know what I mean."

"I know. And you keep killing them out there Miss Aretha! Bye!"


Kurt hung up from his conversation with Mercedes and took a big gulp of breath. His hand began shaking as he dialed the number that went all the way to Lima, Ohio.

"Hello?" Carole's voice answered after the second ring.

"Car-uh mom? Hey its Kurt."

"Kurt darling is that you? Here hold on let me go get your father!"

"Uh you don't-" Kurt began protesting but realized the phone had already been put down.

"Kurt?" Burt's deep voice came spilling through the earpiece of Kurt's iPhone.

"Um, hey dad, what's up?"

"Nothing much around here. Just the same old Lima, you know."

"Finn's getting all A's at UCLA!" Carol interjected.

"Oh that's great! What classes is he taking?" Kurt asked.

"Well, a few English classes and a couple music theory classes."

"Hmm, well I never would have thought Finn to be the one to go for a teaching degree."

Burt went on to say, "well we think he might be trying to be like Mr. Schuester. You know? Teacher and Glee Club head."

Kurt smiled thinking about his step-brother in Glee Club. "Well eight years ago he was the main soloist of New Directions. It suits him."

"Yeah, so uh, how are things in New York? Carole and I miss you."

Kurt knew that that wasn't easy for Burt to admit. "Well, I did land the role of the Phantom in "The Phantom of the Opera!"

"That's wonderful honey!" Carole exclaimed.

"Well, I was wondering if you and dad would like to come see it opening night? I mean, I'll fly you out and you can stay here with me and everything!"

"Are you sure honey? We don't want to be a burden on you."

"Mom really, I want you to be there. This is my big breakout, I can feel it."

"Well then of course! We'll be there!"

"Ok!" Kurt said smiling. "It's the 14th of April!"

After saying their goodbyes, Kurt hung up the phone smiling. He made a mental note to call home more often. He sat down to finish his dinner that was now starting to get cold. He stretched, put the dishes in the dishwasher, and headed to the bedroom. After finishing his moisturizing routine he crawled under the covers and closed his eyes.

"Can you help me practice this song? I have to do it and I want it to sound good." Blaine looked at Kurt pleadingly. "Well, anything to keep me from reading history!" he laughed while Blaine turned on the boom box he brought with him. The tinkling of piano keys came out as Kurt recognized the beginning strains of "Baby, It's Cold Outside". The two performed it flawlessly and Kurt couldn't help but to wish that they were really singing it to each other.

Kurt shook himself from the dream. Those days were over. He and Blaine were over. It was fun while it lasted, but it left Kurt hurt and broken in the end. Why the memories kept coming in the form of almost nightmares, he didn't understand. He just wanted to forget about the curly haired boy he had loved for years, the one who broke his heart by ending them right before they graduated high school. Five years had gone by yet he still couldn't get the boy out of his head.

Kurt walked into makeup the next morning wearing sunglasses to cover the bags under his eyes. He heard what seemed to be a familiar voice singing lightly from somewhere backstage. Lines from "The Mirror" also known as "Music of the Night-Reprise" were being sung softly. Damon must be practicing early, Kurt thought to himself.

He finished in makeup, his mask secure on the left side of his face. Andrea, the stage manager had gathered everyone for a quick cast meeting. "We all know that Daniel broke his leg and Damon is now our Raoul. I just wanted to introduce our new Raoul understudy."

Kurt didn't need Andrea to finish telling everyone who it was. His heart dropped into his stomach, while speeding up somehow at the same time. His hands started shaking and a light sweat broke out. There, walking from behind the stage curtain was none other than Blaine Anderson.