What if…?

A Supernatural Fanfiction by twilightercullenxoxo

Dean POV

I turned off the Impala's motor, and looked into the back seat where my three-month-old daughter was sleeping. I smiled warmly, and quietly opened my door. She didn't stir. The moon shone brightly, the cool night a refreshing change in California. I gently opened the backseat door, and unbuckled my daughter from her car seat. I prayed silently that she wouldn't wake up. Luckily, she didn't. I lifted her up and laid her against my shoulder. She nuzzled into me, and I felt warmth of love from her. Her mother and I had had a wonderful night together, nine months later—bam! I was suddenly a daddy. Her mother had called me, saying she couldn't be a mother. She was only twenty-five. She had her whole life ahead of her. She told me I could either come get her and keep her myself or she'd put her up for adoption.

I drove night and day to get to her. I pulled up in Alex's driveway and got my daughter. That was two months ago. Now, my kid was everything to me. I had only loved a handful of people as much as my kid. One of those people was the reason I was here.

I grabbed my lock pick that was in my pocket, and unlocked the door to the apartment when I got to it. My daughter didn't wake up once, or even acknowledge anything. My baby slept like a rock, I joked. Unlike her old man, I thought grimly. I walked around, trying to think of a way to draw attention to myself when my daughter made my decision for me. She suddenly startled awake, and began to wail loudly.

I cursed to myself, and patted her back gently. "Riley Rae, come on. Come on, shh shh." She continued wailing. I was consoling her, when all of a sudden a groggy, familiar voice spoke out.


I looked up, and saw my baby brother. I smiled, even though the baby was continuing to sob.

"Heya Sammy," I smirked.

His eyes widened as he took in my appearance -especially the baby who was currently crying on my shoulder. I looked apologetic as I consoled my daughter. "Riley Rae, come on. Hush. Hush now, Daddy's got you." I crooned.

Sam walked over to me, as Riley calmed down. "Dean… what…?"

"Oh… Sam, this is… my kid, Riley. Riley, this is your uncle Sammy," I whispered into her soft baby skin.

Sam's eyes grew wider. "Kid?"

"Keep your voice down, you wanna start her up again?" I said, angrily. Riley nuzzled into my neck.

The light flipped on, and a beautiful young lady was standing in the doorway.

"Sam? What's going on?" she asked, staring at me like she had absolutely no clue as to who I was supposed to be. Even Alex knew what Sam looked like, and we hadn't dated long before Riley came along.

"Jess, hey. This is my brother Dean and my niece Riley," he said, his tone completely normal. Even though he'd had no clue about Riley until just minutes previously.

"Hi." I said, waving with my free hand. I slightly rocked from side to side, Riley asleep.

"Hi, I'm Jessica." She said nervously, but she seemed to smile at the kid who was currently passed out on my arm.

"Dean, this is my girlfriend." Sam said, beginning to blush.

Sammy had a girlfriend? Wow. Some things do change, apparently. I was the one who was never gonna settle down, never gonna have kids. Now I had one. Sam was the one who was never going to date anyone— or so he'd claimed at age nine. Now he had a live-in girlfriend.

You wanna know the reason I actually showed up? It was because I was gonna stop hunting. I had to; for Riley. I'd tried to keep hunting right up until a few weeks prior. But…she kept getting sick and in danger. I couldn't let my daughter go through that. Plus, I didn't want the hunting life for her. She had a chance to live. I wasn't going to rob it from her. I had tried to tell Dad, but he didn't want to listen. He didn't even really know about Riley.

"Jessica, do you mind if I talked to my brother for a second?" I asked, smiling politely at her. I wanted to tell Sam why I was here—in private. Well…private enough, I noted as I took a glance at my daughter.

She looked at Sam, who shook his head. "No. If you want to say something, you can say it in front of her."

"Alright. Fine. I quit hunting." I blurted out.

Sam's jaw dropped to the floor in an almost comical sort of way. Jessica looked completely confused.


"What, are you suddenly blind? I have a kid, now. I can't do it anymore," I said, looking away. It killed me to say no, to turn my back on what'd been my entire life. But, I had to.

"What happened to her… her mother?"

"She gave up all custody and rights to her. When she was just a month old. Now it's just me and Riley."

"Where are you staying?"

"Uh… a motel… near here."

Jessica immediately sat up. "Dean, if you need a place to stay… you can stay with us. We have a spare room, you're family, and a motel is no place for a baby," she said. Sam nodded in agreement.

I smiled. "I-if you're sure. We wouldn't refuse,"

Sam smiled in response to Riley's sleepy coos.

"She's beautiful, Dean," Jessica murmured.

I smiled down at Riley, and realized that I had to go get our bags.

"Jess, would you mind watching her while Sam and I go get her bags?" I asked, knowing she was practically DYING to hold Riley. I handed her over, and placed her gently in Jess's awaiting arms. She smiled widely at me.

"She's so light,"

"I know…amazing, huh? Kind of reminds me of Sam, actually."

Sam looked at me. "What?"

"Yeah… you were a small baby like that… once upon a time," I joked.

"Wow, I never knew that."

"You gonna come out and help?"

Sam nodded, rising and following me out the door. I walked to the Impala, unlocked the trunk, and opened it. I grabbed the bags, and handed a few to Sam. I handed him all of my bags, but carried Riley's. Riley had three bags, and a collapsible crib. Two bags were for clothes, one was for toys. And some of her things had even found their way into my own bags. Riley owned more than I did, and she was just a baby.

"I'm glad you're here, Dean," Sam suddenly said.

"Me too, Sammy. Me too,"