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Hello, hello! ^-^ I'm not sure when it happened, but some time when I was writing the chapter of my other fan fiction, this idea occurred to me.

I'm not really familiar with idols and the entertainment business, so forgive me if some things are out of order.

The characters may be a little OOC. I tried to keep them IC, but you know how hard that can get. Especially since this is an AU; and Giotto and his guardians will be present.

R&R, I love feedback, constructive criticism will help as well ^-^ I have no beta reader, and I really suck at proof reading.

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Enjoy ~

"Aishiteru, Amanda." The handsome raven-haired male draped his jacket over the stunned, shivering girl's shoulders, pressing a small kiss on the nape of her neck as he hugged her from behind.

"I-I love you too," the foreign girl stuttered, a pink blush rapidly tinting her face with color when she heard the usage of his native tongue.

The male's fingers circled her wrists, tightening as he asked, "Then why were you thinking of leaving me?"

"I didn't mean f-for things to t-turn out the way they did, Ren. You know my father," she said softly, down-casting her eyes.

"Is my love not enough? Do you—"

The screen flicked off in the middle of the male's sentence.

"What do you think, Tsuna?"

"It's not in my place to judge...his acting skills are so perfect, though," the young brunet said dreamily. Then his lips formed dissatisfied pout. "But he is so…so…" Tsuna sighed softly as he pondered the missing key to the act.

"Good job, Dame-Tsuna." Reborn's eyes became visible from underneath the shadow that the brim of his fedora cast as he raised his head. "There is no passion."

"I thought we agreed that you would stop calling me that," Tsuna pouted. Reborn snorted. As if. "Anyway, his action films are always top-notch, no problem there. It's almost as if he relishes fighting," he added as an afterthought as he shuffled through the stack of papers Reborn had given him. "And his singing makes me feel inadequate." Reborn snickered at the honest revelation. "But he's still too stoic. Why is there such a lack of emotion?" Tsuna wondered out loud.

"Your job is to teach him how to act with more feeling. It doesn't matter which way you decide to go about it, as long you get it done. You have a meeting with him tomorrow; make sure you memorize your script up to Act 4 by then and the rest of the script in the following three days."

"E-Eh! I can't do that! Teach him I mean!" Memorizing that little amount of script isn't something new anyway, Tsuna thought. "H-He's Hibari Kyouya! Plus, rumors are that he's really mean…"

Reborn rolled his eyes, deciding to ignore the last part for his own sake. "Sure you can." The brunet idol's agent lowered his fedora brim, causing his obsidian eyes to be obscured once again. "Your reputation as one of the best actors in Japan rides on this collaboration with Hibari Kyouya. Don't disappoint me by failing, Tsuna."

"Now that you put it that way…" Tsuna's face suddenly flared as he scanned the content of the script. "Reborn! When you told me you got me a role co-starring with one of the most famous actors in the world, you didn't tell me it would be a drama! A-A-And a gay drama at that!" he yelled, much too flustered to fix his stutter.

"What were you expecting it to be?" Reborn deadpanned.

"An a-action film!"

"Oh please, Tsuna," his agent scoffed. "Your eyes are too big, your face is too feminine, your height is too short, your foot size makes more sense for a girl, and your body is not masculine by a long shot. You don't exactly qualify for a "badass hero—" Reborn air quoted the words—"That's Hibari's job." Tsuna winced at the list of feminine qualities Reborn pointed out, but his agent wasn't done belittling him yet. "I swear if it wasn't for your voice, you would be mistaken for a girl by many of your fans. Hell, when you first joined the entertainment industry, about 60 percent of your fan base got your gender incorrect."

Tsuna was considering wallowing in a shallow pool of self-pity for a while, but then Reborn delivered the coup de grace.

"When I told Nana about your new role, she was so excited that she already sent you some clothes. She never made a secret about always wanting a girl, so the prospect of being able to dress you up appealed highly to her." Reborn smirked as Tsuna's face rapidly paled.

"C-Cross-dress?" Tsuna could feel his masculinity decrease more and more by the second.

