Shizuo sat on the bench near the entrance of the park with a distant look in his molten amber eyes. He fished a red box from his pocket and drew out a long stick slathered in dark, creamy chocolate. He plopped the tasty treat in his mouth and twirled it around with his tongue in boredom. Tom had told him to wait there while he made a business call. He had been there for about an hour. He even had time to take a walk around the whole park two times, buy a box of the wonderful Pocky he was munching on, and sit back down once again. He began losing his patience. Or, what Shizuo HAD of patience.

There were sirens in the distance, but Shizuo was used to that sound. There weren't any children in the park playing on the fun little rides. No, there were only small groups of teens Shizuo guessed were small minorities or gangs that were smoking cigarettes. Shizuo snorted and ignored them as the shouted and cursed.

Finally, he reached the end of his rope. He whipped out his phone and started to dial Tom's number, but stopped when hearing a voice.

"Oh, Shizu-chan... I always figured you had a sweet tooth."

The body guard glared up at the smug informant, who was standing right in front of him with his hands on his hips. Suddenly, he leaned down and took the other end of the pocky in his mouth. Shizuo yanked away and growled, but Izaya moved in again and took it between his lips once again.

"Let's play a game, then, Shizu-chan!"

"I don't want to play anything with you, flea!"

Izaya pouted on the other side of the stick candy and made puppy eyes. Shizuo scowled.

"If it gets you to leave me alone, then fine. What is it?"

The informant beamed.

"We both bite down on the pocky and it gets smaller and smaller! Whoever pulls away first is the loser. If both of us don't pull away..." Izaya giggled. Shizuo raised his brow and shrugged.

"Alright. Let's get this game over with before Tom gets back. If he ever does..."

So the two both started munching on their end of the pocky until their lips were inches apart. Izaya smirked. Shizuo was to determined to beat Izaya to know what was happening.

Finally, their lips met in the middle. Shizuo choked on his part of the pocky and felt Izaya smirk into his lips. A tongue pried past Shizuo's lips and swiped the candy right from his mouth. After brushing their tongues together for only a moment, Izaya leapt away, holding the whole box of pocky in his hands.

"That was fun, Shizu-chan! We should try playing more games!"


Izaya dashed away just in time as Shizuo hurled the bench his way. The two vanished into the sunset. The distant sound of Izaya's insane laughter and Shizuo's cries of rage slowly faded.

"Hmmm..." the debt collector mumbled as he stroked his chin. The bench was gone. Ripped from its stand Shizuo was no where in sight. "Ah... Where did he go? I bought him some pocky... I figured he could have waited for it."