Thank you so much to all of you who read, favorited, liked and so on, this story. I love everyone of you. Just in case you didn't know I had a LOT happen in real life and so I took quite a bit longer than I wanted to get this out. Oddly enough, this right here is what prompted me to write this story. I had this end in mind the entire story. Once again I thank you all and hope you join me on other adventures. It's a little bittersweet to finally put the end to a story I loved so much.

Blaine woke slowly, blinking his eyes in the sunlight streaming through the slats of the blinds. He rolled into the soft warmth of Kurt and slid a hand around the taller boy's waist. He could do this every day and thanked his lucky stars he'd be able to. Suddenly his iPhone was beeping on the nightstand and he rolled over and glanced at it. The alarm that he had set made him gasp loudly and he dropped the phone onto the table before shaking Kurt.

"Mmph, five more minutes." Kurt burrowed back into the pillow, protesting against Blaine's shaking.

"Kurt today is very important to us and I suggest that you get your butt out of bed."

"What's so important that I can't finish my beauty sleep?" Kurt rolled over to Blaine and cracked an eye open.

"Did you really forget where we're meant to be in oh, forty minutes?"

Realization hit Kurt and he jumped out of bed, grabbing clothes from a drawer and putting them on hastily. "Why didn't you say that sooner? Blaine we can't be late, they'll think we're irresponsible and that will not be a good start to our review!"

Blaine smiled as he rolled out of bed, his feet hitting the hardwood floor of their new house. "Trust me babe, we won't be late."

Twenty minutes later the pair was parking and entering the building where their life could be changed forever.

"Mr. and Mr. Hummel-Anderson, I'm glad you could make it, punctuality means a lot to us." Samantha Green shook each of their hands in turn and settled behind her desk while motioning to the chairs in front of her. "I've reviewed your file and application and everything seems to be in order there. All that's left is for me to ask a few preliminary questions and then we'll get to the important stuff. So, how long have you two been married?"

Kurt took ahold of Blaine's hand, intertwining their fingers before answering, "Three years now, three wonderful years."

Samantha jotted it down as she continued on, "I see both of you are employed on Broadway. How often are you forced into late nights or early mornings?"

"It happens very rarely, actually," Blaine answered. "We both have leading rolls and our casts are competent. Usually we'll have one late night rehearsal and early morning the day or two before an opening night."

"Mhmm, how do you think your fame would affect a child if you adopted?"

"We would treat our son or daughter with the utmost care. While our jobs are important to us, our family comes first."

"Thank you Kurt, one final question, if anything happened to one of you, would you be able to continue to care for your child and would you want to?"

"Of course," Blaine answered. 'Like Kurt said, family comes first, and neither of us would have a problem supporting a child on our own."

"Well then, I figured there would be no problems with this interview, your application was enough to let us come to a decision. Congratulations Mr. and Mr. Hummel-Anderson, you have been approved to adopt."

Kurt's eyes widened and he clasped onto Blaine for support. Their dream was finally coming true. They had applied for an adoption request a couple of months ago and were excited yet nervous for this interview. They had their eyes set on a little boy named Ryan who had been orphaned when his parents died in a car wreck. Now everything had finally fallen into place.

"Mr. and Mr. Hummel-Anderson, we'll need you to fill out a few forms involving Ryan and then we'll bring him out to you. I had him brought here from the foster home so you could take him with you today. Samantha slid a few sheets of paper over that had all of their information on it so that the men could sign saying that they promised to take full care and responsibility of their new three-year old son.

As soon as Blaine had signed his name a final time, Casey was leading in the small red head by the hand. Samantha took the boy from Casey's grip and introduced him to his new fathers. "Ryan, this is Kurt and Blaine Hummel-Anderson, they're going to be your new parents."

The boy cocked his head before running over to Kurt and hugging him around the knees. He let go of Kurt and turned to Blaine, holding out his arms and chanting "up, up" until Blaine swept him up into his arms, tousling the boy's hair. Samantha stepped over to the family and shook Blaine and Kurt's hands. "Take good care of Ryan for me, he's a good kid. Thank you so much sirs, have a great life."

