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Lavi was warm. Light reached his eye and it pried open, shutting again when he realized it was morning. But it opened once more when he felt something in front of him shift and he gasped quietly. It was Kanda.

The man looked totally sexy with his silky black locks hanging around his face and his mouth partly open to let air in as he slept. Lavi couldn't help but notice that he wasn't wearing a shirt either, but he was more surprised at the moment due to the fact that Kanda wasn't awake. Maybe he was more exhausted then Lavi had thought.

Cautiously, Lavi snuggled closer to him, happy to feel that arm still draped across his waist. He hummed quietly, a habit of his when he was relaxed.

"Lavi…" Kanda moaned in his sleep. Lavi froze. Had he heard right? Kanda never used his actual name, settling for Japanese insults instead. Maybe he had woken up…but then why wasn't he attacking like usual? Maybe he was dreaming about the red-head next to him because of their close quarters.

Suddenly Lavi felt something pulling on his ear and realized it was Kanda's mouth. He gasped and tried to push the man away, but then stopped when it felt too good to resist. That mouth sucked and pulled on his earlobe, drawing a moan from Lavi this time. Kanda moved so he was on top of Lavi and lazily moved down to lick his neck. Lavi gasped again but in pain this time when Kanda bit his neck harshly. That was going to leave a bruise. The pain was soon lapped away by a warm tongue that started to travel up his neck towards his lips.

Breath hitched in Lavi's throat. Was this it? Was he finally going to be able to kiss the man he had been daydreaming about for a year now? He wasn't even sure if Kanda was fully awake yet, or if he was even partially awake at all!

"Kanda? Yuu?" he murmured. He wanted the man, but not like this, not when one of them wasn't even conscious of their actions.

Just then lips descended on his.

His gasped into the samurai's mouth as Kanda kissed him roughly. The Japanese used this opportunity to slip his tongue into Lavi's mouth where it was met with brief resistance before reciprocation. They tangled together for what seemed like hours before Lavi felt something against his leg. He groaned when he realized that Kanda was hard, just like himself, and as their erections brushed together through their clothing.

"Master Exorcists?" a quiet voice asked for outside the door. Lavi froze and was surprised when Kanda didn't. He pushed the man off reluctantly, his heart slamming to the floor when he realized he was asleep, even though he was still pitching a tent in the sheets. Lavi bit his lip, trying to hold back the tears that threatened to spill from his eye. How the hell had Kanda not woken up through that?

Gathering his clothes he pulled on his boots and jacket before opening the door to face the Finder.

"Yeah?" he asked, his voice shaking a bit. He mentally tried to fix that while the Finder told him it was time to leave. "Okay, I'll wake him up."

"Did I…interrupt something? I heard a moan earlier…" the man asked awkwardly as Lavi started to close the door.

"No, I was just stretching and my back is a little sore." The red-head lied. The Finder just nodded in acceptance and walked off. Lavi turned to look at Kanda, who was now sprawled all across the bed. He tiptoed over and gently nudged his arm, telling him to get up. Kanda's eyes flew open and he reached around for his sword that wasn't there before realizing who woke him up.

"What time is it?" he asked groggily, which would have been funny if Lavi wasn't so angry and heartbroken. Kanda was usually a light sleeper, which made his mind even more jumbled when he tried to think of the reason why Yu hadn't woken up earlier.

"Time to leave. Get dressed." He said curtly and threw Kanda's jacket to him before striding out of the room, leaving a confused looking man in the bed.

Kanda was very, very tired and very confused. Not to mention angry. What the hell was baka usagi's problem? The normally perky and happy Exorcist was now quiet and looking rather sad and pitiful for no apparent reason. Had the Finder done something to offend him? When he had been woken up, he had dressed in a thoughtful daze and took his time. For one, he was trying to figure out the rabbit's problem and two: he had woken up with a major hard on. He just hoped nobody had noticed, but had felt slightly uneasy when he noticed the bed was warm on both sides, like Lavi had been sleeping in the bed with him.

After a few exaggerated minutes trying to get rid of his embarrassing situation, he strode out with all the pride he could muster, despite feeling like he had gotten no sleep at all. His…explicit dreams had worn him out and he was afraid that maybe he had done something in his sleep to the red-head if he had been sleeping with him. So this made him feel strange because he wasn't used to feeling so many complex emotions like worry and fear, especially caused by someone else.

The train ride back was as rough and long as it had been on the way there. He stared out the window the entire time while Lavi sat as far away from him as possible in the small cabin, occasionally talking to the Finder outside the door.

But as Lavi was coming back inside after talking to the useless robed man 'guarding' their cart, Kanda noticed something strange. There was a big oval-ish bruise on Lavi's neck, as if he had been hit with a pole or bitten.

"What's on your neck?" he asked without thinking. Lavi's head snapped up as if he were surprised Kanda was talking to him and then his eye turned hard.

