Full Summary:

Soraya Brunelle is the leader of her people. Two years ago, strange aliens showed up on her planet. Now they are the guardians of the people. Whenever the wraith show up, the guardians come alive and kill the wraith before they can cull anyone. What happens when Soraya and her people decide to take the fight to the wraith? Will Soraya and her people be able to use the guardians as a means of destroying the wraith forever? Who are the guardians? And how will the people of Atlantis feel when Soraya comes to Atlantis, takes over for awhile, then leaves, with addresses to every world the wraith have taken over? How does Todd fit into all of this?

Strange Aliens:

Planet Bruen: Brunelle Village:

Soraya was in the fields, tending to the harvest when the sky lit up with hundreds of stars falling from the sky. People started screaming, believing that the wraith had come. Yet when no wraith darts showed up, people stopped what they were doing. Soraya was the first to move towards where the stars landed. Soraya was the first to see that these 'starts' weren't stars after all; instead they looked like some kind of robot.

As Soraya and her people looked on, the robots started to stand up. They looked around and then down towards the people of the Brunelle Village. The leader of the robots bent down to look Soraya in the eye and then started to talk. He explained that they were Autonomous Robotic Organisms from the planet Cybertron. They told them that they could call them Autobots for short and that they had gotten lost in the starts and made a wrong turn somewhere. They had been heading for a planet called Earth somewhere in the Milky Way Galaxy and that they instead landed here.

Soraya immediately asked if they could stay and the leader seemed to think that they could. He told her that his name was Axis and that they would learn the names of the others later. Axis was a tall robot, but most of the others were short in size. Soraya told them that they were welcome to go anywhere on the planet but advised them it was probably best to stay out of site for the village got visitors from time to time for trade and what not and the villagers didn't want to scare the visitors. Axis and his army understood.

Soraya and her people went back to tending to the harvest as Axis and his army got busy trying to find places they could blend in with. As the Autobots blended and the days pass, Axis began to wonder if Soraya and her people were none other then remnants of people in the Milky Way. Whatever it be, Axis knew that he and his army had been sent to Soraya and her people for some unknown reason.

That unknown reason was about to make itself known. It was the middle of the fourth month of the year when the Stargate opened and the wraith darts came through. Screaming villagers woke Axis and his army and they went into action. As the darts headed for the village to start the culling, Axis and his army started shooting and the darts focused their attention on the robots. Soraya was able to get her people to safety as Axis and the others destroyed all of the darts and then planted themselves around the village. For now, they would be protectors of the village.

And as the time came for the wraith to come back, Axis and the others prepared for another battle that would last years. What will happen when Soraya goes to Atlantis?