Kurt tucked Ryan into the child seat Blaine had installed into the car before they left, they had hoped to bring Ryan home with them and were glad they weren't taking an empty seat back instead. The boy was quiet on the ride home, watching the city slowly turn into suburbs as they drove farther away from the city. Blaine pulled into the driveway of a rambling two story home they had purchased just over the New Jersey line. The yard was large enough that Ryan could run around without having to worry about running into fences. A tire swing that Kurt and Blaine had tired into the large oak tree in front swung slightly in the breeze.

Blaine carried a sleepy Ryan up into his room that was decorated with Kurt's precise hand. Energy seemed to leap into the boy as he took in all of the toys that now belonged to him. He jumped on the bed, wrinkling the Toy Story comforter Blaine had insisted they buy. "This is so cool!" Ryan screeched, jumping from the bed to the floor and running around the room. Blaine folded his arms and leaned against Kurt, smiling, "I think he likes it."

Kurt made dinner while Blaine took Ryan outside, pushing the boy on the tire swing higher and higher, eyes crinkling in laughter as the wind whipped through his hair. They kicked a soccer ball around the yard for a bit, Blaine barely brushing it with his foot while Ryan tore off after it to toss it back at his father.

Ryan had assimilated into their family easily, not once questioning why he had two dads, merely calling Kurt 'daddy' and Blaine 'papa'. Blaine and Kurt adored the child, taking him wherever they went. One particular night that Blaine was fond of remembering was their first outing to the movies. There was a new Disney movie that Ryan would point at the TV and laugh at every time it had come on, so it didn't take much convincing to get his daddy and papa to take him to see it. Ryan had sat there in complete silence, absolutely absorbed in the movie while his little hands dug into the popcorn bucket. On the way home he had asked for ice cream and Kurt, surprisingly obliged the boy's request.

Of course, they had a few surprises on the way. Blaine and Kurt had sent out invitations for Ryan's fifth birthday and Rachel was helping set everything up at the last minute, seeing as Blaine and Kurt had had a busy week with their separate shows. The doorbell rang and Blaine hurried to open it, figuring it was Burt and Carole. He stopped and grinned though as he took in the small group of men gathered on his doorstep. He hadn't seen so much red and blue since his wedding and grinned as Nick led the group in. "You don't think we'd miss your little boy's fifth birthday party do you?" Wes grinned as he handed a present to Blaine.

The party had gone smoothly; Ryan's friends from school were playing in the backyard under the careful eye of Burt and Carole while Blaine and Kurt sat inside catching up with their high school friends.

"Nice place you guys have," Jeff commented, leaning against Nick on the couch.

"Well we couldn't have Ryan grow up just anywhere now could we?" Kurt grinned from the loveseat.

"So, how's he doing in school?" Trent questioned, looking up from the mantle where pictures of Kurt, Blaine, and Ryan stood lined up neatly.

"Well," Blaine smiled, "he has good marks on all of his homework and tests, but we're a little concerned about him having friends."

"Who are all these kids running around the yard then?" Wes grinned.

"I mean, they're all friends right now, but I'm worried about when they get older. Kindergarteners don't care much about who's who, but Ryan mentioned something to Kurt the other night about a second grader mocking him for having two fathers." Blaine looked at his friends sadly, wishing they lived in a different society that didn't care if you were gay or gray.

"Hey," Trent reassured, "you two are the best fathers any kid could ask for. Plus, he'll be fine, he has a magnetic personality, I'm sure all the girls will love him."

"I know, it's just hard."

The group of men turned to see Ryan chasing another boy and grinning from ear to ear. They all laughed as a little girl that Blaine knew as Susie tripped Ryan and sent him sprawling to the ground before pasting on a sweet smile and helping him up.

"Like Trent said," Nick grinned, "he'll have all the girls in no time."

The room was filled with laughter as Kurt and Blaine's eyes lit up as they watched their child play. "So," Blaine grinned, turning to the two men seated opposite of him, "Nick, when you plan on actually marrying Jeff?"