Protection From Death:

The Meadow:

Mareka stopped what she was doing. She looked at the man that didn't look military. He had mentioned being able to keep Migisi safe. Her look told him that she was willing to talk, only if it meant keeping the creature safe. So, they found a place near the cave to talk. Mareka had grabbed the SeaBag and Migisi followed her to the cave as did the rest of the people. The doctor had friends in the military that seemed surprised to see Migisi but not quite shocked. It was like they had seen something like Migisi before, but probably couldn't talk about it.

They sat on the logs that surrounded the cave, benches that Migisi had put there for anyone, mostly animals that wanted to visit with him. He had learned how to communicate with the animals in the forest and they had learned to trust him. He ate only what he needed and nothing more. He rarely ever ate just to eat. The animal population was the same as anywhere else. Migisi knew that in order to stay hidden, the animal population needed to stay the same or someone might come looking for answers so he ate only what he needed and nothing else.

As they sat on the benches surrounding the cave, Migisi settled himself down next to Mareka, at the opening of the cave and watched for betrayers.


"You said you can protect Migisi. Tell me how you plan on doing that?"

"Migisi, is that his name? Well, as you very well know, Migisi is the last of his kind. We know that others have tried to find Migisi and have failed. We know from the locals around Cheyenne that the legend of Migisi is now true but that an unknown girl has always disappeared around the same time that Migisi disappears. We now know that that girl is you and that you are in some way protecting Migisi. Tell us how you came upon Migisi."

"Tell me how you can protect Migisi and I will tell you how I found him."

"You are a very wise girl. May I know your name?"

"May I know your name first then I will tell you mine?"

"Very well, I'm Dr. Daniel Jackson. I work within the military on a project you may not know about, but your Migisi may know of."

"You must be talking about the portals to different worlds. Migisi was from one of those worlds. My name is Mareka Driskell. I stumbled upon Migisi and his mother when I was eight. I was out hiking with my father and brother and was separated from them for about an hour. I found a cave and inside was Migisi and his mother. His mother was dieing and I told her that I would keep her baby safe. She in return gave me this amulet. It opens portals to different worlds. I've only used it a few times because it has a tendency to draw unwanted attention onto us and that attention would expose Migisi. Migisi is the last of his kind and I want to make sure that he is never harmed. Now, how do you plan on keeping Migisi safe?"

"These portals as you call them are called something else. We call them Stargates. We use them to travel to different worlds and different galaxies. We have a ship called the Daedalus and it is willing to take you to another galaxy called the Pegasus Galaxy where we have a base. Now, you would have to go with Migisi since you know everything there is to know about Migisi but we would need to ask your parents first." Dr. Jackson said.

"I am an orphan. I belong to the Foster System. Nobody wants me and I work at a local diner. We would have to leave in two days when school ends and summer starts. I have Finals tomorrow and then I will pack everything I need up and we can leave. Will the military be taking custody of me then?"

"Yes, you would be placed with one of our military personnel who has fostered a child before. She's a doctor, but she will stay here while you go to our other base."

"And what happens if the state decides to do a check up to see how things are going? What will you say then?"

"Since we are the military and we have backing from the president, the state isn't going to need to do a check up. Besides, these bases are highly classified and you would need to sign a non-disclosure agreement."

"But I would be with Migisi right? I mean I would be in charge of Migisi at all times no matter what people say?"

"Of course you would."

"Then it's settled, we will meet you at your base in four days. It will take us two days to get to your base. Migisi can't be seen going to your base so you'll need to tell us where it is."

"It's the Cheyenne Mountain Complex. Do you know where that is?"

"Yes, we've flown over it a few times. I've seen military trucks going in and out of the tunnel a lot."

"It's settled then. The military will get ahold of your Group Home and take charge of you. And in two days you will come here and take charge of Migisi and the two of you will fly to Cheyenne Mountain and we will beam you straight to a hanger bay on the Daedalus."

"Agreed Daniel Jackson."

"So I will finally be safe from people trying to hunt me down and kill me all the time. Thank you for keeping me safe." Migisi said which made everyone's mouths drop open and stare at him.

"Did I forget to mention that Migisi can talk? Sorry about that, but it was probably best that you found out from Migisi."

"It would've been great if you'd told us he could talk, but at least he can communicate with us and we don't have to go through you all the time."

"Yes, that is good."

With the talking over, Migisi went into his cave and I left my stuff with him and headed back towards town with the military members. Backpack on my back I left the Meadow with the military men and headed for the Group Home. They found my social worker and started the paperwork transferring custody over to the military. Both my social worker and the whole of the Foster Care system thought it odd that the military wanted custody of me, but didn't seem to care. They were just happy to be rid of me.

