Woooo! My first yaoi fic. Short two-shot that happened after reading multiple stories about Lavi and Kanda together from D. Gray-man. I decided to write one on my own since I like the pairing so much. Nothing really explicit in this chapter besides the mentioning of certain body parts, but heavy yaoi in the next chapter. I suppose it could be considered a late Valentine's day thing...

Oh and i'm guessing HQ is in France cuz in episode 18 you see the eiffel tower in 'town' and they are near london enough to rebuild HQ there later on in the manga.

Summary: Lavi likes Kanda. Kanda likes Lavi. What happens when neither will tell the other, they have to share a hotel room and a bed, while Yu has an embarrassing dream right in front of Lavi? Well, this is what follows.


One green eye traced the contours of the gray stone ceiling above, looking for patterns that weren't there. His mind was slowly failing due to grogginess from doing nothing, which was pretty pathetic. Didn't Komui know how easily bored he got?

With a giant sigh, Lavi flipped himself over onto his stomach, propping his head up on his crossed arms. He was in his bedroom, the last place he wanted to be, without the slightest idea of what to do. The panda was out of a mission, Lenalee was helping Komui (not something he wanted to do anytime soon), Allen was collecting Innocence and Kanda…well Kanda wouldn't want to do anything with him anyways. After thinking of all these people who weren't here to provide him with entertainment, an attractive pout formed on his face.

What the hell was he supposed to do?

Deciding to get up before he actually fell asleep, Lavi tugged on his knee high fighting boots and trudged out into the corridor his room was in. Not even a scientist was in sight. His stomach growled so he ran down to the cafeteria where Jerry's awesome food awaited. At least the jog woke him up.

"Hey Jer, I'll have the usual." He greeted.

"Coming right up honey!" Jerry replied in his enthusiastic voice, turning to start abusing his new pans. Lavi turned and was greeted an unexpected sight: Kanda was sitting at the table right behind him, quietly eating his soba.


Lavi smirked when he saw Kanda's shoulders automatically stiffen and slouch when he heard his first name being called and because of the one who was calling it. Suddenly Lavi was sitting right across from him, bouncing up and down in his default hyperactive state.

"I'm not in the mood to deal with you baka usagi*." The samurai snapped before returning to his noodles.

"You wound me Yu, I just said hi." Lavi whined with puppy eyes. "Why do you insist on calling me mean things when all I want to do is be nice?"

"Because you are an idiot." He countered. "And don't use that name."

Lavi smirked again at Kanda's obvious annoyance with him at using his name.

"What would you prefer me to call you then?" the red head flirted, tilting his head with a crooked smile. His boots touched Kanda's leg for a brief second, actually on accident, but this seemed to make the guy even madder. Kanda stared at him for about 2 seconds before getting up and flat out leaving. "Yu! Wait!" he called.


"I came down for food, but I was wondering if you wanted to spar later or something. I need some training to get my mind of all of those stupid books the panda's making me read. Besides, you're always up for a good tussle aren't you?" he added with a grin. He just couldn't resist egging the dark haired man on.

"Are you blind? I'm not going to start throwing you around a room after I just ate, baka usagi. Go find someone else to pound you."

"Awww, Yu! We don't have to right now. Besides I need to eat too." He grabbed Kanda's arm and pulled to prevent him from leaving. He expected the usual of Kanda pushing his hand away and threatening him with a sword to the forehead, but this time he just stared at Lavi's hand before gritting his teeth. His face had a slight color to it that was not there before and hardly visible in the dim afternoon lighting.

"Fine. But don't start crying to me when you lose." He grumbled and marched off away to some dark and depressing place. Lavi stood there for a second. Was that a blush he had seen on Kanda's face? Kanda never showed any emotion, especially something like embarrassment or whatever that had been.

Shaking his head in amusement, he went to start on his food, hoping that Kanda would keep his word.

Lavi grunted as he bent backwards to prevent having his head cut off, watching as the ends of his bangs were clipped. This was not going well.

"Hey watch it! We're sparring, not in a death match!" he yelled to the equally sweaty swordsman across the room from him.

"You wanted to spar, so that's what I'm doing. It's not my fault if you can't defend yourself." Kanda barked, a hint of cold amusement in his voice. There was an evil glint in his eye that Lavi was determined to mirror.

"Oh yeah? How much you wanna bet that I can beat you without either of us using our Innocence Yu? I could kick your ass in a heartbeat."

"Che." Was the only reply, before they continued smashing their weapons together and cracking the stone pillars around them. God those things were annoying.

After another 10 minutes of sparring, neither of them getting any closer to officially beating the other, Lavi bent down and braced his hands on his knees, panting hard.

"Given up yet?" Kanda sneered, lowering Mugen. But Lavi had done the exact opposite and had waited for Kanda to give him the perfect opportunity. Before the samurai could react, the Bookman lunged at the other, knocking the sword to the ground along with his fighting partner. He sheathed his Hammer and pinned down Kanda's hand at his wrists, straddling his waist in a very suggestive manner.