"Nothing. An Akuma hit me in the neck."

Highly doubtful. If an Akuma had hit him there, his head probably would have flown off in a second.

"Not likely." He replied before, without thinking again, getting up and pulling the jacket neck of Lavi's new uniform out of the way. He gasped when he realized when it was a bite mark and his dreams came flooding back to him. The last one especially had seemed so real…

A hand flung his away with hard force, enough for it to start throbbing.

"I said it was nothing." Lavi said harshly. The train ground to a creaking halt and Lavi immediately stood up and left, once again leaving Kanda confused a little bit more than worried. What had he done?

"Dammit." He muttered before following the idiot out of the station.

Lavi didn't wait for Kanda to follow him or catch up. He wanted to be in his room, alone, for the first time since…ever. He reached the order quickly, using a secret vent access he had found so Kanda couldn't find him. Storming through the hallways, people moved out of the way, hoping to stay out of the range of fire. He had to stare daggers at a few people though, including Lenalee, which he felt a little bad for.

"Lavi wait!" he heard a voice behind him and didn't stop stalking to his room until a hard hand grabbed his arm. He turned to face the black-haired man who for once wasn't glaring at him, but looking at him with concern. "What happened?"

"What the hell does it look like Yu?" Lavi snapped, successfully drawing the attention of those nearby. Kanda stood there for a minute before reluctantly whispering,

"…Did…did I do that?" Lavi just stood there looking down in response. He felt bad about snapping at his friend but he wanted him so bad and it wasn't fair if Kanda got to tease like that without Lavi getting him hot back. And the fact that, for once, Yu was letting his guard down and actually showing some emotion made his heart ache as well; even though it didn't really suit him, it was still heartbreaking to see.

"Yeah." Kanda saw that Lavi looked down, in what he thought was anger or sadness, so he turned around and started walking away. A hand on his hood pulled him back and toppled him to the ground and also found him being straddled, again, by a certain red-head.

"Lavi, what-" he started but was soon silenced when a pair of eager lips claimed his. Kanda was frozen to the spot, not that he could move anyways, and Lavi hoped he would react like he had done at the hotel. But after a minute of kissing the man with no response, Lavi stopped and stared at him.

Kanda's eyes were wide, his pupils dilated in the dim light. He looked almost surprised but soon panic crossed his featured. Lavi's heart plummeted to the ground; so he had been right: it had probably been just some weird ass dream that had nothing to do with him in the first place. Well, at least he had tried.

When Lavi started to get up, hands grabbed the ends of his jacket and pulled him back down again. Kanda smashed his lips almost painfully to the others, making up for his lack of response earlier. They kissed for minutes, both only vaguely aware that they were in a hallway and that anybody could walk by at any moment, granted someone hadn't seen already.

Things got more heated and Kanda slid his hands down to caress Lavi's thighs, rubbing and squeezing gently, trying to get more moans out of the man. He thought of the sparring match they had had earlier; those thighs had been so close he had been so tempted to do what he was doing right now.

He started going more towards his crotch with every movement after a while, desperately trying to get his message of need across. Lavi seemed to realize this and stopped but only to moan,

"Not here Yu…someone could-nnn…see…"


Kanda lifted Lavi off of him, only to slam him against the wall right next to Lavi's bedroom door. He kissed him hard and passionately, sliding his tongue in without hesitation. Fingers found their way to the half-zipper of Lavi's jacket and tugged, pushing the garment to the stone floor. He started on the pants as well, but a hand stopped him and he remembered the words spoken to him not moments before.

The sound of a key turning was enough for him to push the Exorcist through the entryway and onto the bed, kicking the door shut with his foot. Quickly taking of his own jacket, Kanda claimed Lavi's lips again, this time moving to his jaw to his neck then up to his ear to suck on an earring. A moan reached his ears and he continued, glad to have found a weak spot.

Lavi shyly started undoing Kanda's belt and pants, fumbling blindly with the straps. The ravenette chuckled darkly before expertly undoing them himself, tugging them down to his knees and releasing his hard erection from its confinement. Lavi's stomach turned at the sight, both from anticipation and nervousness. Women he was good with, no doubt there, but this was his first time with a guy, and it didn't help that that guy was Kanda, master of violence. Truth to be told he was a little scared of what might come of their actions, even if he was the one who initiated all of them in the first place. Seriously, in less than 5 minutes of kissing he had been slammed against the floor, the wall and then roughly pushed onto his bed; not the most reassuring actions from a lover.

Kanda saw this uncertainty in his partners eye and gently undid the others pants, throwing all of the rest of their clothing to the ground so they could both see each other completely.