Four Days Later: Journey To Cheyenne Mountain:

Knowing that she would never see the people of Cheyenne again, Mareka waited on the steps of the school, shortly after the End of the Year Party ended and kids were headed home. Migisi was going to meet her there and take her to Cheyenne Mountain. They were going to prove a point to everyone and let them know that the legend was true. And everyone would know that Mareka had hidden the legend from everyone just so she could keep her promise. People were running towards the football field, yelling something about a creature on the field.

When Mareka got close to the action, she saw Migisi on the field and pushed through the crowd. People that had ignored her since showing up at the school, looked in awe and amazement that the creature didn't kill her. Mareka's belongings were tied to Migisi's back so that they wouldn't fall off. Migisi bowed himself down so that Mareka could get on, then once she was settled and holding on tight, Migisi took flight and soared away from the school. Looking down and back towards people she knew she would never see again, she saw tons of smiles and people waving and cheering. Kids that knew something like this was supposed to be dead, cheered her on now knowing why she always disappeared during school breaks and knowing that she was keeping a secret they were now indebted to keep as well. She didn't care, as long as Migisi would stay the legend so many people wanted to believe in.

As soon as they were near the base, Migisi landed in the hills and they walked the rest of the way. Mareka had untied her belongings and was carrying them. Everything she owned was in her SeaBag and her backpack held her laptop, CD's, camera, books and movies. She had enough batteries to last a while and had enough sim cards for the camera to take as many pictures as she wanted. As they walked towards the base, Migisi close behind her, military heads turned to stare at such a bizarre sight. The guard let them pass and told them where to go. They entered the tunnel and continued to follow the directions until they were on some kind of lift.

Cheyenne Mountain Complex:

Dr. Daniel Jackson and his team were waiting for them when they finally came to a stop on the lift. There mouths were hanging open and they seemed not to understand that Migisi was really real. Mareka laughed which got a nervous Migisi to start laughing and then the real fun began. Colonel Carter would be going with us to the Pegasus Galaxy we were told as would Jaffa Teal'c. But first we had to go over some ground rules, which would be explained to us on the trip to the Pegasus aboard the Daedalus.

As soon as everyone was ready to go and Migisi was within the transport area, with Mareka and her possessions, Colonel Carter and Teal'c with their possessions on their backs, they were beamed to Hanger Bay 1, which had been emptied of F-302 Fighter Jets and designed to make sure Migisi was comfortable at all times. The 302's had been transferred to Hanger Bay 2 for the trip to the Pegasus.

Daedalus Hanger Bay 1:

Kernel Carter and Teal'c were escorted to their quarters but Mareka stayed with Migisi so he didn't feel too overwhelmed by what was going on. All her stuff was still with her and she knew that some papers were to be signed before they left the galaxy. She was waiting with Migisi when Kernel Carter and Teal'c came back with a Kernel Caldwell and a Dr. Keller. Mareka nodded to them and stood up from sitting on Migisi's left leg.

"You must be Mareka. And this would be Migisi. So what do you think?"

"I think we will like the trip, though Migisi will need to stretch his wings so if we could stop at a planet that would be great. We could use the amulet to open a portal to the planet's surface and do some exercise there before leaving again."

"Amulet, what amulet?" Teal'c asked.

"The one Migisi's mother gave to me the day Migisi was born and the day she died. I promised her that I would protect Migisi and she gave me the amulet. I figured it was how they came to be on Earth in the first place. Didn't Dr. Jackson tell you about the amulet?"

"He told us that you wore a necklace that had some kind of power, he just didn't say what kind exactly."

"Well, what of this base? I know I must sign a non-disclosure agreement, but what of this base exactly? Will I be studying something? Not right away of course because this is like summer vacation, but later on."

"Of course; when your summer is over, we will bring you back here and let you go back to school here. Migisi will stay at the base. You can visit him after school is over and on special occasions. And here are the papers you need to sign. We'll show you to your quarters afterwards and then to the Infirmary to get some inoculations to make sure you don't get any germs from the Pegasus Galaxy and make sure you don't bring any germs over to the Pegasus Galaxy."
"Gotcha, so am I going to be told the name of this base?"

"As soon as you sign the non-disclosure agreement, we can start talking to you about it."

"Great. Here you go."

"You and Migisi are being taken to the Atlantis Base in the Pegasus Galaxy. Do you know what Atlantis is?" Teal'c asked.

"Of course, it is also a legend on Earth. But I feel like I have been there before."

"What do you mean Migisi?" Mareka asked.

"That amulet you wear, whenever I asked you to touch it, it seemed that it went to a place called Atlantis, but with dragons flying around it, like the people and my brothers and sisters were at peace with each other, like somehow they got along with each other. I don't know, maybe I am the last of my kind."

