And Rescue:

The Helicopter Ride:

Colby and Liz were in the helicopter with the medics and Kali as they worked on her. Everyone else was going to meet them at the hospital. Kali had opened her eyes only for a few minutes but in those minutes they had seen the pain and then relief that she had finally been found. Colby and Liz tried talking to her but were pushed out of the way by the medic as Kali flatlined. They held their breath as the medics performed CPR and when they finally had her back, let their breath out. This was going to be a long ride to the hospital.


After watching the helicopter pass by and collapsing next to the shrub, I'd heard someone shout and then the sound of feet pounding, running towards where I now lay. I felt someone grab my shoulder and turn me onto my back. I felt someone else check my neck for a pulse. Then felt the coolness of water being put on my skin. Opening my eyes a little and not for that long, I noticed Colby, Liz and David leaning over me, trying to keep me cool and trying to give me water. My body was shutting down and I couldn't stop it from happening. I was delirious, dehydrated, hungry and about to lose consciousness. And I knew that they could see the pain in my eyes.

The helicopter was back and there were medics strapping me to a backboard and putting an oxygen mask over my mouth and nose and the next thing I know, I'm being loaded into the helicopter. Colby and Liz jump into the copter and we are in flight, moving towards the hospital. I know nothing more as I feel my heart stop and I can no longer breathe.

The helicopter arrived at UCLA Medical Center ten minutes after bringing Kali back to life. Landing on the Helo pad, doctors are waiting to unload Kali and take her to the ER. Colby and Liz jump out first and help get Kali onto the gurney then head towards the ER with the doctors and nurses. Both are holding one of Kali's hands and telling the doctors all that they know.

The Hospital:

Colby and Liz are left in the waiting room as Kali is taken into the ER. Charlie, Amita, Larry & Allen had arrived minutes before the helicopter and Don and the rest of the team are still on there way from the Dessert. The little they had seen of Kali, Charlie knew that this was going to be a long recovery, as did everyone else.

When Don and the rest of the team arrived at the hospital, Don had a dirty backpack with him that looked like Kali had used it. Liz held Kali's cell phone, the back cover of the phone, and the pocket knife that had been taken out of her pockets. If it hadn't been for the phone cover, they probably wouldn't have found her when they did.

Emergency Room:

The doctors transferred Kali from the backboard to the gurney and proceeded to work on her. Having already been hooked up to an IV in helicopter, they now had to put in a Central Line because her veins in her arms were starting to collapse from lack of water. They checked her over then moved to her shoulder and examined the bullet wound. They couldn't believe that she had survived nearly two whole days in the Mojave Dessert by herself and without any water or food. From what the two agents had told them, she had been found barely conscious, barely breathing and barely with a pulse next to a shrub that offered little shade.

Kali's skin was burned and would probably blister from being out in the sun and not getting attention. Her wound was already starting to become infected and they could tell that she was severely dehydrated. After hooking her up to a Heart Monitor and making sure she was stable, they Red-Lined her to the O.R. and a nurse went to the waiting room and told Kali's team to go up to the surgical waiting room.

Surgical Waiting Room:

Don and the team plus Ian, Lt. Walker, Charlie & co all headed to the Surgical Waiting Room and waited for news on Kali. After working on her briefly in the E.R. she had been Red-Lined to the O.R. for emergency surgery. When Colby, David and Liz had found her, she'd barely had a pulse and she had been burned by the sun to the point that her skin had been nearly too hot to touch. Don and the rest were told by Colby and Liz that Kali had flatlined in the helicopter, ten minutes before reaching the hospital. All knew that what kali had gone through wasn't going to be easy to recover from, especially if it happened to her by the man they all knew did it.

Zoran was on everyone's mind as they sat waiting in the Surgical Waiting Room (SWR). As soon as they knew that Kali was going to live and Allen was in her room at all times keeping watch over her, they were going to head back to the Squad Room and start the search for Zoran, whether he be in the state or not. Nobody tries to kill an FBI Agent and gets away with it. Every Government Agency was going to know Zoran's name and have his picture and know what he did. And he wouldn't be able to hide from any of them like he was hiding now.

Ten hours later, with nearly half the people in the SWR asleep, the surgeon walked out. Allen was the first to stand up and at the sound of Allen standing up and footsteps coming to a halt in front of the group, everyone woke then stood up. Though none had really gotten that much sleep being worried about Kali, they had tried to at least get a little sleep, knowing that they would need their strength when they went after Zoran. All were awake and alert when Allen asked the first major question.

"How's Kali doc?" Allen asked.

"I'm aware that some of the agents helped bring her in and aware of the condition she was found in, but what you're now aware of is if she'll be alright. We managed to remove the bullet that was lodged in her shoulder and she has some lotion on her skin to help with the sunburn that she sustained. Also, she was severely dehydrated. Now due to her being severely dehydrated, her veins started to collapse from lack of water there for a Central Line had to be inserted. She is still unconscious and will be for a few days but after that I don't see the need to keep her here, granted she has some place safe to stay. The burn will go away in a few weeks and her shoulder should be healed in about a month or so. When you see her, she'll still have an oxygen mask on her face, she's going to have to have it for the first day or so then we'll remove it."

"Can we see her?" Nikki asked.

"I will have a nurse show you to her room. Normally, we only allow two people at a time in the room, but I'll make an exception just this once. Go see her, and encourage her to get better. The healthier she is feeling the sooner she will be discharged."

"Thank you, doctor." Don said.

"You're welcome. Let me go get the nurse."

The doctor sent a nurse over the Don, the team and everyone else and they were escorted to Kali's ICU room, where they would be able to stay with her as long as she needed them. The Director was planning on having a Press Conference later on in the afternoon, detailing that Kali had been found and that if anyone knew anything about the whereabouts of Zoran Savo, they were being asked to come forward. Nobody thought it would be some kid from New York who would come forward, but that's for later on.

As everyone walked into Kali's room, they all gasped. They hadn't expected her to look so hurt and in so much pain. They knew that her arm would be in a sling and that she had an oxygen mask on, but she still didn't look like the Kali they all knew and cared about. All went up to her and let her know that they were there and that they weren't going anywhere. Don told her that they would find the guy that had done this to her, no matter what. She seemed to here him, but because she had just gotten out of surgery, she was still unconscious and therefore, the nurse shooed them out of the room a few minutes later. Allen told her that no matter what she said he was staying. She couldn't really argue since the doctor had told her that only one person could stay with the patient every minute of every day. She knew that as an FBI agent, the patient was also going to have a guard at the door 24/7 to make sure whoever had done this to her in the first place couldn't get into the room without being seen by the guard. And all staff would have to check in with the guard so he would know that none of them were fakes or anything like that.

The FBI left, leaving Allen to settle in for a night of watching and waiting for Kali to wake up. Don had gotten a call from the Director who had told him that after the Press Conference, the FBI had gotten a call from some guy in New York who said he had information on Zoran Savo and was willing to take a flight to LA to tell them about it. The guy would be in the city the very next morning.