"If memory serves correct, you used to cross-dress quite often back in your high school days." Reborn chuckled when Tsuna made a sound of desperation as he clutched at his hair in agitation.

"I-I was forced to!" the brunet sputtered. "The drama club—"

"No excuses. Don't forget to memorize the script, and don't even think of screwing up your meeting with Hibari Kyouya tomorrow. Don't dress sloppily; the press will most likely be there. Chaos." Tsuna groaned loudly. He would never get used to the media constantly trying to pry into his private life. The debonair agent exited the room without another word, probably heading to some superconfidentialsecretive meeting that he and all extreme sadists went to monthly.

"Yo Tsuna, you there?" The brunet jumped at the sudden noise, hastily pulling out his phone from his pants pocket. Phone charms—a tuna one and a number '27' dangled in the air as he flipped his cellphone open and pressed it against his ear.

"Yama-kun! Don't scare me like that!" His phone was programmed to immediately pick up calls from Yamamoto and several other close friends/family (strictly in his private life, of course).

"Haha, sorry Tsuna! Hayato—"

"Oi, baseball idiot, don't call me by my first name!"

"But you said I could—"

"Not in front of Tsuna!"

"Maa, maa. Fine, 'Dera…"

"Don't call me that either!"

Tsuna chuckled lightly at the one-sided argument.

"Anyways Tsuna, Hayato was wondering if you could come over so we can help you memorize your script. You already got it from Reborn, right?" News sure do travel fast around Namimori, Tsuna thought.

"Yeah, I just did. There's some…weird material in here though…" Tsuna replied, brows furrowing as he analyzed more of the script.

"We'll handle it when you get here, don't worry. Bring Natsu too, Uri looks kinda lonely."

"Coming. See you soon!" Tsuna snapped his cellphone shut, calling the name of his pet—a hybrid species, this particular one being a cross between a cat and a lion (that must've been a very, very, very brave cat). "Natsu!"

"Gao!" His pet bounded to him from somewhere vague in the luxurious mansion onto his shoulder.

"We're going to Yama-kun's so I can prepare for tomorrow. You'll be able to play with Uri as well," Tsuna said affectionately, petting the purring hybrid's light golden fur. Tsuna frequently talked to his pet. He didn't fuss over his little companion as most other pet owners did, but he had become quite attached to the hybrid cat that had quite literally shown up on his doorstep. Later, he had found out that his older brother Giotto had sent Natsu to him on his trip abroad somewhere in the tropics with Daemon…his husband. Tsuna was still trying to grasp the concept that Daemon was now his…brother, but hey. Daemon was cool—he didn't try to bond or anything awkward like that. Besides, Tsuna knew his younger brother Mukuro, so that helped lessen any tension that happened to come their way.

"Giannini-san, please prepare a ride so I can get to Yamamoto's place," Tsuna said through a mic installed in the room.

"Will the new motorcycle Giotto sent you last week suffice?"

Tsuna sighed, exasperated. His brother babied him way too much. "It'll do fine. Thanks."

Yamamoto's cheerful face was the first thing that greeted Tsuna when he arrived at the baseball star's spacious estate. Uri was next, almost clawing the brunet's face in his hurry to reach Natsu.



Hayato picked up the two creatures by their scruff and let them loose inside, where they instantly disappeared around a corner. Yamamoto ushered Tsuna in with a grin, the latter throwing off his hat and darkly tinted sunglasses off when he sank into the couch with a sigh.

"Sorry Yama-kun, but I don't think I would've lasted enough second out there. Someone noticed me."

"I know how that feels," Yamamoto replied with a light laugh. The door closed shut with an audible click. "So, what's with this script?" The spiky-haired Japanese chuckled humorously as his childhood friend's cheeks colored a light red. Gokudera swatted Yamamoto's arm for making Tsuna feel uncomfortable.

"You remember back in my first year at Namimori High, and there was that drama club that kept on forcing me to wear a dress for every play?"

"All too well, haha!"