"That's what people said thousands of years ago and your still here."

"Maybe so, but my mother and I weren't from Earth as you have told us numerous times Mareka. You found us in a cave seconds after we came to Earth through one of the portals. If we are from another world, are there still creatures of my kind living? And if so, will going to the Pegasus Galaxy allow us to get back to them?"

"Those are all good questions, but we'll have to find that out when we get to Atlantis. As for coming out of hyperspace for Migisi to stretch his wings and exercise, we probably shouldn't do that. The Pegasus Galaxy is at war with an enemy known as the Wraith and they control a good portion of Galaxy. If we drop out and they are waiting, we'd be in for a fight. And I don't think you two want to be embroiled in a fight on your first day in the Pegasus Galaxy." Colonel Caldwell finished.

"Good point. We'll have plenty of time to exercise when we get to Atlantis. Sorry Migisi but it looks like you're going to be stuck in this Hanger bay till we reach Atlantis. But don't worry, I'll be with you every day and we'll do some fun stuff together."

Migisi nodded and Mareka said that she would see him in the morning, then left to go with Colonel Carter as she showed her to her quarters for the time being. Migisi looked on as if a sadness was befalling him. He settled down for the night and closed his eyes. When they got to Atlantis, people would see what he was capable of.

Daedalus Day Ten:

Migisi was laughing at something Mareka had been talking about. Colonel Carter, Teal'c and Colonel Caldwell were all watching from the door as the two friends laughed and talked to each other. Never in their wildest dreams did they ever think that they would be transporting a dragon and his best friend to Atlantis. But in order for Mareka to keep Migisi safe, it was the best bet. Mareka had had a hard time keeping him hidden in the Meadow that Dr. Jackson had seen. And with everyone trying to get a picture of him and the Legend springing to life every time someone wanted to talk about something, it had been getting harder and harder for Mareka to keep people out of the Meadow and away from Migisi.

Mareka, they had learned, had been taking care of Migisi for eight years, since the day he was born and the day she rescued him after watching his mother die. He was only eight years old and not fully grown yet, but they could tell that the two were going to be hard to separate. Having had no one to look out for him, Mareka had chosen the Meadow in Cheyenne to keep him safe while she went to school and was at work. Even people around her didn't know of her best kept secret. That secret was what had gotten the SGC involved after hearing about the Legend of a dragon hiding out in Cheyenne. And because they had also heard about the threats against Migisi's life, they had stepped in and offered up a place where nobody would be able to harm him.

Now all they had to do was get to Atlantis and get Migisi and Mareka settled into their new life. Mareka would be in charge of Migisi and Migisi would stay in the Jumper Bay during the night and be allowed out and about during the day. Mareka had her laptop with her and ended up turning some music on. Migisi watched as his friend stood up and started to dance. Mareka was a good dancer as well as a good fighter, having learned how to dance and fight from the movies she bought and watched.

Migisi was used to watching movies with Mareka, which was normally what they did during the nights that she stayed out with him. Other than movies and music, they watched the night sky and looked out for the Constellation Draco. When Draco could be seen in the sky, Mareka would tell Migisi about the Legend of Draco, a story passed down from her mother and father to her, to which she now passed down to Migisi. With the Legend came another legend. A dragon could share his heart with a human-when said human was hurt-whose heart was pure and not corrupted by any evil. Migisi was willing to share his heart with Mareka if a time ever came that he would need to.

Daedalus Day Twenty-One:

Mareka had all of her belongings with her. She had her backpack on her back, her duffel bag and SeaBag next to her feet and she was standing with Migisi as the Daedalus settled on the East Pier of Atlantis. The Atlantis team members were all outside, waiting for Colonel Caldwell along with Colonel Carter, Teal'c, Mareka and Migisi to step out of the Hanger Bay. They hadn't been told who was being escorted to Atlantis or why they were being escorted, but they knew it was someone who had a secret no one would have ever guessed.


The Hanger Bay doors opened and Migisi looked out from behind Mareka's back. He was scared, yet excited; they both were. Kernel Caldwell, Kernel Carter, Teal'c and Mareka left the Hanger Bay together. Migisi refused to budge until Mareka turned around and laughed saying that he had nothing to be afraid of, that she would be with him the whole way.

Migisi stood up; tilting the Daedalus to one side and making everyone on the Pier step back a few steps. Walking forward, Mareka moved to the Pier after handing Teal'c her SeaBag and duffel bag. Migisi took one look at the sky and was out, his tail swooping down and grabbing Mareka before going higher into the sky. Mareka climbed onto Migisi's back as he flew higher and then swooped back down to land on the Pier. Everyone was looking at the two of them and Mareka was laughing. She hadn't been on Migisi, flying with him since they left Earth nearly three weeks ago. Migisi wasn't fully grown yet, but he still had that kind of awe about him that most people get when seeing something that should be dead alive.