"Told you I could beat you without Innocence." Lavi mocked, enjoying the fact that for once, he had the swordsman beat and at his mercy. Tons of thoughts ran through his fast-paced mind in the moment, some of them humiliating on Kanda's part, but most of them very, very dirty. The Japanese man was gorgeous, Lavi couldn't help but act this way.

"Che." Was the gruff reply, followed by uncomfortable wriggling, which only made Lavi's grin widen. But soon after, Kanda stopped squirming and looked up at Lavi with a strange expression, that same color returning to his face. He tilted his head so he was staring at the back wall instead of his fighting partner. Was he…blushing again?

"Yu-" Lavi started but was interrupted by the clearing of a throat. They both looked to their right to see Komui and Allen standing at the door to the training room, the Chief with an amused expression and Allen with a confused one. "Oh…hey guys!" Lavi chirped and let go of Kanda, scrambling to get out of their rather awkward position. "What's up?" he asked, hoping to act nonchalant about his previous actions. Whenever something involved Yu like that, he tended to get a little carried away.

"I need to speak with both of you in my office. Meet there in half an hour after you're all…finished here." Komui said, waving his hand in a dismissive fashion. Allen shot Lavi a strange look before following the Chief, returning to some previous conversation with him.

Lavi turned to say something to Kanda before noticing that he was still crouched on the ground, balancing on the balls of his feet.

"You okay? Sorry 'bout pinning you like that. But I did warn you." He teased with a grin.

"Shut up, baka usagi. You didn't prove anything. A surprise attack played on one's non-active state is the coward's way of claiming victory. You're going to have to do a lot more than that to win against me in an equal-attention fight."

"Wow, those were some fancy words Yu. You sure you're not just upset at losing to a kid?"

"We are the same age and once again, shut up. Komui said he wanted to see us right? So get your ass out of my sight before I stab you." He growled. Lavi scowled at him as he walked by, preparing to leave with Mugen. As the ravenette brushed by, Lavi reached out and grabbed his wrist, whirling him around to try to beat him again. But this time Kanda had set the bait, knowing Lavi couldn't resist taking it. That was one of the most annoying things about the red-head's character.

Kanda grabbed the other's wrist in return and twisted, throwing him to the ground in the same motion. The wind was briefly knocked from Lavi's lungs before he reacted, quickly enough to avoid getting his face pummeled into the mats. His rolled to the side, blocked the sheathed Mugen by rolling his left leg above his head, meant to hit him in the torso. He used his lower body leverage to do a backwards summersault before spinning around 180 degrees to knock Kanda's legs from underneath him with his right ankle.

Being a Bookman, or a Bookman in training, it was required to know many different types or martial arts, including ones from different continents besides Asia. Even against someone as skilled as Kanda, having knowledge like that, not to mention a high level of physical fitness for someone his age, Lavi had the upper hand.

Once again, he pinned Kanda down, but not 3 seconds after, he found himself on his back and black hair draped across his chest. Despite the murderous glare he was receiving from Kanda, he couldn't help but be a little turned on.

"You were saying?" Kanda muttered darkly, inches from Lavi grinning lips. For a second, Lavi was tempted to close that distance, to finally kiss his fellow Exorcist, even if it earned him a hard punch in the face. But before he even had the chance, Kanda was striding away with his sword on his hip towards his room.

Lavi jumped up and grabbed his uniform jacket, more than a little frustrated at his loss of a chance and at his own body for reacting the way it did. The slight bulge in his pants was proof enough that he had enjoyed the match a little too much. Now he would have to wait until it went away to even be able to make it back to his room.

Little did he realize that Kanda had the same problem.

Lavi sat bouncing in his seat, not from his usual hyper self, but from the rough train ride he had been enduring for the past two hours. And it didn't help that Kanda was glaring at him most of the time too.

Komui had told them that there was Innocence discovered in Switzerland and an Exorcist had been injured in the retrieval. They were sent to collect it and eliminate all the Akuma around the area and to cover the finders caring for the hurt Exorcist.

Normally Lavi would be ecstatic because 1.) he had never been to Switzerland and 2.) he always liked meeting new people in the Black Order. But the tense vibes Kanda was emitting were dampening his usually bright demeanor.

"Why so glum Yu?" was the only thing Lavi spoke the entire train ride and all he got in reply was a 'shut up'. Well, conversation wasn't an option. So he busied himself with talking to their Finder.

The next three hours were probably the most tormenting of his life.

When they finally arrived, Lavi's mouth dropped open, and he could tell their Finder and even Kanda was surprised as well. The scene before them was one of pure destruction. Buildings were crumbled to nothing and there were empty cloths lining the streets, the result of the unfortunate people who were shot by Akuma.