"I'll be gentle." He whispered huskily into Lavi's ear, unable to keep the lust out of his voice. Lavi just shook his head in reply, vaguely noting how un-Yu-like that was and moaning at the sensation of their naked arousals brushing against each other when Kanda bent down. With a mischievous grin, Yu slid down until Lavi's dripping member was in front of his face before he quickly darted out his tongue to lap up the pre-cum glistening on the tip. Lavi's back arched up off his bed and another moan slipped past his lips, way louder this time. Kanda grinned before continuing, slowly and torturously licking the vein on the underside of Lavi's length. Then he took the shaft into his mouth inch by inch until Lavi was completely sheathed.

He started setting up a slow rhythm, moving up at down, moving his tongue along the underside each time. He felt frantic hands pushing at his shoulders, telling him to stop, but he wanted to taste Lavi and ignored the warnings. Moans from both of them filled the room until finally Lavi couldn't take the pressure building up in his stomach anymore. He released into Kanda's mouth, nails digging in painfully on clutched shoulders until after a few moments he started to calm down.

Yu released Lavi's now soft member with a triumphant grin, licking his lips before kissing the red-head deeply again.

"That wasn't so bad was it?" he asked, half teasing and half worried. He knew that Lavi probably had been sucked off before, but most likely not by a man. He had to give him the chance to back out now, otherwise he would always wonder.

Lavi kissed him back in response, moaning into his mouth before moving to suck and lick Kanda's neck. Long legs wrapped around the slender waist of the dark haired boy as he wrapped his arms around the red-head. Lavi heard a chuckle before a quick kiss and fingers in front of his mouth. He hesitantly sucked on them until they were coated with saliva enough for Kanda's satisfaction.

"This will hurt a bit." Kanda warned, giving him one last chance to step down. But Lavi just nodded in anticipation before grunting in pain when one finger was inserted. Pumping in and out slowly, Kanda added another finger and then another, stretching the tight muscle inside Lavi. He was obviously a 'virgin' still.

The fingers were removed after Lavi nodded when the pain went away and soon something else was poised at his entrance. His eye squeezed shut when he felt Kanda's erection push inside, settling deep into the rings of muscle. No matter how much Yu had prepared him, it still hurt and stung. But pain was soon replaced by pleasure when Kanda started up a slow rhythm of moving in and out.

"Yu…" Lavi moaned again, reaching for the man's long hair. He tugged on the band that held the ponytail up and relished the feel of the silky strands falling across his hand. His fingers knotted in that hair as Kanda hit his prostate and he cried out. He heard a small grunt of pain and deftly apologized, loosening his grip on the black stands.

Kanda wasn't sure how much more he could take. Being inside Lavi was the most pleasurable thing he had ever experienced, and it felt far better than he had imagined, like a dream come true. But that pleasure was starting to build up and he felt like he would burst. He wanted to see Lavi come again, see that beautiful expression on his face as he cried out in abandon.

Kanda reached up and pulled a pillow from Lavi's head to underneath his back, angling him so his prostate was struck with every thrust. His plan worked and he could feel Lavi's erection grow hotter and stiffer, showing he was almost ready to come again. The red-head nearly screamed from pleasure as his 'go point' was struck at the same moment Kanda grabbed his aching arousal. With one last arch of his back, he exploded over Kanda's hand and his own stomach, yelling out as stars danced in front of him.

It was too much for Kanda as he watched Lavi clutch the sheets and cry out his name, his insides tightening around his erection. He came as he watched Lavi finish, moaning and collapsing on top of the boy while he panted hard from the wanton pleasure their actions brought him.

They both laid there for several minutes until their breathing steadied, before Kanda pulled out and got up to get a wet rag from the bathroom. Lavi groaned as the man exited him and wiped his seed from his stomach with gentle strokes.

After climbing back into the plush bed and pulling the sheets over their bodies, Kanda buried his face in that wild red hair he loved so much.

"Are you okay?" he asked after a few more minutes of silence.

"Yeah I'm fine. What about you?" Lavi asked and moved his hands up to Kanda's shoulders, sliding them across the fingernail marks he had made. "Sorry about that." He apologized when the dark haired man winced.

"It's all right. It just proves my theory that you are a kinky little rabbit." Kanda teased with a nip to his lip. Lavi laughed, enjoying the feel of being free for once in so long, of being able to do what he wanted instead of listening to Roulevier or the Panda rant about 'sinning' and 'God'.

"Thanks I guess."

"I won't be so gentle next time though." Kanda whispered mischievously. Lavi smiled before he felt his eyelids drooping. He looked up at his lover's face to find the same thing.

They laid there for a while, both drifting off into a happy doze. Then they heard a creaking of the door and Lavi looked up to see Lenalee standing next to the bed where they both laid naked and curled up together under the covers.

"You dropped this outside." She said and tossed Lavi's new jacket onto the bed, giggling on her way out.

Lavi and Kanda lay there frozen for a minute before both cursing in unison.


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