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They kiss. In front of the entire classroom, they kissed. The German piloting the Schwarzer Regen had pulled the young Japanese man piloting the Byakushiki to her and locked lips with him. She didn't care if he wanted to or not; she just did it. Ichika had been left speechless. He had no idea how to react; should he act like it was something he enjoyed or hated, should he act like he liked her or rejected her, should he run or hide from Houki, Cecilia, and Rin as they were sure to come to beat him up thinking that he had been hiding their relationship from them. Before he could answer any of those questions, Laura Bodewig declared this:

"Y-You are going to be my wife. That's been decided. All objections are dismissed" The three women mentioned before all had looks of jealousy strung around their faces. 'Ichika and Laura!' they all thought. Charlotte, while being speechless like everyone else in the room, thought it was kind of cute. She had already decided that Ichika has been more than a friend to her, giving her the courage to confess her true gender and not be afraid of the consequences or why she had originally been sent here. Deep down she knew that she had some feelings for Ichika, but she was unsure whether the feeling was mutual and with the display she just witnessed, she was convinced that he liked Laura. Little did they know that that kiss was as much a surprise to them as it was to Ichika.

"I-uhh-errrr-ummmm," Ichika stuttered, as red as a strawberry, "Ahhh…" He gasped as he fainted and fell toward the ground.

"Ehhh," Laura said, flustered and slightly embarrassed, blushing a little which was very unusual for her.

"Right. Time to start class for the day. She retracted her personal IS and walked over to her seat, her posture as perfect as ever. She sat down and crossed her legs as usual. Houki, Cecilia, and Rin were still taken aback from the act of passion done by Laura. Just then, Chifuyu, Ichika's older sister, and Maya, their green haired class instructor, walked in, only to see the young Orimura passed out on the ground and all the girls except Laura standing and staring at either Laura or Ichika. Laura rested her chin in her hand to signify she was bored when she really did this so she could hide her unintentional smile. 'I did it! With that, Ichika will be mine, but even better, all of the other girls will think he is taken, leaving him all to me. This is what Orimura-sensei wanted. Of course, I don't really like Ichika. That is absurd!'

"Ichika Orimura, get up immediately!" Chifuyu commanded.

"Orimura-sensei," Charlotte said, raising her hand. "I think Ichika needs medical attention."

"It would seem that way. Yamada, get the emergency stretcher. I will bring Ichika to the Medical Ward

along with Charlotte. She can fill me in on the situation. Proceed with the class until I return."

"Hai." Maya replied. Chifuyu laid out the stretcher on the ground and rolled her younger brother onto it. She couldn't help but have a small smile. 'Something like this would only happen to him.'

"Charlotte, help me pick him up." Charlotte walked over and assisted her in lifting Ichika. The two walked out of the classroom and started their way to the Medical Ward.

Charlotte was hold the back of the stretcher while Chifuyu had the front, with her back to Charlotte.

"So what exactly happened?" Chifuyu asked Charlotte. A hint of sincerity was in her voice, much different from the way she talked to the class

"Well," Charlotte said hesitantly. 'Should I lie? I mean this is her brother, who knows how she will react when she hears something like that. Many older siblings are protective of younger siblings. I might as well tell her the truth, she will find out one way or another.' "Rin came in, all in her IS when she shot a blast at Ichika. And…"

"And?" Charlotte's teacher asked.

"And Laura jumped up to block the shot in her IS. Then she grabbed Ichika and gave him a huge open-

mouth kiss, then declared him her wife with no exceptions."

"!" the elder Orimura gasped. 'Was this because of me and what I said to Laura about taking her own path and doing what she wanted?' "Well, I didn't know my little brother had a thing with Laura."

"That's what seems so weird about this. It didn't seem like he was expecting the kiss. It was probably a huge swirl of confusion and embarrassment that made him pass out. I think they are kind of cute together." Charlotte said with a smile, while inside she was hiding her true feelings for Ichika. "You know, he is almost kind of clueless to the feelings around him and Laura is such a forceful person it would be interesting to see how they act together."

"Laura…." Chifuyu said, interested. "So there was no hint of this before yesterday?"

"None that I could see, and I was his roommate. She never came in, they never talked; they even fought in this tournament with all they had. She even looked like she was out to hurt him. I wonder what could've sparked this change of heart….." Charlotte said, drifting off towards the end. Chifuyu could tell she was deep in thought without even looking at her.

"Charlotte," Chifuyu said solemnly, "It is okay. You don't have to hide your feelings from me. I've known you're a girl. I did a background check to see your past with your dad. I'm sure Ichika had something to do with you revealing your true identity. He is a teenage boy, he has no idea where is heart is. You just have to be strong, he will find who he truly belongs with soon." Charlotte's face became bright red. She made sure Ichika was still out on the stretcher. Tears began to well up in her eyes. 'Ichika…..' she thought. Chifuyu knew what was going on even though she couldn't see her. The 3 of them arrived at the Medical Ward.

"All we need is a bed for him to rest. He fainted, so he should just rest here for a little while."

"That is not a problem." The girl at the reception desk said with a smile. "There is no one else in there. Pick any bed you want."

"Thank you." Chifuyu said sternly, as they brought him into the room. They lifted him off the stretcher and laid him on the bed. Chifuyu pulled the covers over him and brushed the hair out of his face. "Let's sit for a little while."

Chifuyu pulled up 2 chairs for the two of them to sit in. The chairs were both facing each other when they sat down. Charlotte tried to wipe the tears from her eyes quick before any fell, and she was successful.

"Look Charlotte, Ichika is not someone that it would be easy to be in a relationship with. He is oblivious to many things around. Plus he is the only male able to pilot an IS, which could make him wanted by many people and organizations. That is why I brought him to the academy, to keep an eye on him. He is not someone that a sweet young woman like you should like, you have enough on your mind." These words hit Charlotte hard. She hoped that it was just his sister looking out for him. She had a hard time admitting to liking Ichika. Of all the girls, it was least evident that she liked him. She thought that she could still play out that she didn't like him.

"I don't li—" She was wrong. Her hand went up to her face to cover a cry as a single tear fell from her left eye, already red from before. She let out a few yelps, gasping for air. Chifuyu looked at her with sadness, but also had some looks of irritation in her face. She embraced the young blonde into her arms.

"I know it is tough," She said, "But us women have to stay strong. Crying over a guy won't make anything better." She felt Charlotte increase her hold on her. "But….I suppose a cry every once in a while wouldn't hurt." Chifuyu was never the best at relaying her feelings. She saw Laura almost as an exact copy of her when she was her age, and she was definitely not one to cry over something as trivial as a boy, but she tried her best to be understanding to the young, confused girl. "Take some time for yourself," she said moving Charlotte off of her but still holding her shoulders. "And remember stay strong, we can't have women in this day and age falling into the weak and feeble category. I'll be waiting outside so we can walk back together." Chifuyu rose and walked out of the room, her heels clicking and clacking with each step. Charlotte's head fell into her hands as she sat there and cried, taking some time for herself.

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