"That was low and bastardly of them." Hayato coughed to hide his laugh at the recollection of his memory.

"It's okay, you guys can laugh. That was embarrassing, but the past is the past." Tsuna smiled lopsidedly. "Except Reborn reminded me of it earlier. Turns out that I have to cross-dress as a girl for more than half the script, and I think that well...um...it's a gay drama?"

Hayato bristled.

"They shouldn't force you to do something like that! I'll go right now and–" And he was literally on his way on heading out the door when Tsuna waved his hands frantically.

"Hayato-kun, it's fine!" My sexuality is already confirmed as gay, so it's not like it'll hurt me." Tsuna winced inwardly. More like his fangirls would work themselves up in a frantic craze. "It's just that…I have to do something…um…intimate with someone I barely know. And it's my first time acting in a gay drama, so I'm kind of nervous."

"Come to think of it, I've heard rumors about Hibari Kyouya. They say he's pretty cold outside of his acting career. He's also rumored to be difficult to work with, especially with the romantically themed films. This would be his first time acting in a gay drama as well," Yamamoto commented, unrolling a poster that he had grabbed from the local store just a few hours before. Tsuna gaped at the image of him and Hibari Kyouya that was cleverly photoshopped. He was looking up at the raven-haired actor who was smirking (Tsuna admitted silently to himself that Hibari was very attractive and yes, Reborn was right, he fit the role of the "badass hero" better than he did), and in turn, looking down. It appeared as if their gazes were connected, even though the two had never met before (the entertainment industry was a large world). Below the eye-catching picture were the words "Sawada Tsunayoshi! Hibari Kyouya! Two of the world's best actors—in the same drama! Infamous and critically acclaimed director Hiroaki Ogata filming this new production!" printed quite boldly with a straight-to-the-point black font.

"A-Already?" Yamamoto laughed at Tsuna's pale face.

"Don't worry Tenth, we'll help you! It's a surprisingly short drama for a collaboration of this caliber, so the script shouldn't be that hard to memorize." Hayato shifted his glasses so they didn't rest crookedly on his nose, pulling his hair into a small ponytail with a spare hair tie that was originally around his wrist. This was a habit he normally went through if he was going to enter a long period of concentration – one he had grown so accustomed to that he couldn't break it even if he wanted to. Tsuna smiled as they got into their regular positions around the wooden table that Yamamoto had gotten years ago. In fact, the table probably dated back into their middle school years."I'll act Hibari's part. Baseball idiot, you act the twin sister." And thus began the memorization of the script.

"I really don't know where I'd be without you guys," Tsuna confessed with a yawn. "I hope I didn't hinder anything that you had planned for tomorrow…" he said apologetically.

"No, you didn't." Yamamoto smiled easily. "The concert we're going to attend is still a week away, and I'm going to be basically free for a few days until my manager calls me. By the way, have you seen Asari anywhere?"

"Ehh? I heard he was at G.'s from Giotto-nii."

"Oh, I figured that. No wonder Hayato's here. I didn't understand when he tried to explain to me earlier." A playful glint danced in the Japanese's eyes as he recalled the flailing of arms that clearly expressed you wouldn't understand, baseball idiot!

"Thanks again…I'll leave you two alone now," Tsuna smiled, his eyes full of mirth. Gokudera had fallen asleep right after the script sections were completely memorized. It was somehow cute how his eyes kept on sliding shut, even after they all downed several cups of coffee in an effort to stay awake. The silver-haired part-time pianist and actor had only insulted Yamamoto half-heartedly when the baseball MVP commented on how adorable he was when his head almost smacked against the table in his drowsiness.

Yamamoto mouthed a goodbye, not wanting to wake his lover up.

Tomorrow may turn out to be a decent day if I don't mess it up. I shouldn't let Yamamoto's and Gokudera's efforts go to waste, the brunet thought as he arrived at the door of his mansion, leaving the motorcycle in the driveway for Giannini to pick up later in his haste to just crash onto his bed and sleep.

I wonder what kind of person Hibari Kyouya is…