Before any of them could voice their distress at the scene in front of them, shots and screams were heard in the distance. Lavi instinctively starting running towards the sounds, glad to find Kanda following him instead of yelling at him for being a charging idiot.

They fought for hours, day turning into night quickly and without notice. Level one and level two Akuma were practically swarming the place, giving the Exorcists no time to rest. By the time there wasn't one monster in sight, Kanda and Lavi were exhausted, slouching against the rubble and half starved.

"Damn. How many did you get Yu? I got 52. Bet I win." He said breathlessly. He waited for a minute to see if Kanda would reply, but when he didn't, he crawled over to where the man was laying. "Kanda?" he asked worriedly and reached forward to feel for a temperature. A sharp grab stopped his wrist in mid-reach and he was met with two black eyes staring back at him.

"I'm fine." Came to equally harsh reply. "Let's go, our job is done."

Lavi stared at his friends retreating form before scrambling up after him.

"Wait! We can't just leave Yu! That Exorcist is hurt, we don't have the Innocence yet and it's like, midnight! I hardly doubt there's going to be a train this late."

"Fine. We'll stay somewhere then." Kanda scoffed and headed towards some random direction towards a town that wasn't destroyed.

Kanda knew Komui was cheap, but he didn't think it was this bad.

He stood in the middle of the room the Chief expected him to stay in. With the baka usagi. And only one bed. What did he think they would do, share? Yeah right. He would rather stab himself in the foot than share anything with the stupid rabbit.

Or that's what he was trying to tell himself.

As of late, Kanda Yu had begun to become thoroughly annoyed, only with himself more than anybody else. That pesky, hyperactive red-head was the most annoying person he had ever met in his entire life, so what if he was an impressive Exorcist and Bookman. So why the hell was he so attracted to him? It didn't make sense, seeing as he was usually void of all emotions and that's the way he liked it. So why was Lavi so special?

"Uh-oh…" Kanda shook himself out of his musing at the voice and turned to see a perplexed looking Lavi standing in the small doorway. "Um…who gets the bed?" he asked stupidly.

"I don't care, I just want a shower." Kanda said and stomped off into the bathroom. He could hear Lavi grumble to himself before closing the door, slouching against it in relief. Lavi was just too much sometimes.

Stripping of his dirty and wet clothes, he let the water stream over his tired body, nearly falling to the ground when he felt most of his cramped up muscles relax. He didn't want it to end, but he supposed he had to save some of the water for Lavi. Perhaps he should have invited him in…

No. He couldn't think like that. It just wasn't an option. He was Kanda Yuu, so that was that. But still, no matter how many times he told himself no or had to hold himself back or say his feelings were gone, they always came back with force.

"Yuu? Are you okay? You've been in there a long time…" a voice ripped Kanda from his thoughts, nearly toppling him over in the process too. Lavi was inside the bathroom!

Poking his head out around the shower curtain, Kanda sneered,

"What the hell are you doing in here, I'm taking a shower!"

"You've been in here for like half an hour, I almost fell asleep! You're not the only dirty one you know." Lavi said absent-mindedly. It took him a second to realize his words before his face turned crimson and an awkward hand went behind his head. "Uh…okay that came out wrong…I meant-what are you doing?" he asked. Kanda had gotten out only wrapped in a towel loosely hung around his hips.

"Get out; I'll be done in a minute."

"Uh…okay." Lavi said awkwardly and rushed out in embarrassment. Kanda smirked. Perhaps there was something there on Lavi's side too.

Lavi shivered continuously on the floor, where he was cuddled up with one blanket and a chair pillow. Since Kanda had taken so long he figured he should get some sleep since the water was probably all used up. He had slept for a while, about an hour, when he woke up from the cold to see Kanda's form laying on the bed.

Lavi's teeth chattered and he decided to take a chance. Silently, he stood up and lifted the blankets on the bed and wormed his way next to Kanda, reveling in his body heat. It felt so nice, if only they were both warm for a different reason…

Climbing on the bed must have woken Yuu a bit as he suddenly turned over. Since Lavi had his back to the man, he couldn't see this but he definitely felt the arm snake around his waist and a hand come up to his chest. A green eye popped wide and the red-head stiffened, waiting for the painful blow he was sure to receive for getting in the bed. But it never came. Instead Kanda nuzzled his face into Lavi's hair and whispered his name.


"Yuu?" Lavi whispered, half wanting to just fall asleep and half worried if Kanda would wake up.

"Mmm…" was all Kanda hummed in reply.

Lavi wasn't sure what to do in this situation. Sure, he had imagined it probably hundreds of times, but now that it was happening (even if not for the reason he wanted) it was wonderful and scary at the same time.

So Lavi just fell asleep, his mind too tired to think anymore.

*baka usagi- idiot rabbit in japanese, Kanda likes to call Lavi this in the subbed anime

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