Maximum Ride

The End Is Here

Full Summary: When Angel wakes up in the middle of a blackened crater she knows something is wrong. But when she realizes who lay beside her, dead, her world will be forever changed. Go back, in this Four Book all in one installment, and discover what happened during the 2 weeks after the end of Angel: A Maximum Ride Novel. Hurt, Adventure, Comfort, Family, Friendship and Tragedy are sure to follow the Flock as they unite together once more with Fang and his Flock in an attempt to destroy the world's greatest, and most powerful foe. And, the bad guy for once, might just have been pulling the strings all along...

*****Book 1: Waking Up*****

Chapter 1 Madness

(Angel Pov.)

Angel's eyes slowly blinked open and she coughed sending ash and dust flying up under her nose. Cautiously she lifted her head, feeling a crook in her neck and soreness in her back. Her body felt odd and stiff. As if she'd been lying there a long time.

But where is there? Angel looked around but confusion clouded her thoughts. Her eyes saw absolutely nothing. Nothing but a wasteland devoid of trees or any form of life. Ash flitted on the breeze and smoke slowly filtered up from the ground. A burning smell made bile rise in Angel's throat and she coughed again reaching behind herself so that she could sit up.

Her hand brushed something soft.

Angel whirled and fell over backwards in shock. A girl, a strikingly familiar girl, lay covered in ash in front of her. The girl lay on her side and had wings of a light brown and speckled white which were stained gray from soot. Several of the feathers were slightly burnt; the tips of them singed. One wing was squashed beneath her body, bent at an odd angle, while the other lay like a blanket over her body along the length of her stomach.

Angel noticed something pooled in the shadows beneath the girl's body, mixing pastely with the sand. Angel's body stiffened and her throat felt dry. The scarlet paste was blood.

"Max!" Angel crawled over and gently shook the girl's shoulders. She did not move. Angel sobbed and shook her leader harder. Max's body tilted and her wing slid back to reveal a small, clear dagger sticking out of her chest in line with the pool of blood.

Angel gasped and her hands flitted uselessly over the still moist blood which covered the front of Max's shirt where the dagger had been plunged. That's when Angel noticed that her hands were stained red.

She paused, bringing her hands close to her face, before glancing back down at Max whose light devoid brown eyes were staring straight at her. Dead and accusing.

Angel fled.

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Or, if you like the long ones, check out my story: Avenging Angels (My Name sake). It's 80 chapters long, has nearly 800 reviews, and takes place before Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel. Unlike this one: The End Is Here, which takes place directly after Angel.

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