Three weeks off his feet, three freaking weeks. Just because he broke his foot in four different places, he was stuck at home. He hated being stuck at home. And it didn't help that his least favorite show was playing marathons every other day.

He didn't even know why he was watching the show. MTV had never really been his favorite channel since it stopped playing music and started showing 'reality' TV. But he was bored and there was nothing on. He couldn't help it.

"It's not even close," he snapped at Steve who had stopped by earlier that day.

"Then why do you watch it?" McGarrett asked with a barely concealed smile.

"Because…" Danny trailed off, scratching his head, "I don't know. I don't even know how anybody can watch this show."

"Then turn it off," Steve said reaching for the remote. Danny swatted his hand away and said, "I want to see if Snooki is going to hook up with Pauly D."

"What the hell is a Snooki?"

"The short girl right there," Danny replied pointing to one of the women on screen.

"Oh my God, Danno you are becoming a Jersey Shore junkie," McGarrett said chuckling.

"What? No I'm not. I can stop whenever I want," Williams protested.

"Then turn the channel. Come on, one button, and this will all be over." Danny sighed, glancing at the clock. He then grabbed the remote and turned the channel.

"There, was that so hard?" Steve asked curiously.

"No," Danny replied honestly. "Besides, General Hospital is coming on in another couple minutes. I wanted to see if the car bombing had killed Sam and where the Balkan has taken Brenda."

"You need help," Steve pointed out getting to his feet.

"Come on, Jason can't lose Sam. It'll be like losing half his soul…" Danny trailed off realizing how much he had sounded like a middle aged house wife, "Holy crap, I've gotta get out of the house."

"Two more weeks, Danno," Steve reminded him heading toward the door.

"Yeah, if I don't kill myself first," Danny said waving as his partner left. When he was sure Steve had pulled away, he switched it back to Jersey Shore. "Nothing like Jersey. Half of them aren't even from Jersey," he grumbled leaning back into the couch. "And that bitch better hook up with him soon…"

5-0 5-0 5-0

I do not watch The Jersey Shore, I really don't see what's appealing about it. But I always wanted to see Danny complain about the show, which was where this was born. I even thought it would be funny to have him addicted but not willing to admit it. And the GH reference is for two things. One: I recently read another one-shot where Steve was watching DOOL and I was like "GENIUS". And Two: I am a closest GH fan and never miss an episode. I am a freak, I know, with many different preferences in television shows.

Anyway, please enjoy, I am not the owner of anything remotely recognizable, and please leave a comment if you can.

See ya...