Teal'c walked up to Migisi as Mareka slid down to the ground. Teal'c had gotten to know the two friends more than Colonel Caldwell and Colonel Carter. Like Migisi, Teal'c was different from most people. Having not even been from Earth, he had joined the SG-1 team shortly after they visited his home planet and rescued his people from a certain death. He had made Earth his home just like Migisi had, the only difference here was, Migisi had had Mareka to take care of him and to hide him when the time was necessary.

As Colonel Shepard and his team stood in awe Migisi settled on the Pier, behind Mareka who seemed to be his only bodyguard. The team believed that the dragon was somehow shy of most people and were thus told so. Mr Woolsey asked that everyone head towards the conference room, which was in the main tower. Migisi would have to stay outside or in the Jumper Bay.

Everyone headed to the Conference Room with Mareka in tow. Migisi flew up to the Jumper Bay and settled inside. Once inside the Conference Room, after Mareka had put her stuff in her quarters and made sure Migisi was settled alright, the talking began.

Conference Room:

Mr. Woolsey looked at Mareka as she settled into her chair. The others were used to sitting in the Conference Room and were looking at Mareka. Though none would say it, they were all wondering why the military had decided to take her and Migisi on. Mareka spoke up first.

"So, this is Atlantis. From what we've seen through the amulet, I always figured Atlantis had more dragons flying around it. Guess there's more than one Atlantis in more than one galaxy huh. This is cool I guess. So when can Migisi's friends come through the gate? General Landry said they could come through as soon as Migisi and I were settled and we knew for sure if Migisi could fit through the gate. He isn't fully grown so he should be able to fit. He'll want his friends with him so he can have some fun while I'm busy doing what you're going to have me doing. So…is anybody going to say anything?"

"Wow, um, what kind of friends does Migisi have, I mean besides you?" Mr Woolsey asked.

"Horses, about four of them. Migisi learned to communicate with the animals while he lived in the Meadow."

"Oh, and by any chance, how old are you?"

"Why how old are you? Better yet, what are your names? I don't have any names to put to faces yet. I mean I know Colonel Carter and Teal'c, but nobody else."

"Well, I'm Mr Woolsey. This is Teyla Emmagen, Ronon Dex, Colonel John Sheppard, Dr. Rodney McKay and you've already met Dr. Jennifer Keller. So, Mareka, your age."

"I'm sixteen. The military took custody of me from the state of Wyoming a few days before school ended for the summer. I belong to the military now."

"Well, we'll have to get a schedule for you then. And four horses shouldn't be a problem to get through the gate, just as long as they aren't dragons in disguise."
"Nope, just horses. They were always playing with Migisi when I wasn't around or wasn't able to get out to the Meadow to be with him. They kept him company while I was away."

"So, what does Migisi eat?" Ronon asked.

"Mostly deer or cow; nothing that much. He learned how to eat only what he needed and nothing more. Wildlife people would have been poking around if the animal population started to decrease in the Meadow and we couldn't have that. We would have been fine except that hunters started to come around and death threats were made against Migisi and I wasn't willing to lose my best friend because someone wanted to kill the Legend of Cheyenne just for the fun of it."

"Right, so you're on summer vacation then?" Dr McKay asked.

"Yes, but I don't have to be if you need me to do anything. I'm very handy when it comes to people asking me to do things. Back home I worked at a diner after school. I normally got the summers off because his main people came back from college."

"Well if you're handy then I think we might be able to find a place for you. And if you're up to it, I'm willing to teach you how to fight in hand to hand combat." Teyla said.

"Oh well I'm a pretty good fighter, just ask Migisi. I've learned most of my fighting techniques from the movies I own and Migisi has helped me as he normally is my punching bag. Actually I should say his tail is more like a moving target that I used to use until he accidentally sliced my arm one time, then we had to stop fighting. I told my social worker that I cut myself while trying to make food. I got the feeling that she didn't quite believe me though."

"Right, so we'll put in a call to Stargate Command tomorrow and see if we can't get your horses here. Why don't you get some sleep, I know you must be tired after a long journey. And we can make sure Migisi is settled in for the night as well."

"Thank you Mr Woolsey."

"You're very welcome Mareka."

Mareka headed back to her quarters and looked out the window. She was definitely a long way from home. The good thing though, was that Stargate Command was going to send the four horses through the Stargate in a few days and Migisi and Mareka would have their four friends back. This was going to be not just a reunion but also another secret surprise she hadn't told Dr Jackson or his friends about.

Would they care? And how would they react to seeing the horses in their true state?

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